Daddy Daughter Ball

Picnik collagebath

 Sometimes getting ready is the best part.  Bubble bath, sparkles all over and getting your hair done.

Picnik collagemaddy

 She is growing up so fast. 

She picked her own dress.  It had to twirl. 

She is wearing dangly earrings for the first time and felt so special. 

She looks forward to this dance all year.  This is her fourth year going with her daddy. 

Picnik collagedaddy

On the way into the dance Madolyn was watching other daddies arriving with two or three daughters. 

She turned to daddy and said, "I am glad I have two brothers". 

What little girl doesn't want her daddy all to herself? 

I love that they have this.  She feels like a princess and she even calls her daddy her prince. 

Not a bad way to grow up. 

I love you Kelly for being the kind of dad that dances with your daughter.  For making her feel special.  She will grow up knowing she is a treasure. 

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  1. Tara

    Amen! She looks so adorable and your hubby looks handsome as well! Father, daughter bonds are the most cherished. I look up to my dad so much and over the years I have noticed I am so much like him and it makes me smile! This was such a sweet post! Memories to have forever!

  2. chas at the wild raspberry

    how wonderfully sweet. your daughter is adorable. there is something so very special about a daddy and his girls.
    eeek-the bitter-sweet vision of daddy walking my girlies down the aisle just flashed before my eyes. ok, breathe. that is lightyears away!!!

  3. mkg

    I’ll bet Maddy, who looked so lovely, taught her wonderful daddy some moves on the dance floor that included lots of twirling!! What a special night for them both – you can see it in their eyes!

  4. Tricia

    oh my goodness, that is so sweet! What a lucky little girl! She looked so precious!

  5. Amy

    i hope she enjoys this tradition for many years to come. it is sooo sweet and special! she looks wonderful!

  6. Sandra @ SmallHouse

    I love daddy daughter dates! I guess yours was a ball though. Even fancier. The girls just love them.
    I have an Inga. Her name is Flora. She is old and tattered. But I just think she’s great. Inga looks great!
    Have a great day.

  7. Megan E. Bauer

    What a special, special time for the two of them 🙂 Hopefully, she’ll go w/ him for a long, long time.

  8. traci

    how precious!! she looks like a princess. the dress is beautiful. your daughter looks like her daddy. hope they had a magical time.

  9. Angie

    J., what a beautiful girl! What a blessing it is for her to have a good relationship with Daddy, and vice versa. I pray that it stays that way forever!

  10. jamie

    Absolutely Precious. I can remember my husband doing the same with our daughter. You know making memories they will remember forever. Jamie

  11. Sarah S.

    These pictures are just precious!!! We have a house of 5 boys so I have always longed for these special days. But maybe as the boys get older the mom and son thing will make them feel special and not just because I know which StarWars Legos are cool! 😉

  12. kasey

    I keep meaning to pop over and leave a comment, so here i am. Fin is still popping sprinkles in his mouth, but who cares right!
    Maddie is just the cutest thing ever, tell her auntie Kasey said so.
    {oh, and Kelly, you look alright yourself. runway girl misses him dearly}

  13. Karen

    How wonderful! Kelly is the kind of dad that we need so much in this country. God bless him. We know his family will be blessed because of him! Thank you for this precious post!

  14. Amy Muffoletto

    You need a tissue alert for this post. I have 3 boys and a 14 year old daughter. She loves her daddy. My grandfather filled that role for me and he just passed away. Thank you for sharing such a special moment. She is a beautiful little girl.

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