This room was a must. 

I love to entertain and wanted the extra space to accommodate guests.  We have two more windsor chairs off to the side to be able to seat eight.  It would be amazing to have more room but I am so happy with what we have.


 What I really love about this room is the deep, rich colors of the wall. 

When we were first painting it I was getting a little scared that I had made a big mistake.  Have you ever painted dark paint over bright white walls??? It makes you very nervous.

It is now one of my favorite paint colors in the whole house.

I also love to mix old and new. 

Elegant with more primitive. 

The windsor chairs compliment the silk curtains.  


The vintage wooden bowl complements the china.


I love using French ticking linens and tarnished silver candlesticks.


I also think a wonderful way to add a lot to any room is to replace all the vents that come with the house and the white switch plate covers.

I bought mine from Restoration Hardware, but you can find them anywhere.


My birthday present from my extremely handy husband will be custom wainscoting around the whole room.  I can't wait to have the bright white contrast with the blue/gray walls. My birthday is only a few months away..I look forward to showing you the pictures when we are done.


I recently was talking with a friend that was disappointed that the home she would soon be moving into was not the home she wanted.  The home had been her husband's childhood home.  It had memories for him, but there was nothing that spoke to her.  As we were talking I just really encouraged her to make the home hers.  Make little changes that would reflect her taste too. 


(This is a close up of the painting hanging in the dinning room.  My husband surprised me with it a year ago.  It came from The Barn.  Seriously, that place is trouble)

Most of us will never live in our "dream" home, but I have never lived anywhere that I didn't make it my own and love it.