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Cut Paper Magic with Sharyn Sowell

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Cut Paper Magic

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Teacher: Sharyn Sowell

J. Kirk RichardsMeet Sharyn

This Course

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  • Teacher Interaction: Self-study
  • 4.5 Hours of Content
  • 13 Lessons
  • 62.00
  • Techniques: Cut Paper, Decorating, DIY, Homeschooling, Journaling, Kids, Lifetsyle, Mixed Media, Nature, Still Life
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Course Description

Explore cut paper with Sharyn Sowell. Expand your understanding of shape, form, positive and negative space, and gather a wealth of fresh ideas to bring to your other art practices.


Using simple, basic materials, Sharyn guides you through a buffet of ideas, techniques and tips to try. You'll start small, experimenting with knife and scissors, then cut uncomplicated pieces. When you're ready, you'll jump forward into complexity using your own artistic voice. This class is about seeing with fresh eyes and exploring the world around you as you gain skill with a joyful new medium. No perfectionism here, just relaxing into learning. There's even an option for bringing children along in the journey.

With only scissors or a craft knife and ordinary paper, Sharyn helps you learn to bring your world to life on a sheet of paper. Hang the results on your walls, use it for dimensional home décor, take it into your mixed media work, stencil with it.

Discover the magic of a beautiful old art form. Sometimes the simple things reveal incredible complexity. Sometimes going back to basics helps our eyes understand challenging concepts and find new paths for getting unstuck in our other mediums.

Be prepared to fall down a creative rabbit hole. Cut paper is simplicity at its most exciting.

Techniques Taught in this Course

- Creative use of minimal supplies
- Positive and negative space
- Design techniques including line, form and space
- Loose sketching while planning a design
- Transfer methods
- Cutting paper with a knife
- Cutting paper with scissors
- Designing complexity in cut paper art
- Uses for cut paper in crafting products
- Incorporating cut paper into your journal or mixed media art
- Various ways to add lettering to cut paper art
- Finishing and gluing cut paper
- Cutting paper freehand
- Cut a silhouette portrait
- Cut paper art experiences for children
- Cookie stencils