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Middle Makers with Sheila Atchley

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Teacher: Sheila Atchley

This Course

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Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 8.75 hours
Lessons: 27
USD $Closed
Techniques: Techniques: Abstract, Acrylic, Assemblage, Book Making, Collage, Essential Oils, Faith, Ink, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Oil, Sketching, Wire
Private Facebook Group: Yes
Downloadable Videos: Yes
Closed Captions: Yes (English)
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Course Description

“The Middle” is less an age-range, and more a state of being. The “middle” can feel like simply being scattered; you experience the pull, in all different directions, of this relatively new digital lifestyle. The middle can manifest as an unsettled feeling, a vague sense of dissatisfaction. There is often a degree of emotional pain, such as depression or anxiety. The result of these stresses common to midlife can be a whopping case of creative inertia.

The act of making physical things in the physical world is a powerful tool in your toolbox, for the care and maintenance of your midlife soul. After all, when your soul is well tended, you are better able to tend souls well. This world desperately needs women (and men!) in the middle, showing up in their full creative form, wielding their energy, sharing their wisdom, and revealing who they are and how they have been gifted.

We need you, as you, and with a flourishing soul!

Whatever your age, if you’ve encountered a little bit of “stuck-ness” in your middle, this course is for you. Through a series of spacious story-telling and doable art-making, Middle Makers will unfold a blueprint for blooming. This class is for the women who, for whatever the reason, may have put their creative lives on hold.

Until now.

Sheila Atchley is one who has known many of the deep challenges related to midlife. After a 20 year career in church ministry, home making, and education, she picked up a paintbrush for the very first time as a means of processing transition. The results have been breathtaking, in terms of the life and health that sprang up in her own soul. Her art is now found in every state in the United States, and most of the countries of the world! Teaching art has also carried her far and wide – as far away as Italy, and as wide as the coasts of the US.

Sheila has had to overcome overwhelming inertia to be sharing her stories, and more than that, imparting a sense of luminous possibility to the other artists and creatives she encounters. She is a firm believer in the fact that midlife women, after going through a seemingly isolated season of transition, can emerge as new, more creative than ever, “Middle Makers”…

…and then we all somehow find each other.

So whether you are a stark beginner or a seasoned maker, this course, with its encouraging and informative writing, as well as the art techniques taught in it, can be a powerful blueprint for your blossoming as a creative “difference maker” in midlife.

Techniques Taught in this Course

  • How to break out of making the “same old art, in the same old way”
  • Expressive figure drawing techniques
  • Sketch the female figure in an innovative way
  • How to choose “surprise” in your studio practice
  • Beautiful, sculptural jewelry making
  • Heirloom-type handmade journals
  • Work with dry pigment in new ways
  • How to conceptualize a piece of assemblage art
  • How to construct a piece of assemblage art
  • Integrate fragrance into your art pieces
  • How to create and use a “Commonplace Book”
  • Journal making techniques
  • Incorporate leather into your book-making
  • Create your own signature fragrance, using top, middle, and base notes
  • New ways of making mixed-media art
  • Explore water mixable oils
  • Add bits of your own story to your art
  • Discover powerful symbols for midlife, and how to incorporate them
  • Make art out of your painter’s palette
  • Incorporate 3-dimensional story telling onto canvas
  • Learn to elevate your own “maker’s story”
  • Make beautiful gifts for meaningful giving