Sometimes I forget to share more of what I create with all of you.

At the Farm Chicks show I was talking to my friend Amy and she was asking more about things I make. 

I was explaining to her that what is on Etsy is just a fraction of what I make and she had no idea. 

Most of what I make is for retailers and most pieces are one of a kind. 

I don't usually take pictures of these pieces because it is probably 1:00 am and I am trying to pack up the order and go to bed!

I also do a large amount of custom orders. 

Recently a customer asked for a journal that could be used at her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary party.  She wanted something that the guests could write in and leave special comments.

Below is the example of that custom order. 





If you do not see something on my Etsy site that is what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me what you are looking for….most of the time I will be able to work with you and create something unique and special just for you.