Creatively Christmas {a book, some crafting, our home and a giveaway}

Last January Jennifer Rizzo came and captured our home still decorated for the holidays.

After months of Jen writing, photographing and creating for her book I believe we were one of the last homes that she needed to photograph.

It was a fun time of working and playing during her visit and a sweet honor to be included in her first book!

I was able to see a draft of the book before it went to print and as I looked through it I had tears in my eyes for my dear friend that had created one of the most gorgeous Christmas DIY books I had ever seen.

This book is so packed full of things you can make for your home, as gifts, with your kids and friends.

When we finally had our own copy of the book in our hands Maddy and I went through picking out all of the things we wanted to make and yesterday Ben and Maddy made a few things.

I am pretty strict about following my own rule about no Christmas until after Thanksgiving but I had to break that to share this beautiful book.

The book is full of DIY decorating and gift ideas but it is also overflowing in decor photos of different homes dressed up for Christmas and the traditions of the holidays.

This book has many layers and brings you much more than crafting.

Here is a glimpse into our creating day inspired by Jen’s new book Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor.

Did I mention that the first printing sold out weeks ago? Yep, it’s that good:-)

I purchased two extra copies of the book to give away!

To enter just leave a comment on this post telling me one thing you love about Christmas or the holidays in general.

We will pick the winners next week.

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  1. Holly

    First, an aside… I love the light in your house (and those faces!)! Hmm, just one thing I love about Christmas? I love the anticipation of the peace that seems to settle over Christmas Eve. There is truly something amazing and wondrous about this Holy night…

  2. coco.nut

    I love all the decorations and lights, and special warm atmosphere that always follows!

    the book looks like a real treat! congatulations from Poland!

  3. Kirsten

    I love Christmas first and foremost because it is the celebration of our Lord and Savior’s birth, but it is also passing on that love that was first shown to us!

  4. Carol Bracey

    The gathering of family; all coming together to sing Christmas Carols and celebrate the birth of our King!

  5. Rita H.

    I’m in agreement with you…no Christmas before Thanksgiving. Both holidays are a time of gratitude, family, faith and of course, good food and football! Oh and I love the twinkling of white lights…all year long:)

  6. Valerie Johnson

    There is truly nothing that compares to the warmth felt by all when creating with heartfelt hands…!

  7. Pamela white

    My son is going through the same phase with teeth! Love it! Favorite things about Christmas? We started doing our own stocking stuffer do arions a few years ago and chose a local charity to give them to every year, its so much fun and this is the first year my little guy has been able to really understand why I started doing it, and to help. Second, just having time off from school with no agenda, no where to be, and to be together, having fun doing simple things.

  8. Anita Haines

    I love everything Christmas!!! The sights, sounds, smells, traditions and feeling of joy! I especially love time with family as we celebrate the birth of the babe in a manger.

  9. asteadfastlife

    I love first and foremost what we are celebrating–Christ’s birth!! The story never gets old. It is my favorite time of year to cozy up our home and plan fun activities with my kids.

  10. Elizabeth

    I love the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas…that special month where most of us give thanks for all that we have and are blessed by the presence of Him in our lives. I especially love celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  11. Jody

    Spending time with family is the absolute best thing about the holidays. I would love to win this book, especially since it’s hard to find otherwise πŸ™‚ Huge congrats to Jen and thanks so much Jeanne for the chance to enter!

  12. Bethany

    I love the giving and grateful spirit that seems to be so abundant during the holidays!! For a short time, we are all better versions of ourselves.

  13. Stacey M Curry

    I love that our kids (even though they are 22, almost 14 and 17) still look forward to the tradition of Christmas baking and crafts! Something we all look forward to all year long!

  14. Sonya B.

    Having my son home from college and my daughter home over Christmas break from school! We love watching Christmas movies, building a fire, all the scents of the holidays, the tree, lights, turkey, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, and on and on! We love Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway,too.

  15. Deanna H.

    Celebrating Jesus’ birthday with family and friends… reliving our family traditions each Christmas and making new traditions and memories.

  16. Debra Most

    Its the time of year when you can celebrate the birth of Jesus is such a beautiful way.

  17. Pam

    I love that despite all of the commercialism, people still strive to make it a holiday about family and fun and gathering. Oh, and I LOVE sparkly lights. :).

  18. Shannon

    These pictures are hilarious and I love the crafts, I’m gonna have to copy a few to do with my girls πŸ˜‰
    My favorite part of Christmas is all the time spent with family and all the memories that come back to mind year after year!

  19. Traci Severson

    The anticipation, the time spent with loved ones, the reason and the food!!

  20. danielle muller

    i love the traditions that we enjoy each year…going to the lantern light evening at old bethpage village, the dicken’s festival in a local town, crafting with my daughter, sitting around the fire watching favorite movies, making cookies…it’s all just too much goodness. xo

  21. Elaine Neidig

    What I love about Christmas is decorating my Christmas tree, baking cookies with my grandkids and to see the excitement in their eyes. To unwrap the nativity that was given to us on our first Christmas 38 years ago. To celebrate the birth of our dear savior with my family.
    The bare winter trees and the cold crisp air.

  22. Donna P

    Looks like a fabulous book, it’s great to see how much fun your kids had!
    I love everything about Christmas, it’s always been my favorite time of year. I love the coziness of Christmas, it’s like a warm hug.
    Most of all I love the Miracle of Christmas <3

  23. Shelly Marlott

    Definitely the smells of Christmas.. from food, trees, candles.. Love them all!

  24. Lisa W.

    I LOVE love love rememberimg my kids faces when they were little on Christmas morning!!!!!

  25. Homeroad

    The book is awesome and I love Christmas because the opportunities for beautiful natural
    decorating is over the top πŸ™‚

  26. Lori

    Ben cracks me up and Maddy is adorable! My favourite thing about Christmas is the candlelight service at church on Christmas eve. I would absolutely love one of these books.

  27. Cherise Sweet

    Just BEAUTIFUL!!!
    ….I LOVE creating new memories with our family and continuing our families traditions year after year!

  28. Pam Ballard

    The feeling in the air, the joy I see amongst the community, the giving I see going on, family and traditions. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway. Blessings to you.

  29. Amanda @ A Sweet Life Rocks

    That book seems wonderful. My favorite part of Christmas is the Spirit of Christmas….. it is expressed and shared in so many different ways, Love, Joy, Peace, Understanding, Family, Sacrifice, Hospitality.
    The Spirit of Christmas can bring the best out of people.

  30. craftygoofy49

    There are so many things I love about Christmas. I love serving as lector at multiple Masses on Christmas Day. I am a widow and live alone. I volunteer so that Lectors with families can be at home. I am filled with the feelings of love that comes from embracing the spirituality of the season, the memorialization of the birth of Jesus. I also love the Christmas scene I am creating in my home, it brings me peace and hope.

  31. Melissa Burford

    I love the coziness of it all – the lights, blankets, decorations, snuggling, hot chocolate, all of it!

  32. L. Bratton

    I love Christmas because of the warmth of time with family and friends. It’s the one time of year that the whole world seems to stop and take a breath in unison to praise The Lord for sending Christ!

  33. Maria Luisa Naval

    I love Christmas . I love so much the white Christmas , the red Christmas , de pink Christmas, green , blue…it’s ok that I love all the colors. But really I don’t forget the smell of Christmas…cinnamon, ginger, nuts..ummmmm. I prepare my house for this hollydays with much love for my family and friends, really is a pleasure for me!

  34. Jo Ann

    I love the reason we’re celebrating in the 1st place! I love the smells, the traditions, family..I love it all! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Peggy

    Oh I couldn’t help but smile when I saw your youngest being his goofy self as it reminds me of our boys at that age! Favorite thing about Christmas….. celebrating our Lord followed closely by spending time with friends and family and surprising folks. I’m not going to lie, I love giving gifts…. even to complete strangers. Seeing the shock in a young mother’s eyes when she finds out someone paid for their meal, the college student who pulled an all-nighter studying for finals as they go to pay for that cup of coffee, dropping cookies off at the neighbors and seeing the eyes of wonder as my nephew opens up the box and finds it filled with his favorite drink and snacks!

  36. Veronica Roth

    Oh my goodness, there is so much to love about Christmas that it seems practically impossible to pick one favourite thing, but this year, after two Christmases in England, this year Christmas is at home in Vancouver. This means my adult children, their partners, my little grandchildren and my aging mother will all be with me. I think that’s the best treasure about Christmas.

  37. Tracy Lynn

    Family, festivities, and free time. These are great, however celebrating the birth of Jesus tops all. Your home is beautiful.

  38. Donn

    I love watching the world around me shine from the kindness and love shared during this beautiful season.

  39. Amy

    I adore everything Christmas. When we lost our little man, decorating for our first Christmas without him was a bold declaration that life must still go on and we must forge ahead making new traditions and honoring those of the past, Our ritual of decorating the tree is how we do that.

  40. Shannon Crawford

    I love when freinds and family connect- even if just for a few hours over a meal, and laughter- getting together….and I do love pretty Christmasy things too.

  41. Bonnie Schulte

    Making and sending cards, to friends that I don’t get to see during the year, Christmas songs playing softly on the radio, while I wrap a few gifts. And the only time I really like snow on the ground, is Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, going to church. Makes everything so beautiful. And the best is the quiet times, and the peace fullness of the season, remembering what Christmas is really all about.

  42. Peggy Mcdevitt

    People seem to think about others less fortunate then themselves during the Christmas season and that is a good thing. Love your faith, attitude and goodness, it’s appreciated.

  43. sharon

    decorating, crafting, baking….and giving things i’ve made to others. thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous book!

  44. Cheryl

    I love the lights. The quietness that follows a snowfall and spending time with the family. Gathering winter greens in the woods, baking cookies, and unexpected surprises.

  45. Devyn B.

    Thanks for sharing those fun candid moments…..I had a good chuckle out loud! One of the things I like most about Christmas time, would be that it truly is a feast for the senses, and with that brings many nostalgic memories for me and my family!

  46. Teresea

    I love the excitement leading up to the day. The smells and the search for that perfect gift. I love the time reflecting on the reason for the season. And I love anticipating the coming year and the possibilities.

  47. Judy

    I love settling in and embracing the cold short winter days and enjoying my little house and my family. The Advent season is about waiting and I love the anticipation of waiting for Christmas. Thanks for sharing this lovely book with us.

  48. KimL

    I LOVE making Christmas cookies! Every year I plan and plot. Then I try to see how many different kinds I can make. I love to give them to our neighbors as gifts and of course, I love eating them with my family too!

  49. Lisa

    I have fond memories of my mom and I decorating the house for Christmas…. They are memories I will cherish always and continue the tradition today with my own children…. There’s nothing quite like childhood Christmas memories…

  50. staci torgerson

    I love unwrapping each Christmas ornament and reliving all the wonderful memories that go along with each one as our family puts up our tree. The very last ornament we put up is a pair of turtle doves that we bought after my mother in law passed away from her battle with cancer 4 yrs ago. Yesterday was her anniversary of her passing. She lived celebrating Christmas mote than any other holiday and I look forward to starting new memories and traditions that celebrate her life.

  51. Samantha Pellegrino

    I hope I can find the book in Canada, not sure if your giveaway is open to Canadians. But I thought I would share anyway. Our Thanksgiving is in October so I work feverishly to finish up my Christmas shopping before December 1st so that I can enjoy the holidays. I love decorating and having everything ‘ready’ so that all of December can be filled with sharing and enjoying time with loved ones with no pressure. Its become a tradition for us. πŸ™‚

  52. Cheryl

    The one thing I loved about Christmas is knowing my mom was here to share it with, even if it was across the miles. Always calling to see how we were and what did we get, how’s the weather, etc. This will be the second year without her and I miss that most of all.
    Love your blog….

  53. Becky J

    Hi Jeanne-my favorite thing about Christmas is that Jesus {GOD} would come here and for all of eternity, confine Himself to a body- to love us and save us- His love blows me away!! I am looking forward to sharing this love with as many sweet hearts as I can this Christmastime! A very blessed Christmas to you and your beautiful family! Let’s all rejoice!!

  54. Sheila

    Without a doubt, my favorite part of Christmas is the opportunity to be reminded of and share with others the story of Jesus’ birth. I love the decorations and the smells and the music. I love the excitement of seeing and hearing from friends and family near and far. I love seeing my littles experience this joyous season.

  55. Malinda

    As a follower of Christ, this season is one of much anticipation and joy as we celebrate His birth. We love walking outside (at night!) seeing the starry nights and feeling the greatness of His love and creation. The lights from the neighborhood twinkling in the dark is magical as well. We love to bake some traditional treats and share them with neighbors whose life has been especially challenging that year.

  56. tinalee4359

    Having all my boys home (from college) together – just all the togetherness πŸ™‚

  57. Judith Weldon

    I love the anticipation, the build up of excitement, the prep and most of all Christmas Eve.

  58. Mary W

    I enjoy the time with family, all the Christmas traditions we hold dear, also cookies, special recipes and decorating! Thank you for the chance to win a copy and wishing you and yours a very special holiday season!

  59. Kenda

    The feeling of pure, simple love felt and extended to others, the joy from giving, and the wonderful celebration of our one and only, beautiful Savior.

  60. Lori

    Faith, family, and charity sum up the holidays for my family…and each year we can’t get enough! We love snuggling up with classic Christmas stories and movies, stuffing ourselves with favorite family recipes, and traditions being honored every year. I also look forward to a cup of coffee and Christmas music while enjoying the annual bloggers holiday housewalk!

  61. Melissa Ellen's Loft

    I love gathering with family, taking time to make our home cozy for the season, taking time to reflect on what the season is truly all about. There is so much joy in the Christmas season and I love that we can celebrate it in so many different ways.

  62. Teresa

    I love decorating our home for Christmas. I love the fragrant smells, music and family traditions of Christmas. Most of all, I love how the celebration of our Messiah’s birth brings renewed hope and joy and faith. Merry Christmas, Jeanne and thank you for all you do for us throughout the year!

  63. Melanie Dorsey

    Christmas – It’s all changed for us since we lost our 12 year old son, Andrew, 10 days before Christmas in ’09. But I have come to appreciate the simple Gospel message more than ever – God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son…Emmanuel…God with us.

  64. Alisa Logue

    There are so many reasons I love the holiday season in all of it’s merry making and glittery finery… but the reason I love Christmas the most is the birth of our Savior… Jesus Christ! -Alisa

  65. dannylion

    Christmas – although beautiful is extremely tough for me these days… I feel that extra “kindness” that Christmas exudes in people… You can experience the excitement of the hustle and bustle, the smells of holiday cookies (even in the grocery store) with the sights and sounds of
    Christmas lights and music are just beautiful… and feel the hustle and bustle of the holiday and the sights of the lights. I remember going to Church and admiring everything about this season… I go through the season rather numb now – my son – doesn’t understand much of anything – he is 20 – and Christmas is just “another day” to him…. something about the holiday brings out extra sadness in me that he can’t feel it. For 19 years, I try to give him a present and he just looks at it. I’ve tried wrapping, not wrapping, setting it up – nothing… he doesn’t understand to open a box, to play with a toy, to write or even color with a crayon. There is no joy – nothing… he wakes during the wee hours of the morning with pain and suffers most of his days with chronic headaches – he has such medical issues that it is all overwhelming – why? He has severe autism. Why? No one knows…. He suffered a grand mal seizure and lost everything that I had taught him for the first 17 years of his life… why? No one knows…. I do however, try and remember the original meaning of Christmas while trying to be a good caregiver (he doesn’t really understand I am a mom because I know my purpose in life was to be given my son so that he would be given a life that where he would be safe – and loved. I try to keep some sort of faux happiness on my face if a family member may decide to stop – Christmas is just that – the birth of Jesus – to that I humbly celebrate in my own way…

  66. Mary Campbell

    Dannylion broke my heart. If I am chosen please pass it on to her. We are all blessed in our own ways

  67. Suzi Starkey

    I love the fact that I’m 41 years old and I still get that crazy feeling in my stomach when our house is decorated for Xmas , that anticipation just like when I was a child , I hope that never goes away .

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  69. Angie W

    My favorite thing about Christmas, these days, is watching my grandchildren get SO excited about the whole thing. Decorating trees, making ornaments, guessing what presents are…the whole 9 yards.

  70. CYNDY

    Perfect gift giving to the grandkids, for the grandkids since Im the Gramma/Mom who teaches them crafting cooling and sewing not their busy Moms! 3 daughter-in-laws and they don’t cook nor craft but they are busy with their own creative demanding careers. Bless Grammas who take the time to teach

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