Our newest Creativity Takes Courage interview starts right now!


For those of you that are new to the blog I want to tell you a little bit about the free series.

A year ago we expanded our creative network to offer free videos, new online courses, live “chats” and now interviews with courageous lovelies from around the world.

My first interview of the Creativity Takes Courage series was with the amazing Stephanie Lee.

The February interview was with my good friend Melody Ross.

The March interview was with the lovely Edie Wadsworth.

The April interview was with my friend across the ocean Pamela DuMont.

The May interview was with the funny and open hearted Shannan Martin.

The June interview was creative Christy Tomlinson!

We took the summer off and the November interview was with entrepreneur extraordinaire Marian Parsons.

The January 2014 interview was the super talented Danielle Donaldson.


This month I am excited to introduce you to Shamanie Haneca.

Dr. Haneca is not only a dear friend but the person that helped me to get my health back on track!

She has been the person I have turned to again and again with questions about food, allergies and environmental toxins.

She is also one of the few people that can make me laugh until I cry.

Today we are talking about my health journey, illnesses she sees everyday, how to get healthy again and her new e-course Create Health 2.0.

Come and join us.


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Come on over and check out the interview!


We just launched week four of Studying Under the Masters {becoming an apprentice} and I am blown away each week!

This week Jenny Wentworth is studying under Botticelli and her videos and content is just beautiful.

It is not too late to join us and the best part…you get to access the course for two years!


If you think you want to be an art dork with all of us …we would sure love it!

 To register click HERE or pay below.

$62 for this nine week online course.

The content will be available for TWO YEARS!

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