Isn't this amazing?

Heather Bullard could not have chosen a more beautiful location for her Parisian Soiree than The Mission Inn.  The architectural detail was phenomenal.  You truly felt like you were in Europe.  There was a wedding going on in the chapel while we were there.  After the ceremony the couple walked out of the chapel to a beautiful fountain in the courtyard.  What a blessed couple to start their marriage in such a romantic location.  I took so many pictures, but I have to say it is time to retire my lovely camera and go buy a new one.  It is just not working like it used to.  Is it wrong that I wanted to drop it off one of the balconies so I would have an excuse to buy a new one.  I could have told my husband that a crazy housecleaner pushed me and it fell…..I am still working on the story. 








My friend Kasey.



Heather was so kind and it was wonderful to finally meet her.  I have admired her through her blog, photography and articles for awhile now. 




While at the Parisian Soiree I had the opportunity to meet Sara Duckett from Sadie Olive.  She did such a wonderful job on my blog design.  I also met Beth Quinn and was even fortunate enough to bring one of her beautiful necklaces home. 

I stayed at The Mission Inn on Sunday night and enjoyed a long massage at the spa and a relaxing evening.  When I got back to my room there was champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for me.  It actually was too romantic of a place to be alone.  Next time Kelly is coming with me.