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This month we are talking with Kimberly Taylor of The Grow Hope Foundation.

Kimberly Taylor shares about finding her purpose on a trip to Uganda that didn’t go as planned. She talks about the courage it takes to walk in our callings, even as we discover that not everything is going to be easy and not all parts of it are our super power. Being a mom to 4 boys, there was a cost to starting Grow Hope, but Kimberly talks about how finally being fulfilled and satisfied with her work changed the temperature of her home and the benefits far outweighed the cost.

We are talking all about purpose, calling and the impact it can make in yourself, family and the world. Come on over!

Some quotes from this interview:

  • As a woman you feel like you need to do something that has purpose even if you are not bringing in an income
  • I wasn’t taking into account my actual skill set. I was just taking what looked like it would be really fun. I was always looking for something that would give me purpose
  • There came a time when I was like “wow, I’m not searching for anything anymore
  • No matter your calling, parts of it are not your superpower
  • Just because you know what you are supposed to do, doesn’t mean it’s easy
  • That hope will spread. Hope keeps growing slowly. Slow and solid
  • Women change the world!
  • It is to the benefit of EVERYONE that women find something that speaks to their heart



The Grow Hope Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people in rural Uganda improve their lives through education, skills training and mentorship.  We provide a well on our educational compound “Tusubira Village” which gives people access to clean water and we teach community members how to improve their health through good hygiene and sanitation,  as well as farming skills in order to improve their nutrition.

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