Picnik collagebath

 Sometimes getting ready is the best part.  Bubble bath, sparkles all over and getting your hair done.

Picnik collagemaddy

 She is growing up so fast. 

She picked her own dress.  It had to twirl. 

She is wearing dangly earrings for the first time and felt so special. 

She looks forward to this dance all year.  This is her fourth year going with her daddy. 

Picnik collagedaddy

On the way into the dance Madolyn was watching other daddies arriving with two or three daughters. 

She turned to daddy and said, "I am glad I have two brothers". 

What little girl doesn't want her daddy all to herself? 

I love that they have this.  She feels like a princess and she even calls her daddy her prince. 

Not a bad way to grow up. 

I love you Kelly for being the kind of dad that dances with your daughter.  For making her feel special.  She will grow up knowing she is a treasure.