Decorating Dednesday

Ok.  I know there is not a Dednesday day of the week. 

I couldn't help it. 

No other day starts with a "D". 

I wanted to give you a little peek into our bedroom. 

Don't worry….no funny stuff.



I love this desk.  I have always wanted a desk in our bedroom.  My husband didn't think we had room.  Girls…..has that EVER stopped me?  He was amazed that it worked.


I played this clarinet in elementary school. 


I love how the top of the desk curves up. 


The bugle is vintage World War II.


I found this mirror at a flea market last summer.  The artist uses old tin moldings and ceiling tiles in his work. Isn't is amazing?


I have been lugging this old trunk around since before I was married. 

I bought this at an auction when I lived in DC. 

The East Coast is the best place to find vintage treasures.


This is my favorite place to curl up with a good book. 

It is right in front of the fireplace.


I  collect clocks.  They are all over the house. 

You would think they would help me to be on time.  Sorry.


I love to buy original art. 

Our house is full of pieces from places we have traveled or from local artists.

One of my favorite summer time events is to go to the local art festival. 

My husband is a good sport.  It is always amazing when we agree on a piece. 

We have pieces that I look at everyday and remember special memories.



We have them EVERYWHERE. 

Old books.  New books.  

Our house wouldn't be the same without these lovely pages.

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  1. Amy

    thanks for letting us in.
    great desk.
    why are those hubby’s of our always doubters. then magically it all works out!
    yeah for us!!

  2. Tara

    Cute room, thanks for the tour…love the desk and I think the chair is my favorite with the pleated skirt! I too love books…

  3. mkg

    You’ve created a very special space in your lovely bedroom. I think it’s great how you were able to take unique individual items and join them together into a warm, inviting area. Enjoy it!!

  4. traci

    your bedroom is lovely. absolutely love the desk and the clarinet on top is great. it’s a very calming space. perfect for the bedroom. thanks for sharing.

  5. Heidi Gordon

    I very much enjoyed your tour. I played clarinet when I was younger, I don’t still have mine tho. 🙁 and I love the finish and color on your desk – did you paint it? If so, I’d love to get the name of the color. And I really like that you have those great little spectacles sitting on your books, because I bought some recently to do just that…of course soon I will probably need some real glasses!

  6. paige

    if you only knew how much i love to see little glimpses into the worlds of those whom i find inspiring….so what a treat!
    i love the instruments , books, & art and all the clocks too. so warm & such interest too
    big hugs

  7. Amy Jo Axe

    Can you pass some of your skills on to me! Please! My house is so boring in comparison. You have a gift and your room looks awesome!

  8. KelleyAnne

    I love all of it. I too adore heirlooms. You have such an eye for combining things for the perfect effect! I love your favorite place to read the most:)

  9. Courtney

    Where’d you get the WW2 bugle? With my husband being a musician, we’ve thought about having instruments throughout our house, but the old ones are so much cooler!!! 🙂 We are so much alike. I want a desk in my bedroom too!! So far, I haven’t won that battle, but I’m re-inspired! lol 🙂

  10. Chrissy

    Oh my I glad you came by!!! I could just move right in to that bedroom, your taste is to die for!! Love the little pillow you have on your reading chair…. lovely blog, I will be back!!

  11. Liz

    Great choice with the desk! I love it. And isnt it funny when the men-folk are always so surprised when our ideas work out? 🙂

  12. Laurie

    I love your blog! I hope you don’t mind if I follow it, and please stop by and visit mine when you get a chance!

  13. Eileen @ Star's Fault

    Such a pretty post. You’re right, the desk is lovely. I sure like the little chandelier pillow on your favorite chair too!
    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star’s Fault

  14. LIssa

    I love your chandelier pillow! I also really enjoyed the post about the daddy/ daughter date! and the chair you bought in a recent post it to die for! Sorry if this is a duplicate. I tried to post yesterday but I can’t find it?! Hmmmm….. Have a super weekend! Lissa ps thank you sooo much for stopping by!

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