Creative Girl: The Land of Light and Shadows {last days for early registration and a giveaway}

I am so thrilled with the response to Danielle Donaldson’s new online art class Creative Girl: The Land of Light and Shadows.

Once you see Danielle’s work you just want to study it and understand the layers and techniques that she uses.

Lucky us that we get to learn from her!

Here is a peek into what her course will be about…

Once upon a time there was a tiny-ish girl who loved to cut, draw, and paint. She saw things in the sunshine and shadows that other people never seemed to notice. She bounced all that wonderfulness around inside her noggin for a bit, and out popped magical pieces of art that told her stories when words couldn’t.

Danielle Donaldson is that girl, and guess what? She wants to share a part of her creativeSTORY with you. YES YOU!

The Land of Light and Shadow is a one week course with Danielle (aka creativeGIRL) that will inspire you to add depth to your work by using a bunch of super fun techniques. You’ll play with all sorts of mediums including pencil and pen work, watercolors, acrylics and patterned paper creating yummy layers. And just when you think you are done, you’ll practice adding highlights and tucking in shadows here and there to make your art sparkle. Sounds awesome, right?

Please join Danielle the week of April 28th for a romp with watercolors and white pens and all sorts of creative shenanigans into The Land of Light and Shadows.

This is a one week class with everything instantly available on April 28th!


The course has an early registration price of $28.  After April 1st the price goes to $34


This course is available for one full year.


I wanted to do a fun giveaway to celebrate Danielle’s first solo online class and also to remind you that there are only days left to get the early registration price.

Danielle wanted to give one of you an original painting and I want to give one of you a box full of Danielle’s favorite art supplies!


How about that giveaway?

Danielle is giving away one of her original watercolor paintings valued at $70.00.

I am giving away Danielle’s favorite art supplies valued at $130.00

To enter for a chance to win the original painting or the art supplies please leave a comment on this post sharing what art supply you can’t live without.


For additional chances to win the painting or art supplies you can do the following (just remember to come back here each time and tell us for additional chances)…


*Tweet about the new course


*Facebook about the new course


*Pin the course to Pinterest


*Share the course on Instagram


*Blog about the course


I will announce the winners of the next week!


Registration is now open!


Early registration price is $28


The price will go to $34 on April 1st.


You can go directly to and register for the course by clicking HERE.


(this will put you instantly in the course and you will be ready when class begins)


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  1. Michelle Stern

    I already signed up for this class and put it in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget. I cannot wait for it to start.
    What art supply can I not live without? I would have to say my acrylic paints.

    1. nachell sturges

      The art supply that is my must have and can’t live with out? Dark charcoal pencil! Love it for shading, rubbing it in to my back ground to high light texture, and to add depth to my artwork.

    2. sally solomon

      Very excited for this class, so much to learn. Can’t live without my glue, lol

    3. Katie

      So excited for this class! I’m am ready to soak it all in! Lately I have been experimenting with acrylic ink and love it 🙂

  2. Jami

    The art supply I cannot live without? Probably my kneaded rubber eraser (and a good pencil) because those are the two I have with me everywhere, no matter what medium I’m working in.

  3. Karen C

    I can’t live without my sketchbook. That is where I keep all my ideas and thoughts, so I guess it really is a sketchbook/journal!

  4. Kelly Luna

    Very much looking forward to this course! There are so many supplies I consider “absolutely necessary” but probably one of the biggies is gesso.. and acrylic paint… and canvas… and… 😉 Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. petrahrziwnatzki

    This course looks absolutely amazing. I’m looking forward to taking it! I have many favourite art supplies but one thing I am loving right now are my oil pastels :). This is an amazing giveaway….good luck everyone!!!

  6. Melissa

    One art supply I can’t live without is definitely modeling paste… I just love that stuff and use it pretty much in every painting I create! Its the best!:) I can’t wait to take this course! what an incredible giveaway! Thank you!:)

  7. melaniegore

    I’ve already signed up and I can’t wait! I love my watercolors the most but have been using my oil paint sticks that you used in one of your classes. I love them except for the drying time. 😉

  8. Ali g

    The supply u can’t live without probably is a pencil. Crazy as it sounds but every thing starts there.

  9. Rebecca Dunlap

    I pinned on Pinterest. I love acrylic paints. I’m so excited for this class!

  10. gcgirl07

    I shared on my FB page…..I would really love to win this give a way (but will be happy for whoever does)!!

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    1. chris lakin

      I like all the supplies but I would say watercolours. I pinned and tweeted this post. The class looks so fun.

  12. Libbi Byrd Corson

    I’m all signed up and I can’t wait!! I couldn’t live without watercolors 🙂

  13. wonderstrumpet

    I am so excited for this class!! I am going to be at a retreat when it actually goes live, but I may have to sneak away just to watch the videos..

    I can’t live without 100 different kinds of ink 😀

  14. Alisha Gratehouse

    The one art supply I can’t live without is my kneaded eraser. It covers (or erases) a multitude of mess-ups! Once I lost it while I was sketching on the sofa, so I stood up to look for it. My husband told me there was something stuck to my bum (Oops!) Oh well…at least it was warm and pliable. Lol!

  15. Peggy Mcdevitt

    I can’t live without gesso. Thanks so much for the chance to win

  16. Nolwenn Petitbois

    I am an art supply junky and love to try new media.
    I want so badly to try watercolors… I find them so intimidating. Thanks you for this great giveaway. I love Danielle and her work.
    One supply I can’t live without, one only ? well… that would be acrylic paint then but but but there are so many others (I do Mixed Media, after all ;)).

    1. Carol deSousa

      I wonder if you could help me Alisha? I Just signed up for Instagram so how do you share this on there?

  17. Pam Ballard

    What a generous giveaway. I know it sounds silly but one thing I cant live without is my glue gun. Not sure it is considered a art thing. Thanks for the chance. This class looks great.. Considering it.

  18. Denise

    I’m array signed up for the course! My favorite art supply is an extra fine white sharpie!

  19. Pam Ballard

    posted this great giveaway and class on instagram. username (PAMBALLARD)

  20. Jessica Beare

    I can’t live without gesso…it is the “painter’s eraser” . I will pin, tweet, and FB this post!Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful giveaway!

  21. Holly

    Beautiful painting(s)! I don’t think I could live without pen or pencil (writing instrument?) You can use almost any surface to capture those ideas if you have something to write/scratch/scribble with! Thank you both so much for the giveaway… 🙂

  22. Deborah Mahnken

    Just one art supply?? That’s a really hard question. I guess I’d have to say my drawing pencils b/c I use them in everything & everything starts with a sketch. Sharing on FB…

  23. Jenn H

    It’s so hard to just choose one, but I would have to say my white or black pen..I seem to use those on every piece I just doesn’t look finished without it.

  24. Lara Cornell

    I can’t live without my inks and gel pens right now. Can’t wait for this class to start!

  25. Toni terzaghi

    Pinned it. Fb it and shared it .. Joined it….love it…..can’t wait…

  26. Stephenie Purl Hamen

    I just signed up and I am very excited! Thank you for the opportunity to take this class and for some supplies to play with. When I am creating, I currently cannot live without my Faber-Castell PITT pens. They are my go-to and I love them!

  27. Paula F

    My favorite art supply … would have to be … yikes, I have to pick ONE … hmmmmm … my fingers:))).

  28. Hope Amen

    First of all, I have signed up for this class and am so excited for it to start. I am not able to afford classes, but I love Danielle’s work so much and the magic that she does with watercolor that I had to sign up. I am not sure what art supply I cannot live without. But I think after taking this class, it will be inks and watercolors.

  29. Jeanine LeRoy

    Signed up and can’t wait. This beginning artist can’t live without the eraser…and online inspiration and classes from wonderful artists…especially women. Thanks for this offer.

  30. Lynne Davey

    How generous of you to share the art in the give away! I can’t live without canvas boards and acrylic paints! So excited for Danielle Donaldson’s class. I will definitely be painting outside of the lines! Posted on my fb page!

  31. Susan

    You are both so sweet! I am unable to survive without my matte medium. Sticks stuff down so well. Now I jest need more time to enjoy it!

  32. Paula F

    Just shared on Instagram.
    Sorry … no Twitter here:))) … but, I will also send it to a few friends via email!

  33. Angela Rich

    I love stencils!!! and markers!! I can’t live without my Markers! So excited for this class…YAY!

  34. Cyndi Speelman

    I love supplies, but I would have to say I am super-excited about watercolors right now! Just signed up for the class

  35. Kristin

    My pens- I just need one and I can do anything with it. Color is just a bonus, black pens are my jumping off point and can even be my ending point.

  36. Lisa

    I have to say a pencil and paper are the supplies I can’t live without. I have to sign up today for this class. It is on my to do list. Can’t wait.

  37. Sue Brassel

    I tweeted, posted on FaceBook and pinned this class to Pinterest. I LOVE Danielle’s art!! What art supply can’t I live without? My first thought was acrylic but I always need my Micron pens near by!

  38. decorating4 (Donna H)

    I’m so excited for Danielle’s class, her art is Beautiful! I can’t live without my Faber Castell ink pens, love to shade with them, I also love rub-ons. I also pinned this post. Thanks Jeanne!

  39. Sue Brassel

    I tweeted, pinned to Pinterest and posted to Facebook. I LOVE Danielle’s art! My favorite art supplies? I am kind of an art supply junkie, but I must have micron pens nearby at all times

  40. Cindy

    My favorite supply is gesso or white paint! Can’t wait to start the class!

  41. karen

    i can’t live without my awesome watercolors and brushpen!! 🙂 thank you so much for the opportunity 🙂

  42. Renee Ortiz

    Kneaded erasers are my friends! I seem to always have one in a pocket… I think it’s some sot of weird therapy, stress ball thingy!

  43. Sara Torbett

    My current favorite art supply (but I have so, so many!) are my watercolors. I can easily pull them out when I have a spare minute or two. They’re affordable and so versatile! The sky is the limit.

  44. Meghan Thimjon

    Hmm I am a lover ofall things art supply related! Just finally purchased inktense pencils and I am in love!

  45. Lisa Crail

    The Land of Light and Shadows sounds like a wonderful place to get lost in. I must say at the moment my favourite art supply has to be gesso! Thank you for the chance to win…

  46. chasity

    Oh…. This class looks so wonderfully inspiring.
    Signed up and ready to start 🙂

    My favorite art supply is….
    Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint number BA661~ Viridi.
    It makes me SO happy!

    I also made sure to facebook and pin the course info.

    Happy. Happy. Happy Art!

  47. Erin K.

    The art supplies I can’t live without are gauche, micron pens and brushes, brushes, brushes!

  48. Debbie J

    I can’t live without my watercolors and Pitt pens. I can’t wait for this class to start!

  49. Jessica Pranaitis

    Just signed up and so excited for the class to start! It’s so hard to choose a favorite art supply, but I think my art journal is at the top of the list. I love being able to try all kinds of art techniques in a no pressure environment. 🙂 Oh, and chocolate. Chocolate is an art supply, right??

  50. Angela Secord

    Absolutely stunning artwork. I would love to take the class. Thanks for the chance to win. Angela

  51. Melissa Burford

    There are so many supplies that I love, but if I had to choose what I couldn’t live without it would have to be paper and something to write with… they have always been my mainstays! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Melissa

    I already enrolled for this course and can’t wait for it to start! I like to play with supplies but my favorite would either be my sketchbook or acrylic paints. 🙂

  53. Alison Quick

    Can’t wait for this course to start – Danielle’s work is amazing!! I love my watercolours 🙂

  54. Tami Howse

    I can’t live without my precious brushes. Of course, there are about only three that I use all the time, but they are my faves! Fondly, Tami

  55. Auri

    I already signed up for this class. My favourite art sypply is acrylic paints and crayons. :O)

  56. carlanda wiliamson

    first of all thank you for the generous giveaway! I truly can’t live without my pencils. that is where it all starts for me. carlanda

  57. JA Berg

    I would say acrylic paint… seems to be the base layer and many layers after that. Just started watercolors a short time ago. Excited for the class to start.

  58. carlanda wiliamson

    I also just shared on face book for an extra chance! I am signed up for her class.

  59. Lucie Zuppinger

    This course looks amazing!!! I just shared on Facebook.
    I can’t live without my matérielles maints and crayons 🙂
    Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!

  60. Gail Klein

    If I only had a choice of one art supply I couldn’t live without it would have to be paint in a great array of colors! Your give always are incredibly exciting and generous! Please pick me!!!!!!

  61. Tammy Murdock

    This class looks wonderful!! And those supplies so luscious! I adore all my art supplies, but right now I am adoring all of my black pens!

  62. Lisa Kaufman

    Liquid acrylics are the bomb! The colors are so rich, love to use the drip method & layer colors over each other!

  63. Zenetta

    Thanks so much for the reminder…..signing up now! Crazy, but I love gesso.

  64. Michelle

    Wow! Thank you for the chance to win! What a generous amazing give away! My fave art supply has become water colors! xxoo

  65. Jill Turner

    I can’t imagine living without my prismacolor pencils. Pinned it!

  66. Leslie van der Heide

    I am signed up for the course, i have this on fb and am looking forward to it. I can’t go without my watercolor pencils and ws graphite, a waterbrush and a journal. This artwork keeps me company on long flghts.

  67. Ziro

    I’m so looking forward to your class!

    I have lots of art supplies and I love them all. At the moment I’m most fond of my watercolours.

  68. Jenna Alexander

    Favourite art supplies I can’t live without? My acrylics and mediums.

  69. sepompetti

    Combination… my acrylics and my Gelli plate. Danielle’s painting is exquisite <3 Thank you for the chance!

  70. Kate Gadd

    So excited for this class! I can’t live without Sharpies. I’m a constant doodler.

  71. Teresa Swanson

    Oh! Jeanne! This is such a joyous giveaway. I don’t think I could live without any of it! All of it is soooo fun to use in an art project.
    So, I am going to say I can’t live without any of it! Thank you for giving it all away. How kind of you!

  72. St. John Studios

    I cannot live without my NeoColors, they’re my fave whatever else I’m working on!!
    thanks for the chance to win that super duper cute painting 🙂

  73. Teresa Kepler

    It is really hard to limit it to one art supply I could not live without, but if I had to choose just one I guess it would be spray inks/acrylic inks. I grab them all the time. I cannot wait for this class!

  74. Bonnie

    I am all signed up for this course and very happy too:) i would say that the thing i can’t live without is acrylics….boy is it hard to say one thing though:))

  75. Diva Kreszl

    I was on the fence about whether or not I could fit this class into my schedule but I just can’t shake the giddy feeling I get every time I feel whenever it is posted so I will be signing up after all. I guess out of all my supplies of which there are many my basic graphite pencils are something I could not do with out. My favorite pencil is an ebony pencil, deep rich lines every time.

  76. Patti Nielsen

    I can’t wait for this class to start! It will feel like Christmas morning, due to the anticipation! It is hard to think about living without anything in my craft room, but I use my white Uniball Signo pen across all different types of crafting.

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  78. Marica Moseley

    Facebooked it! I can’t live without my acrylic paints! LOVE them!

  79. Christine

    love exploring art supplies and techniques…but love tombow markers…and Danielle’s paintings are wonderful!

  80. Terri Corona

    Can’t wait for the class to start! My favorite art supply – changes from moment to moment – currently plaster I think.

  81. Maggie Kopp Martin

    I can paint on most anything and I can paint with most anything, but the one thing I absolutely can’t live with out is the paint. My favorite color is Liquitex heavy bodied Turquoise Deep. This color moves my soul……<3

  82. Karen

    I have to choose only one art supply!!……hmm….it would have to be acrylic paint. It’s so versatile. I’m already signed up for the course…can’t wait!

  83. Pam Urban

    I am so looking forward to this class with Danielle Donaldson. I pinned this post and hope others see it and can sign up too. The one supply I can’t live without is Gesso. I use gesso on everything. Thanks for this opportunity.

  84. Andrea

    I cannot live without my art supplies especially my acrylics. So excited to be working in a medium I don’t normally use – watercolor!

  85. Karen

    I also pinned this…did you know you could post to Facebook from the Pintrest page? Wil remember that for the future!

  86. Lesley Crawford

    What a lovely giveaway. I couldn’t live without acrylic paints.

  87. Anna

    The art supply I most could not live without? It would have to be my 2b staedtler pencil!

  88. Cathy

    Just pinned the course.
    I can’t do without FW inks!
    Thank you. What wonderful giveaways.

  89. DaisyCoba

    This world is fill of wonderful and generous people. Thanks to Danielle and Jeanne we all the chance to win a great giveaway. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to start ?

  90. Judy Meeker

    My favorite supply is actually a tie-Golden acrylic fluids and Daler Rowley water colors. Excited over this class.

  91. Lorie

    I can’t live without my simple pan of Prang watercolors. I have “better” watercolors, but the Prang container goes with me whenever I travel, it’s small and handy and now–well-loved. I just pinned the course on my board “Mixed Media Techniques”, and now I’m off to post it on Facebook. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  92. vanessa soto

    I would love to win the art supplies. My favorite supply are the watercolors! Thank you! Vanessa vbchalice@gmail com

  93. Candace Dallas

    I love my prismacolor pencils! This class looks wonderful and it’s kind of affordable too! Thank you for sharing.

  94. Angie Vale

    Oh Geez! That’s unfair…a bit like asking me to pick my favourite child! 🙂 But I will add that my new found addiction and love is Derwent’s Inktense pencils. They go with me everywhere.

  95. pfgibbsPriscilla Gibbs

    My favorite of my supplies is book paper! Looking forward to this wonderful class!!

  96. luraisat

    cant do without paint but then there are so many other things i love so much. your class looks just amazing and i love your style so much, would love to win the beautiful print and sure could use those art supplies. thanks for the chance to win. xoxox

  97. luraisat

    i also tweeted about the class and giveaway my name is sometimesatwit ……………….. wishing and hoping with everything that i win xox thank you so much for all the chances. xox

  98. Kristin Langlais

    My favorite art supply would have to be my waterbrush. It is so convenient to have a brush that already has water in it when I’m playing with my watercolors. I am so excited to register for the class as soon as I am approved to the ning site!

  99. Nancy Davis

    This course looks wonderful! Can’t wait for it to start! I can’t live without my pencil and eraser. I also pinned the course.

  100. Betty

    awesome giveaway! I haven’t signed up yet, but have a reminder in my calendar to do so before the price goes up….I love all my art supplies, but If I had to choose just one, maybe it would be my watercolors, as they are versatile.

  101. Lisa W.

    Lovely gift. I have so many…but the one that stands out is a art journal. I love LOVE journal’s. Thank you for the chance!!!

  102. Britta Glass

    I could not live with out my watercolors. I use basic watercolors and they are so old that basic doesn’t make them anymore! not sure what I am going to do when I run out :/

  103. laura

    I am such a newbie to water color!!! I love my Scarlet Lime doodle pen. I one all over it is my go to supply!

  104. sheryl

    can’t live without the journal… thanks for the chance for all the beautiful supplies!!
    can’t wait to see you in class!!

  105. Karen Blanchard

    I like all types of art supplies. My pencils are a favorite, and I also love to paint.

  106. Melanie Roberts

    My most essential art supply would have to be my prismacolor pencils.
    I have also pinned and tweeted about the course 🙂

  107. Rischa

    I can’t wait for class to begin! And I’d love to have that beautiful artwork gracing my wall! Not to mention some awesome new supplies! Ok, so if I can only choose one favorite it would have to be the scarlet lime black pen. That thing is like magic! I use it for everything!

  108. Tracy

    I just signed up for the class – so glad you posted about it or I would have missed it. I suppose my can’t live without it supply is… paints!

  109. Cathy P.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Looking forward to the class. I would say it would be my paints! Love all the colours.

  110. Darlene Campbell

    Whoa…all of those art supplies in a GIveaway? Thank you for the chance to win. Signing up for your class too. The art supply I can’t live without is watercolors…specifically the color “Olive Green.” Congrats on your first solo course! Cheers-

  111. Phyllis Ann

    I signed up for this class as soon as I read about it! Can’t wait. As for my favorite art supply item, that would be watercolors! This medium has always been my favorite. The softness, and fluidity really captures my attention, and the results on paper is amazing!

  112. Tammy Grieder

    Sketchbook/journal definitely at the top…hard to pick one!! Thanks for the give-away. :))

  113. Kathy

    I just signed up and am sooo excited! I love acrylics as my preferred art supply, but look forward to learning all the different techniques in this course and getting more comfortable with other types of supplies as well 🙂

  114. Kathy

    Just Facebooked the class link and pinned it! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  115. Kathleen Fitzhugh

    I too have already registered for the class and I’m so looking forward to it. The are 2 supplies I must have. 1) I like to use Black Gesso for -all- of my black paint. I like how truly matte it is and I feel it gives my paintings a certain surreal depth. Like the black of the ocean when light is filtered out. And the 2nd is a plain old pencil. My work isn’t finished if I haven’t scribbled some pencil on it somewhere. It’s like putting on perfume last.

  116. Samantha

    Can’t wait for the class to start. Always need to have watercolor paper on hand. I use it for everything…even journaling. Thanks for the chance!

  117. marilyn brandfass

    I cannot live without my colored pencils, white signo pen, watercolors and sharpies. and paper. and inks. and oil pastels. I better stop now.

  118. maddbeesstudio

    I am so excited to take Danielle’s class. I love her work and this is a birthday gift to myself. The closer we get to the class start the more excited I get. Danielle your work is beautiful and I can’t wait to learn from you. My favorite supply is liquid (Dr. Marten’s) watercolors. I only have a few and I truly love them. Rich and vibrant colors. Yay for Danielle so wonderful and so humbled to be part of your class.

  119. juliamonroe

    What an amazingly generous giveaway! My favorite art supplies are my acrylic paints. I’ve never tried those inks before but they might just bump the paints off top spot. Danielle, your art is so gorgeous!

  120. Heidi

    My favorite art supply is a pencil. Cannot live without it. So excited for this art class to start! : )

  121. Jane Jennings

    Can’t wait to start Danielle’s class! I love all the classes on your sight.
    I for sure couldn’t live without my White Signo Pen!

  122. Nicole Austin

    wow, what a great giveaway! i am registered for the class and i can’t wait! the one art supply i can’t live without is washi tape!k

  123. Vicki E

    Can hardly wait for the class to begin! I can’t live without watercolors of some sort and a waterbrush.

  124. Nat

    I cannot wait to take this class. My favourite art supply that I cannot do without is my stabilo All pencil.

  125. Judi

    I couldn’t live without paint. I love color. This class sounds wonderful!

  126. Krystal Hoover

    My most favorite item, has to be my fan brush. I love to use it by hitting it against another brush handle, to get the perfect splatter. See you in class!!!

  127. Digijewels Adds Sparkles

    Me too! I am so excited about Danielle’s course that I am wishing the days away till it begins! One of my favourite supplies would have to be white gesso “i love the way a smear of gesso can give new hope to a mini creative disaster”. See you all soon, and thank you so much Jeanne for these fabulous giveaways! 🙂

  128. Tammy Mohr

    I signed up for the class and am very excited. The one art supply I cant live without would definately be my pencil. But that is soooo boring so my next choice would be my Tombow and Distress markers. I use them as watercolor by scribbling on an acrylic block, then paint. I just wish the Tombows wouldnt fade.

  129. Lesley St Clair

    Pinned ! Would love to win this ! Favourite art supplies ? Brushes, pens and my fingers 😉

  130. Margaret McDougall

    Hi there! I signed up for this class as soon as I could. I just LOVE your girls and can’t wait for the class.
    I can’t live without watercolours, paint pens – just anything to draw with and make colour!

  131. Joann Brewer

    I am so looking forward to this workshop, only a few more weeks to go! I couldn’t live without pencils, both graphite and my prismacolors, they are great to work with and standing in a pot they are a work of art in themselves, don’t ya think.

  132. Annette Word

    Hi, Jeanne and Danielle! I pinned this post on Pinterest. I think my favorite art supply is my little exacto knife. I use it EVERY time I sit down to work. I am going to sign up for this class now!

  133. Lily Bruce Cooper

    I am a collector of Danielle’s work. Hers are among the first pieces that are ooh’ed over when we have guests to our home. Her color, originality and creativity are what I admire most. The art supply I simply cannot live without is COURAGE. The courage to express myself, to recognize that only I can make my art, and the courage to keep going when someone says “I just don’t get your art”. Thank you Danielle and Jeanne for this opportunity. I can’t wait to get started!!

  134. Heather Drake

    I just signed up for the course! I also pinned this to pinterest and also left a tweet on twitter— 2 entries for me please.

  135. Sam Johnson

    Really looking forward to this class. I am at a loss to come up with just one thing I could not live without. I dare say, matte medium is one art supply I use a lot, in many ways. Thank you!

  136. Peggy Rogers

    Would love to win! My favorite art supply would have to be my paintbrushes!

  137. Catherine

    I couldn’t live without my collage materials, particularly patterned paper and tissue paper. Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Silvia

    I take these supplies with me everywhere: black Pitt pens, sketching pencils, white Jelly Roll pen, some Neocolors, and a travel set of water colours (as well as my sketchbook!). I pretty much don’t leave the house without them.

  139. Karin Engström

    I have signed in and put a mark in my calender and started counting down to april 28 🙂 My favorite art supply right now are my acrylic paints. I pinned the class on Pinterest.

  140. Tammy Goodwin

    I can’t wait for this class, to learn more about watercolors and layers, so much fun!!! I can’t live without my kneaded eraser, pencil and dye inks! Tammy

  141. consu

    What an awesome giveaway to get the class off to a great start!
    I cannot live without my golden fluid acrylics!

  142. Stacy Mc

    Great giveaway. I can’t live with out my sketch pads. I love to doodle.

  143. Sarah Martin

    I can’t live with out my white eraser!! I love to sketch but the eraser is my friend! Would love to win. Can’t wait for the class.

  144. Autumn

    We’ll the art supply that I can’t live without is Color Inspiration. There is something that happens inside me when I see certain colors and color combinations. And it is this that keeps me doing art of all kinds. It is color that I use most often from fibers of yarn and material to paints, and flowers in the garden. Looking forward to your class.

  145. Melissa

    This is so exciting! I would love a spot in the class and I happen to find the thought of having a goodie box full of all of the supplies the best giveaway imaginable! The supplies that I can’t live without is Mod Podge. I seem to find uses for it in every project I work on!

  146. Donna

    I am just starting to get into this whole new world of art so I am not sure what I can’t live without yet! I can’t wait for this course to start! Danielle you have amazing talent and I only hope I can make something close to the beauty you create! Thanks for the giveaway and you also Jeanne!! The classes you provide are so inspiring. Thanks a million!!

  147. Becky J

    Oh Jeanne, I couldn’t live without words..I KNOW? How weird of me to say about an artistic supply “item”, but they bring me life..especially THE WORD of God..I love to paint it, sculpt it, cut it out in wood, take pictures of words and on and on….yes, giving words 🙂 Have a joyous day!! And thanks!! {squeal}

  148. Ursula-the crafting gypsy

    This might sound a little crazy but I could truly never live without soft leaded pencils. They are my go-to tool at all times. I do use lots of other fun things like water colors, acrylics, gesso etc. But I could never live without my graphite pencil.

  149. Angelika Westermann

    I already signed up and am looking forward to it very much! This box of art supplies is so tempting…. Thank you for such a gorgeous give away. What I can’t live without are colors – acrylic, watercolors, inks, you name it! For me Color is the quintessence of art.

  150. Pam Dansie

    I shared this on facebook. My favorite art supply is a black pen and my journal

  151. Sonya B.

    I am not so much an artist but my 16 yr. old daughter is. She is really talented at drawing fruits and vegetables. I have been trying to get her to draw me some pears for the longest! Her favorite art supply she can’t live without would be colored pencils for sure. I would love to surprise her with some new art supplies!

  152. luraisat

    OMG!!! i just love your art so much and what a beautiful piece of art…..i need it for my favorite artists wall. and the supplies make this an over the top giveaway. can you tell me what kind the paints are?? such pretty colors. xox

  153. Marcia Reyling

    I can’t wait for this course to start, I have taken many online classes but this caught my attention as something I need to expand my art knowledge. I would say I can’t live without my love of decorative papers that always find their way into my art.

  154. Marilyn Johnson

    I have already signed up and can’t wait for this class! I would LOVE to win!

  155. Raquel LeBlanc

    I absolutely love Golden’s titanium white heavy body acrylic paint. I seem to use it every time I sit down to do any type of mixed media. 🙂

  156. Lisa Ciaravino

    I’m excited about the class…..hope to get signed up before early registration closes. I would have to say the kneaded eraser……I tend to make a few boo boo’s.

  157. Leslie Harriel

    I pinned,tweeted, and face booked it!!! To be honest I really can’t live without a pencil 🙂

  158. Marilyn

    I wouldn’t survive without black pens. Well, I would, but I’d be very unhappy.

  159. Marilyn

    And I tweeted. Actually, I did everything but twerk. Also, I do not have a bog. But if I did, I would surely but this on it! Because, this ginormous giveaway is so exciting and I would be so thrilled to win.

  160. Bonnie

    I’m a newbie!! Would love to add to my supplies with this giveaway. Can’t wait to take class.

  161. Candace Wood

    Signing up now…..ready to be inspired by such a lovely and talented artist! Thanks, Jeanne!

    *There are so many supplies I adore but I can’t live without my phone so that I can document with notes or photos any ideas I might have on the go. Inspiration is everywhere and I try to see the world with fresh eyes.

  162. Susan McCormack

    Could not live without my watercolours! So excited about the course!

  163. tamarahelenelizabeth

    I signed up for the course and can’t wait to get started! The art supply that I can’t live without would have to be my good old fashioned drawing pencils. Everything else almost always starts with my pencils. 🙂

  164. tamarahelenelizabeth

    I have shared this on Facebook, too, for all the world to see!

  165. tamarahelenelizabeth

    And Pinned it to my Inspiration board on Pinterest. Yay!

  166. chel1974

    My mechanical pencils- for real! I guess they are called Drafting Pencils. I love them and use them for everything- from sketches on paintings to doodles to shadowing my watercolors.

  167. Amy

    Oh my – love it – I am signing up for the course after I leave this comment!

  168. Kimberly Jones

    My favorite art supply is Gesso! I love to use it for unifying collages and to create fabric journal pages. I am signed up for the course and so excited! Thank you so much for the chance to win the giveaway!

  169. Kimberly Jones

    Just pinned the course to Pinterest! Thanks for the giveaway! I would be so delighted to have a piece of Danielle’s lovely art, and those supplies would be amazing!

  170. Kimberly Jones

    Just tweeted about the course! So excited to learn some more techniques from Danielle Donaldson, and I would love to win the giveaway! Thanks!

  171. Kimberly Jones

    Just shared the class on my Instagram feed @artfullyvintage! I’m thrilled to be taking the class, and very grateful for a chance to win the giveaway!

  172. Raquel

    Paint, embellishments, papers and creativity are my tools, my must haves. Color is so exciting! Also excited about your class.

  173. Therese Cingranelli

    I have signed up for the class and I am looking forward to it. The more creative I become and the more supplies I buy I realize that I can’t do without a pencil and piece of paper. But I do love my watercolors.

  174. Gina

    Pinned and I’m already signed up…can’t wait! I am currently loving white pens to make every page “pop”!

  175. Briana

    Hello, signed up for class and am really excited!
    Can’t live without my watercolor crayons! Briana

  176. Leslie Flynn

    Can’t live without matte medium. Is that weird? I think I use it on just about everything . . .

  177. Ronda Conley

    Can’t live without acylic paint, and many more supplies of corse! Would love to win this class. Thank so much for the opportunity. Peace, Ronda

  178. Fiona

    My favourite art supply is really nice paper… I need to get some watercolour paints!
    thanks for the chance to win
    I’ve pinned the course really looking forward to getting into a creative process
    Thank you Jeanne & Danielle

  179. merry

    So many supplies are fun…the thing I need most is quiet. A chance to hear my heart. 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!

  180. Angela Heather

    I’m all booked on the course! :o) Hmm, one art supply – so hard – but I think I’ll go with modelling paste. I am a texture freak and I really don’t think there’s any going back now!

  181. Lisa C

    So looking forward to this class – I loved Danielle’s week in Studying Under the Masters! Can’t live without paint – not particular which kind – I love it all!

  182. Carol Gourley

    I can’t wait to take this class. It looks like so many awesome things to learn. My art supplies I can’t live without are my watercolours and permanent markers!!!!!

  183. Sheila McBryde

    I like the neocolors and stabilo pencils. Looking forward to taking the class!

  184. Jen

    I cannot live without a good brush … I still use a pencil tho but a decent brush makes a world of difference.

  185. Gail Lynch Paljug

    Given that my favorite art supply is watercolor paint, would love a chance to get this lovely prize! Thank you!

  186. terry b

    I can’t live without my mini watercolor boxes. I take them to work and sketch and watercolor on night shifts when there are a few moments of down time

  187. Angela Nebinger

    Oh my this is an amazing giveaway.. art supply I can’t live without would be my .. wow picking one is hard.. 5 minutes later Im still sitting here.. lol.. I’m going to go with my distress stains.. I use them daily in my journal to add a quick wash of color to my pages (getting rid of that scary blank page 🙂

  188. mary blackmer walmer

    art supply I cannot live without….hmmm, I have been in a funk lately so I haven’t created anything in months,maybe the “supply” I need is inspiration!

  189. Leanne

    This class looks amazing! I’m forever noticing the way light and shadows affect things and taking photographs of them because of it, so it would be great to be able to translate that into art pages. I would have to say the one art supply I couldn’t live without is a basic watercolor set, even though I’m new to them. They’re so much fun to experiment with!

  190. Luz

    This sounds like an awesome course!! I haven’t done art for a little bit of time, but its nice to jump back in with this course!!

  191. Nora Krenc

    My punchanella. Not sure of the spelling. The strips of dots to paint, ink or use modeling paste. Love love love poka dots.

  192. angie

    The closer the class get the more excited I am to start! My favorite art supplies is usually the new one I am trying out at the time! There are so many new things out that I am not sure I could settle on one right now;)

  193. Shannon H.

    I am not sure if it too late to enter but I will give a whirl! I love my acrylic paints and paint brushes. Now I am going to go and sign up for the class, seeing as it is the last day for early registration!

  194. Margarita

    I Love watercolors and acrylics paints. I can wait for this class.
    Thank You for the opportunity.

  195. susie west

    I have just signed up, can’t wait. I can’t live without my Golden fluid acrylics!

  196. Lana Manis

    This looks like a fantastic e-course! As for the giveaway comment…. I love so many supplies, but first I need my pen or pencil for sketching!

  197. Katie

    Hello! I just stumbled across this site today, registered, and then intuitively decided to sign up for CreativeGirl! I’m excited! And, very simply, I could not do without a glue stick!

  198. Monica Mixer

    Hi, my absolute favorite art supply is Dr. PH Martin’s watercolors. They are gorgeous and delightful to work with, love them!

  199. Chritsine Phelps

    So excited for this class! Simply can’t live without an amazing black pen and a sketchbook – black pens are like shoes – you can never have enough!!!

  200. Christa Smith

    I love my scissors, adhesives and sandpaper. Excited to have stumbled upon this site!! Pinning and sharing on FB

  201. gem

    Just signed up for the course (aggh, always a day late, me!) but the ONE supply I could live without? Gotta be a Micron or PITT pen. Black. 005.

  202. Sherri

    My can’t live without Artistic supply would be: inspiration

    Thank you so much for helping me stay inspired. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the course to begin:

    I have
    Instagrammed it
    Blogged it
    Pinned it
    Tweeted it
    and facebooked it 🙂

    Looking forward to the class 🙂

  203. Bhane

    Art supply I can’t leave without is my white paint. No matter what I should always have my paint beside me… to help me tone down any color and best is to erase any mistake I did.

  204. gem

    OK! I just Pinn’d it (gemgirlart) and FB’d it on my fanpage (gemgirlart) Getting more and more excited for the class to begin <3

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