{Day Five}

It had rained all night.

At times hard and at other times a soft, consistent rain that is so soothing.

The day was supposed to start with a 90 minute walk into the next town through sunflower fields and the French countryside.

The rain changed our plans.

IMG_3831 copy


We ended up driving to the town and exploring the architecture, churches, tapestries and a chocolat or two.

IMG_3837 copy

IMG_3854 copy

Our day also consisted of a visit to a vocal artist that makes the most incredible tapestries on a huge loom.

IMG_3859 copya

What a lost art and so amazing to get a glimpse into how long and detailed this art form is.

IMG_3846 copy

IMG_3850 copy

IMG_3852 copy
IMG_3875 copya

The afternoon sun later came out and I was able to go back and get photos of the sunflower fields and the gorgeous countryside…….that is for another day.

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  1. Lee Ann

    Oh Jeanne, your photography just makes my eyes pop and my senses stir up with awe! Wow! Your talent and gifts just keep coming and coming and coming! Awesome! I cannot wait to see the Sunflower Fields.
    Inspired again just like every other time I visit YOU!
    Lee Ann
    Plus, I love listening to your music!

  2. amy

    jeanne, i love the details you captured. that street sign. the loom. my, my that first picture is beautiful, too!

  3. molly

    dude, your photos are so spectacular. i love the green-hued tinge to them all … they look like we’ve gone back in time.

  4. Suzen

    Jeanne, I love the texture of your photographs. It’s the details, isn’t it?! Such a blessing to have the eyes to see these things…in the Bible, that one about the little sparrow that doesn’t fall without God seeing…every little detail. Your “tour” is breaking my heart a little because I am longing to go to Denmark, (I am Danish) and live for a year, walking on cobblestones, taking my time, absorbing the heritage and history. Ah…maybe I should check my lottery ticket!

  5. Leah C

    Sometimes a change in plans can be a good thing! And I’ll never tire of looking at your gorgeous photos:)

  6. Courtney Walsh

    Can I buy a copy of the second picture here? I seriously, seriously want to frame that and put it in my house. I am in love with it. It makes my soul happy. 🙂

  7. Kimberly

    If only I could find the words to express how much these words and photos make my heart rejoice with and for you.

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