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Mini Masters: Van Gogh with Jeanne Oliver

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Teacher: Jeanne Oliver

This Course

Access: Instant
Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 8+ Hours of Content hours
Lessons: 20
USD $28.00
Techniques: Techniques: Acrylic, Clay, Ink, Mixed Media, Oil, Portraits, Sculpture, Sketching, Watercolor
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Course Description

This class is originally from the full workshop Studying Under The Masters | Portraits + Self Portraits. *Also note that this course can be purchased as a bundle with the other 2 Mini Masters Courses at a discount. Please see note in sidebar or under course images below.

Join Jeanne Oliver as we become the “apprentice”. Through discussion and technique videos, we will journey together as apprentices under Van Gogh. You’ll learn whom he studied under, who influenced his work and what techniques and mediums he used. You will dive into the heart of Van Gogh. Through a little bit of art history and a whole lot of art, you will see Van Gogh and his art through fresh eyes.

An integral part of the artistic process was to “copy” the master artist. In this course, you will watch as we learn more about Van Gogh and his process as we “copy” his works. Jeanne will share what techniques she learned and what she learned about her own creative process. Jeanne will then create art in her own style incorporating the techniques and/or mediums she used while studying under Van Gogh.

You will leave this course with freedom in your creativity. Freedom to pull from everything around you that inspires you and how to incorporate it into your art.

Topics In This Course:
*Art history of Van Gogh including techniques, patterns and process
*Collecting patterns
*Sketching with ink
*Sculpting with paperclay
*Painting with oils (acrylics can be substituted) and copying a work of Van Gogh in a limited time-frame
*Creating an art piece inspired by Van Gogh
This course is a self-study.

There is also a Special Bundled Price of $62 to purchase all 3 Mini Masters at one time.

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