It had rained all night.

At times hard and at other times a soft, consistent rain that is so soothing.

The day was supposed to start with a 90 minute walk into the next town through sunflower fields and the French countryside.

The rain changed our plans.

IMG_3831 copy


We ended up driving to the town and exploring the architecture, churches, tapestries and a chocolat or two.

IMG_3837 copy

IMG_3854 copy

Our day also consisted of a visit to a vocal artist that makes the most incredible tapestries on a huge loom.

IMG_3859 copya

What a lost art and so amazing to get a glimpse into how long and detailed this art form is.

IMG_3846 copy

IMG_3850 copy

IMG_3852 copy
IMG_3875 copya

The afternoon sun later came out and I was able to go back and get photos of the sunflower fields and the gorgeous countryside…….that is for another day.