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Dear Kelly,

Thank you for taking our daughter to the Daddy Daughter Ball for the past five years!

Thank you for being the daddy that goes out of your comfort zone to bless our daughter.

Thank you for every time that she mentioned how excited she was to go to the Daddy Daughter Ball that you told her that you were excited too.


Thank you for counting down the weeks…then days…and even hours for your special time together.


Thank you for always buying her a corsage and making her feel like a princess.


Thank you for letting her pick out your tie.


Thank you for telling her how beautiful she is.


Thank you for dancing and twirling her.


Thank you for making a fool out of yourself to make her smile.


Thank you for doing something completely for Madolyn.

Thank you for being the kind of father that makes our daughter look at you like this……


Thank you for being even more incredible than I could have dreamed for our daughter.

She is loved.

She is treasured.

She is adored for who she is and not what she does.

Her heart is safe in your love….and she knows it!