{Day 2}

Day two began with creating in the art barn.


This is in a beautiful building only 30 yards away from the chateau.  

The barn has been completely renovated and I love that they kept the original beams.

We were able to make bracelets and necklaces with Kaari's kits and extra baubles she brought.

I have adored..ADORED Kaari's style for as long as I have known about her and her shop.

Every book she puts out is pure perfection and just visually stunning.

Her vintage beads and reproduction pieces are always my favorite to create jewelry with.

Sometimes when you meet someone you have admired it can be disappointing because they are nothing like you think they will be….Kaari was just the opposite.

She is so kind and FUNNY!  Seriously funny.  Dry whit and she had me laughing the whole week.

Throw in her sister Molly and her mom "Kick" and forget it…you will be on the floor laughing.

What a great team they make!

After lunch we headed to Chapeaux Willy's.


This is one of the few existing hat factories still working in the south of France.


This region used to be known for their hat production and now only three factories remain open.



It was a wonderful explanation and display of how a hat is made.


It was fun to look through so many of their designs and understand the process better.




We were even given a privileged look into the back room where there were hundreds of old hat molds.


Truly amazing and a history of fashion.



After Chapeaux Willy's we headed to one of Kaari's favorite brocantes in the area.


I think we all came away with some of our favorite treasures of the trip.


If you were willing to dig…you would find something good.


We then came back to the chateau for wine and cheese tasting.

It was the perfect way to relax after our full day.


The poor sommelier was so embarrassed by all our picture taking that we just too more to watch his face turn red.


He was a good sport.

Picnik collageb

It was wonderful to try wines and cheeses from the region and hopefully I can find some of them in our local shops.


By the end of the trip everyone knew which wine was my favorite…is that bad???





(Kaari's mom "Kick")

Our group was made up of women in their early 30s and up.

I loved the age range, experience, wisdom, substance and laughter that was in this group.


(our beautiful server Cory)

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  1. amy

    that family of ladies sounds like a joy. now i want to try your favorite wine! and that barn looks like a fun place to create!

  2. Lana

    I just knew when you came home, your pictures would be absolutely gorgeous…and they are…
    You took the pics that I would have and they really tell a good story. It makes me think I was there!
    and your server…was beautiful.
    Man! What a wonderful trip! I am sooo glad you were able to go and look forward to seeing more pictures…I just wish I could see ALL of them..I know you had to have taken more than what is on here. 🙂 Glad you are back!

  3. Janet

    Oh my — what a fabulous time you had!! Kind of interesting, that everyone knew what your fave wine is! Great photos — I knew you would have some wonderful stories and photos!

  4. Jackie

    I’m loving your posts on the trip! I need to get with it and edit all my pics. Yours are beautiful (I even do like that one of me…). It’s like being back there again!

  5. Heather

    Thank you for sharing your journey! What amazing – BEAUTIFUL – images you have captured for us! Thank You!!! I would have never have gotten out of the hat factory! Hats are such a weakness for me! The picture of Kick and the server Cory are two of my favorites…naturally beautiful!

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