Day of Thanks Recap {and a little launch info}

We usually have family in town or we get together with friends on Thanksgiving.

This year my sister and her family were out of town and because we are in the middle of preparing for the launch of the new line…we thought low key sounded perfect.

And it was.

We may ban friends and family from ever coming over on a holiday again {just kidding}.

All day I kept on hearing from Kelly and the kids how much they were loving our day.

At the end of day they all were saying this was their favorite Thanksgiving day…ever.

It was a relaxed morning.

Kelly and I had our coffee time together.

Around 10 I started to do a little cooking. By a little…I truly mean little.

I had asked each of them to tell me their favorite dish that they wanted me to make and that is what covered our table.

While I cooked they were in the kitchen with me making crafts. It was nice to have them so close while I was busy.

There is something really nice about cooking for only two hours.

When we sat down to eat the sink was already clean and empty.

We had a really precious time talking about what we were thankful about EACH OTHER.

There were some tears and lots of laughter too.

A mean game of UNO was played and then we took naps.

I truly love naps and have already stated many times that there better be sleep in heaven. Please.

After our naps we took a walk together. It was a beautiful day here.

With very anxious children begging and begging we pulled the Christmas decorations out.

The tree came out and the kids had the tree decorated in no time.

Our day ended with Little Women and freshly made caramel corn.

It was a really good day.

I have Kelly, Jack, Madolyn and Ben…everything I ever dreamed of!


In other news I am so excited to tell you that we are launching our winter line THIS Friday, December 2!

Everything will be up by 8am mountain time zone on Friday morning.

You will be able to find it all HERE.

I can’t wait!!!

You will also want to check out the HUGE giveaway we will be doing that day too.  HUGE!!!!







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  1. anne marie

    Little women and carmel corn sounds just about right! (I love a glass of milk with caramel corn)

    Glad to hear your day was thankful…I’m thankful the Lord brought us together 🙂

  2. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Your day sounds right up my alley.

    And thank you for the shout-out to naps. I love naps and sleeping of all forms. (I’m always slightly distrustful of people who say “I can’t nap”. Heresy!) 😉

  3. kelly

    You just clinched it for me here. I’ve been comtemplated laying low for Thanksgiving, keeping it small with just the kids and I. Your day sounds about perfect to me, and it sounds like your kids felt that way too.

  4. Paula Parrish

    Hello Jeanne,
    Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving day. We also enjoying taking naps and playing cards as a family. Family time is the Best.
    Smiles, Paula

  5. Lori

    What a wonderfully perfect day Jeanne and topping it off with Little Women and caramel corn ~ well you had me at hello.

  6. mgriffin

    I sure did enjoy all the photos. So happy your day was such a special family time!!

  7. Lara

    So glad you had such a wonderful day!

    That’s me over here throwing launch time confetti on Friday, in case you can see it from Colorado—so excited for you. I know how ready you are!

    love you, Jeanne-

  8. Connie Brauer

    Jeanne – Sounds like a perfect day! For the first time, we didn’t go anywhere or have anyone over. It was wonderful, just the husband and me! Slept in…(oh yes) and put the turkey in the oven when we got up. None of this, “we have to make sure we are up by such and such time”. The rest of the day we played it by ear, watched movies, napped, ate whenever we wanted. Little to no cooking. Of course, we won’t be able to do this every time. The “guilt” phone calls we received days before of why we were not coming over were brutal 🙂 BTW, I especially love the photo of the blue sky and one of your children with their arms raised in the sky, almost as if they were thanking God for the gratefulness of the day.

  9. Jeannie-JB

    What a great way to spend Thanksgiving, especially if your used to BIG days with lots and lots of people. Your family TG sounds really fun and I’ll bet it’s a day your kids will always remember! Nothing more important than that!

  10. Stacey

    Sounds like a beautiful day Jeanne! I wish you success and calm as you launch your new line! I have no doubt it will be wonderful! I am anxiously awaiting Friday’s arrival!! 🙂

  11. Pamela

    I used to think I was tired before I had my son….we had no idea what tired really was! Naps became something we look sooo forward to each day to regain a bit of sanity. Now that he is almost four I have realized that there is nothing like napping with that sweet little boy and waking up to him jumping on the bed giggling or wanting to play hide and seek under the comforter. I’m starting to feel a bit sad knowing he may grow out of this soon. We spent Thanksgiving afternoon doing all sorts of crafts with the whole family from age 4 to 74! I think we discovered a new tradition….Glad you all had such a nice day!

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