Day three began with an omelet with hollandaise sauce and fresh herbs.

(I may be missing the food more than anything else)

After breakfast we headed to Cordes-sur-Ciel.

IMG_3683 copy

It is a medieval village built on a hill.

Picnik collagecordes

It was incredible to walk these cobblestone streets and look through so many shops.

I was surprised my the number of artists in this town.

IMG_3659 copy

IMG_3664 copy

As I was walking I could picture the men, women and children living in these homes hundreds of years ago….and so astonishing that they have been persevered and now lived in today.

IMG_3684 copy 

IMG_3693 copy

What do we make today that will be around even 100 years from now?

The history is why I love traveling so much.

IMG_3651 copy

We are such a young country.

When I have traveled to England, Austria and Germany I was just overwhelmed by the beauty in architecture, courtyards, fountains, cemeteries….the everyday.

Picnik collagecordes1

Things used to be functional AND beautiful.

On our journey up to the top of the town we visited the studio of a local artist.

We then continued up the hill and at the top we all enjoyed lunch at a bistro.

I have already made one of the salads I ate that day at home…..a crispy, honey, goat cheese salad.

Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

IMG_3697 copy
IMG_3699 copy

After our visit to Cordes we visited a few brocantes and I was able to add to my vintage linen collection.

IMG_3715 copy

It is never a wise decision to go to a market where everyone in the group is interested in the same things.

It was always funny how quickly we all gravitated to the vintage papers, linens, rosaries etc.

Luckily there was enough for all of us!

On this night I received a text around 1:30 am asking me to call home if I was still awake.

Kelly told me that Madolyn was having a hard time and just wanted to talk to me.

Before I left I had left post it notes all over the house with messages for all of them.

Kelly said he found Maddy that day with tons of my messages, sitting on her bed, holding a photo of me…crying.

I have NO idea where she gets the drama:-)

When I talked to her she was crying so hard she could barely speak.

I just started talking instead and telling about all the wonderful things we were doing.  The more I talked the more she settled down and then she was able to tell me about her day.

She was fine for the rest of my time in France.

It still makes me smile a little….post it notes… photo…..:-)