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Hat Tricks with Lucy Farmer

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Teacher: Lucy Farmer

This Course

Access: Instant
Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 2+ hours
Lessons: 21
USD $32.00
Techniques: Acrylic, Assemblage, DIY, Fabric, Fiber Art, Lifestyle, Metal, Mixed Media, Sewing, Sketching, Stitch, Textiles, Wire, Woodburning
Private Facebook Group: Yes
Downloadable Videos: Yes
Closed Captions: Yes (English)
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Course Description

Have you always wanted to wear your art? This hat workshop is the perfect opportunity to create something beautiful that you can wear and show off your unique style by using mixed media techniques on your accessories. You will find the perfect opportunity to express the artist in you and create a unique, one of a kind accessory that will show off your creativity in a way that you haven’t been able to do before.

Through gathering materials that express the fashion side of your artistic qualities, using markmaking, stitching, layering textiles, and bonus techniques with your wood burner and paints you will create a unique expression of your style.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a new accessory created in your unique style that becomes the focus of your wardrobe. You will create something so unique that you may display it as a piece of art in your home. The techniques taught in this class are similar to things you may already know and will help you start realizing new ways to use them in your everyday. I hope you find ways to create your own style through fashion in this course.

Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Working with symbols in mark making
  • Working with textiles and paper
  • Stitching as texture and mark making
  • Burning as texture and mark making
  • How to find the right hat for your face
  • Using your best side for the focus of your hat
  • Creating a collage with textiles and found objects
  • Learning the basics of balance in fashion
  • Attaching 3D objects to your accessory
  • Working with wire, rope, and thread as attachers
  • Working with spray paint
  • Working with acrylic paint
  • Using heat to brand designs, add dimension, and texture