Ok.  I know there is not a Dednesday day of the week. 

I couldn't help it. 

No other day starts with a "D". 

I wanted to give you a little peek into our bedroom. 

Don't worry….no funny stuff.



I love this desk.  I have always wanted a desk in our bedroom.  My husband didn't think we had room.  Girls…..has that EVER stopped me?  He was amazed that it worked.


I played this clarinet in elementary school. 


I love how the top of the desk curves up. 


The bugle is vintage World War II.


I found this mirror at a flea market last summer.  The artist uses old tin moldings and ceiling tiles in his work. Isn't is amazing?


I have been lugging this old trunk around since before I was married. 

I bought this at an auction when I lived in DC. 

The East Coast is the best place to find vintage treasures.


This is my favorite place to curl up with a good book. 

It is right in front of the fireplace.


I  collect clocks.  They are all over the house. 

You would think they would help me to be on time.  Sorry.


I love to buy original art. 

Our house is full of pieces from places we have traveled or from local artists.

One of my favorite summer time events is to go to the local art festival. 

My husband is a good sport.  It is always amazing when we agree on a piece. 

We have pieces that I look at everyday and remember special memories.



We have them EVERYWHERE. 

Old books.  New books.  

Our house wouldn't be the same without these lovely pages.