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Stitched Faces with Jeanne Oliver

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Teacher: Jeanne Oliver

This Course

Access: Instant
Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 3+ hours
Lessons: 25
USD $62.00
Techniques: Mixed Media, Fiber Arts, Printing, Painting
Private Facebook Group: Yes
Downloadable Videos: Yes
Closed Captions: Yes (English)
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Course Description

One of my earliest memories of my Grandma Jeanne was of her gathered with our family and stitching. She would be working on her needlepoint with her basket of threads next to her and conversation going on all around her.

Over the years I found my own style and creating while stitching. It has become one of the few arts that I can do while on a plane, sitting among others and while much is going on around me. It allows me to stop and start with ease and the repetitive stitches not only allow me to engage with others but to slowly create and find rest at the same time.
In Stitched Faces I will share some of my favorite techniques for getting a pattern onto fabric along with my favorite simple stitches to create almost anything. Join me as we create a small slow stitching book out of vintage French linen, create image transfers, lino prints, cyanotypes and more and then stitch a face start to finish. We will then take all of our fabric portrait transfers and create an easy to use “journal”.

Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Simple stitches
  • Create a fabric slow stitching book
  • Image transfers onto fabric using multiple mediums
  • Cyanotypes on fabric
  • Carve linoleum and print onto fabric
  • Show start to finish portrait stitching