Dear Kelly,

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Dear Kelly,

Thank you for taking our daughter to the Daddy Daughter Ball for the past five years!

Thank you for being the daddy that goes out of your comfort zone to bless our daughter.

Thank you for every time that she mentioned how excited she was to go to the Daddy Daughter Ball that you told her that you were excited too.


Thank you for counting down the weeks…then days…and even hours for your special time together.


Thank you for always buying her a corsage and making her feel like a princess.


Thank you for letting her pick out your tie.


Thank you for telling her how beautiful she is.


Thank you for dancing and twirling her.


Thank you for making a fool out of yourself to make her smile.


Thank you for doing something completely for Madolyn.

Thank you for being the kind of father that makes our daughter look at you like this……


Thank you for being even more incredible than I could have dreamed for our daughter.

She is loved.

She is treasured.

She is adored for who she is and not what she does.

Her heart is safe in your love….and she knows it!

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  1. Lori

    beautiful post Jeanne…what a wonderful husband and father you have in your Kelly…your daughter looks beautiful and happy:)

  2. Silke

    Oh, my goodness, Kelly! You have my all teary this Monday morning! What a heartfelt post! And that photo of daddy and daughter is priceless! She looks beautiful and loved! Hugs, Silke

  3. Deb

    Beautiful post, Jeanne. You and your daughter are so lucky to have a man like Kelly in your life.
    Your daughter looks SO much like you! ;o)

  4. kana

    What a blessing! They both look so very happy! I love her pretty dress and the pearls….Macy had those as well.

  5. traci

    aawwwww. so sweet. she is just beautiful and the excitement in her eyes. precious. i am sure they had a magical evening.

  6. Mikal

    What a beauty, and so incredibly sweet… not only does she know she has the BEST daddy in the world, but you can count on her having high expectations of the kind of man she’ll choose one day. (I know, not for 30 years at least, right?!)

  7. Julie Ann

    What a beautiful love letter and I have to say it, even if so many have said it before me- Your daughter is just GORGEOUS!!!!! Just like her mama πŸ™‚

  8. Becky G.

    Oh, how sweet! It makes me miss my Daddy who went to heaven just a few months ago, but it makes me grateful to know he loved me so much!
    Oh, and she looks so much like her Mommy!

  9. Susan

    Found your blog through Simple Thoughts. I adore this post. What beautiful thoughts and what a wonderful husband. The world needs more of them. Best Wishes

  10. Tara

    so sweet Jeanne, I remember when you posted last year about his dance, and here he is again her sweet husband taking time for your daughter..precious!

  11. Crystal

    Oh how beautiful she looks. You can tell she absolutely loves her daddy. How special she must feel and she will remember this the rest of her life.
    Even when she is picking her husband (way down the road), she will use this as a tool to pick that right one. One that always makes her feel loved and special.
    I need to go get a tissue now.

  12. Tracy

    this brought tears to my eyes!
    What an amazing gift your husband has given your daughter. She will undoubtably pick the right man for her husband, she has an incredible model!
    awesome post… xoxo

  13. Leah C

    Absolutely the sweetest, loveliest post & pictures ever! If there are typos in my comment, it’s because my vision is blurred from my tears. Thank you for sharing those magical moments between daddy & daughter:)

  14. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    If I can get rid of these tears in my eyes….OK, what a beautiful post! Your daughter looks stunning and her haircut is adorable!!! She looks like she walked out of a Disney Princess movie : ) Great photos!

  15. LuLu

    let me wipe my tears away!!! ahhhhh what a fabulous family you have!!! wish we lived next door to you all!!!
    big hugs to all of you,

  16. jackie

    How absolutely the sweetest thing a father can do………I know you were just in tears to see the love between your husband and his little girl. Thank you for sharing. She looks just like her Mama

  17. mkg

    What a memorable, special evening for Maddy and Kelly. The photos are wonderful. Their eyes and smiles tell the whole story:)

  18. amy

    way to go, kelly! what you are doing for maddy is so fun, special, and full of love! she looked so beautiful, jeanne!

  19. Melinda

    Truly beautiful. Love the picture of Dad and daughter together!
    You have a great guy there and a beautiful daughter!
    You are truly blessed!

  20. Tammie

    as I read this I was charmed, by the end I had tears. Tears reflecting how wonderful the world would be if all fathers were like this, and mothers too. Thank you for this lovely post.

  21. Courtney Walsh

    Oh, Jeanne, this is so sweet. Adam does Daughter Dates too, and I always think of how this will stick with her–how she will know what it means to be treated well and respected.
    It makes me so happy. This is the sweetest thing ever. Good man you got there!

  22. Christy H

    She’s so pretty! Beautiful dress.. What a terrific dad.
    I have a Madelyn who’s 20 months old. Hope she can go to a ball with her daddy one day.

  23. heidi @ wonder woman wannabv

    so sweet! You got some wonderful photos of your lil’ laday too! πŸ˜‰
    I hoped we would have a baby girl because I knew my hubby would be a wonderful daddy to a little girl, but we’ve got 2 boys for now.
    I dropped by from Farmgirl Paints and I’m so glad I did! It’s been so encouraging browsing around!!
    I’m hosting a love story linky party this week (fri. feb 12) drop on by and link up a one of your favorite stories – maybe how you and your honey met, how he proposed, or just something sweet that melts your heart – looks like you’ve got a winner of a man there, I’m sure you’ve got plenty of stories to choose from! There will be a give-a-way up for grabs for fun too.

  24. linda

    How I wish we all could have Daddys like that, she is a lucky little beauty girl and you are a smart women. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Linda/Luluz

  25. Lee Ann

    Now that post made me cry! What an amazing man you are married to and what a special daddy. Your daughter is the spittin image of you!!! She is beautiful. I love all of the pictures. All I can say is priceless-priceless-priceless!!!!!!!!!
    Lee Ann

  26. aimee

    she is adorable. just so sweet and happy. your husband is amazing. there is nothing like a man who can make his daughter(s)feel like a princess. what special memories for all of you.

  27. Modern Prairie Girl

    Inspiring post, Jeanne! She is so lovely.
    It is so important for our girls to feel valued for who they are as God created them. I try to instill that everyday.
    Looks like I could get some pointers from the Colorado School of Parenting.
    Hope you’re having a GREAT week!
    (I wish you could have gone to Artfest–I would’ve sold it CHEAP to you πŸ˜‰ )

  28. DreamGirlLisa

    ohh, that made me feel like crying. Tears of joy for you and your daughter, but tears of sadness for my own daughters. I thought I married the man of my dreams many years ago, who I thought would be the father I dreamed of too. that is all I ever wanted for my girls, cherish every bit of it, becuase they don’t all have this. I just pray my girls will find husbands who are daddy’s like that.

  29. Kay

    I just happened on to your sweet blog looking for something else. Your entry about the Father – Daughter Dance was so precious. I wished all Dads could realize that a Dad is the first man a little girl falls in love with.
    Thanks for sharing.
    North Central Texas (a cold snowy place today…)

  30. I know that I am chiming in really late on this one Jeanne but this post brought tears to my eyes ~ what a wonderful date and you know I looked that way at my Dad too.

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