Clay Alchemy: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

Clay (buy locally when you can or use these links to buy online):

Basic Tools:

  • Clay tools
  • Spray bottle
  • Airtight container. (Something like this to store the leftover clay. You can also use a ziplock bag)
  • Wooden rolling pin or thick dowel.
  • 1 pair each 1/8” and 1/4” thick stilts (I get them from the Home improvement store. You can use the ones that they give you to mix the paint).
  • Lidded plastic container (a small one like a gelato one will work)
  • Slip (You make it by crushing dried pieces of the clay your using and adding water to it and mix)
  • 5” Round cookie cutter or lid (The lid of the Talenti Gelato is a perfect size and you can use the container for the slip).
  • Sketchbook
  • Soft pencil (B or 2B)
  • Water container
  • Spray bottle
  • 1 inch Bristle brush (The cheaper the better)
  • Small brush, round or flat, preferably with plastic handle.
  • A piece of muslin or cotton to cover your table.
  • Small detail brush and medium brush. You can use the ones you use for other mediums.

If you’re making ceramic:

(Medium Blue, Intense Yellow, Brilliant Red, White and Jet Black) or Speedball (Saffron Yellow, Red, Medium blue, white and black). Small bottles are fine, they go a long way and you can mix and match between colors and brands.

  • I use Cashmere by New Mexico clay or BMix5 by Laguna Clay but I recommend you use the one that is used by the Pottery Studio you’re firing your work in.  If you plan to work with lots of colors in your pieces, it’s better if you use a low fire clay.
  • Clear glaze. Make sure it matches your clay.  If you’re using a low firing clay, select a glaze that is low fire.  If you’re using a Cone 5 like laguna Bmix, make sure it’s cone 5 to 6.  (Ask in your local pottery studio, sometimes they have dipping glazes you can use there).  I recommend you don’t get any until you watch the videos and decide which clay you’re going to use.

If you’re using Air dry clay:


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