{Day Four….Part I}

Day four was full of fun at the chateau.

Our previous days were packed full of gorgeous villages and brocantes.

It was nice to stay put the whole day on this magical property.

I may never get to say again that I stayed in a chateau…might as well talk about it a lot now:-)

The morning was wonderful and a bit cool from all the rain the night before.


Mid-morning we had a short talk about woad, the history behind it and how it is used today.

It was a fascinating presentation and something that I had never learned before.

"Woad is a hardy biennial plant native to Europe and the British Isles.  It is a green plant that flowers yellow the second year and looks very much like a weed.  However, it's in the green leaves of the first year that one will be able to obtain one of the most beautiful blues in the world."

It is this blue that you see all over France…especially those gorgeous blue shutters that I can't get out of my head.

We had two vats for dying.



One vat would produce a lighter blue and the other a darker blue.

During our brocanting (is that even a word??) the days before we had all been looking for vintage fabrics to dye and some were wise enough to bring some things from home.


Once you got started it was a little additive and we all kept running back for more things to dye.



At the end of the day the lines were full of the most gorgeous blues.


Lace, hemp, linen, cotton, velvet…….vintage and new pieces came out so beautifully.


We had a beautiful treat waiting for us in the afternoon.

I can't wait to show you the photos.

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  1. Wow Jeanne ~ I am sitting here playing catch up with your posts and I am in love with everything so far! Absolutely love the market on your first day, the picnic, the wine ~ oh the wine and then that line filled with the most gorgeous blues I have ever seen. I cannot wait to see more of your trip and that story of your daughter almost broke my heart.

  2. amy

    that blue…wow! i am ready here for the next photos with my bowl of popcorn in hand.=) night, jeanne.

  3. Suz Reaney

    Drooling here. Those indigo pieces are so yummy. This is all so special to share with you, Jeanne. You took beautiful pictures and describe is so well!

  4. Laura

    Wow, I lived in the UK, and worked in France for a short period, but I never knew this. Fascinating… I just love that blue too!

  5. Lolo

    What an amazing experience! The shades of blue on that beautiful lace….ahhhhh
    My blonde hair might have came home blue! LOL
    Happy Friday sweetie!

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