Dear Summer,

I know you are still a little ways off..but…

Last year you let me down.

I don't want to be a complainer…but…I had plans.


Big plans…entertaining plans…summer night party plans…and you rained.

A lot!

Picnik collagea

Many parties were canceled last minute because of your fickle behavior.


Come on..this is Colorado.  We are used to just a little green and no rain.

Don't start messing with us now.

Picnik collageb

So…if it wouldn't be too inconvenient I would really love to entertain this coming summer.


I want girl's nights with Sangria.

Candles.  Good music. Lots of laughter.

Picnik collagec

I would like family BBQs , friends hanging out and our yearly movie night.


I am sounding pretty demanding right now..but while I am at it…I would also like all my flowers to come back.

OK..OK…I guess I will take whatever I can get….geeeshhh

Picnik collaged


The girl that REALLY loves to entertain!!

Pretty please…not as much rain…please???


All photos are from one of my favorite entertaining cookbooks….