Dippity Do, Sock Curler and You?


I don't want to brag but I had some pretty mad hair skills growing up.

Rarely in history has hair been so wide and high.

When I was really little (before I took over my hair care) my mom would dry our hair by setting us on the toilet…lid closed of course….and putting a huge cap over our heads that when turned on would dry our hair.  

I would regularly go to bed with foam curlers or socks in my hair to make my hair curly in the morning.

Another hair must in our home was Dippity Do.  Yes, Dippity Do.  Did anyone else use this product?

Please say yes…and no one admit that they still use it!!!

When I looked it up for this post they said it was used in the 50s and 60s…obviously my home was cutting edge in the 80s!

Yesterday I was in the hair isle looking for bobby pins and I saw the pink, foam curlers that mom used with us when we were little.

Faster than you can say Aqua Net I scooped those bad boys up.

Last night after Maddy's bath I honored her with her first slumber with curlers in her hair.


Lets just say that today her hair is so curly and cute, she keeps looking at herself in the mirror (very normal anyways) and bounces everywhere just so her hair will bounce with her.

Now I just need to get myself some Dippity Do!

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  1. Alicia @ La Famille

    I looooove foam curlers! My mama used to sit me on the toilet and curl me up too πŸ™‚ I found some at target last year and occasionally use them on sophie, my 2-yr-old. she doesn’t really appreciate the true beauty brought by foam curlers, but i’m sure in time…she’ll grow to love them πŸ™‚

  2. Destiny

    I used to sleep with those pink curlers in my hair every Saturday night when I was a kid so that my hair would be curly for Church πŸ™‚ I remember that they weren’t very comfy to sleep in, but for my stick straight hair, the results were always worth it! Your little girl is a doll! They should model an American Girl doll after her LOL

  3. Julie

    Fun! I remember my mom wearing those. πŸ™‚ I may have to try those with my older daughter. She’s always wishing she had curly hair. (and my daughter who has curly hair of course wants hers straight) Maddy is adorable!

  4. Christine

    I remember sleeping in the foam curlers too! Also, my mom would put me under this old hair dryer that looked like a small suitcase with a tube coming out of it attached to a plastic “shower cap” hat. It was sooo loud! Thanks for bringing those memories back!

  5. Shanon Gallegos

    Unfortunately as a child my mom made us have “boy” haircuts, otherwise known as the “bowl” cut. We hated it, how we longed to have our hair long and styled so pretty. My mom taught school, waitressed on the weekends AND took care of our horse farm, up to 13 horses at a time! I’m now pretty sure she didn’t have the time to take care of our hair, but we were dressed to the nines! Now with my two girls, I always had their hair done. They are 9 and 7 now and the 9 year old is pretty much “over it” when it comes to bows and wants short hair! Waaaa πŸ™ I want to see your daughters curly hair! I have some of those rollers but have never tried them. I have never heard of dipity do (growing up in rural Vermont didn’t lead one to the cutting edge of fashion πŸ™‚ )

  6. Suzen

    OMG Maddie is sooooo cute! We had Dippity Do and also DuSharme…it was a white, thick hair conditioner–probably made mostly of Crisco. We had the black mesh hair rollers with a coiled wire inside to hold the shape. They were kept in with a plastic “pick” sticklike thing that very often left a dent in my scalp. Then in the daytime came the ratting and the little clip-in bow in the middle of the bangs. That was after the days of Toni home permanents. Mercy! Glad it’s another century!

  7. Debra

    I sure remember Dippity Do! I’m a child of the sixties and it was like a miracle wonder to my older cousins.

  8. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Oh, the memories! Sniff. I think I always ended up crying because 1. those suckers HURT and 2. my hair would be wacked out-curly in the a.m. Maybe we needed the Dippity Do??

  9. Sheri

    OMG – I remember in first grade I would go to bed often with the pink curlers. Dippity Do was a must – LOL. My daughter is now 14 but when she was 5 her All-Star cheer team had to wear pigtail curls and I would use the foam curlers and wished the next morning that we had Dippity Do. Thanks for brining back the memories – love your blog. πŸ™‚

  10. Nicole@FarmgirlChaos

    Well, I remember do this even in the 90s! Often for ‘game days’ in middle school (and maybe even high school sometimes). I know my sisters and I always had the best ponytails when it was game time! πŸ™‚

  11. Karen

    Yep, I remember Dipity Do! I never got any! It was the 60s n early 70s for me. My mom gave me Tony home permanents & I hated all but the smell! Permaantly looked like HER old lady hairdo lol! Cute blog, found you on twitter!

  12. Laura

    I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one tortured by socks tied in my hair at night. It was like laying your head down on a pile of rocks.
    Funny you mention Dippity Do…we were just talking about it in the office a few days ago, and one gal said it can be used to get rid of head lice by coating the hair in it and then covering with a shower cap for hours…I guess it suffocates the nasty things. What a multi-talented product πŸ™‚

  13. Rachel

    I used Dppity-Do in the 80’s too! I sure did. Probably because my Mom remembered it from the 50’s… my Dad wore a ducktail.

  14. Leah C

    Dippity Do and pink foam rollers…oh do those bring back memories!! And isn’t it just so much fun to say Dippity Do?! Thanks for the smiles today:)

  15. Shannon

    Too fun, I remember using those pink curlers, I always wanted to have curly hair growing up. My hair barely stayed curly even after having those things in overnight!

  16. Alli

    Jeanne, you HAVE to try curl formers – you can get them online. They’re amazing – perfect head of curls. My daughter’s hair is so thick that the pink foam curlers would never stay – (I grew up getting them in every saturday night too.) They’re trickier to put in but just as quick when you get the hang of it. My daughter says they’re not as comfortable to sleep in but I told her beauty is worth it, right?

  17. the domestic fringe

    I had pink foam curlers as a kid too, but I hated them. I should get some for my daughter. She always wants curls in her very straight hair.
    Thanks for the memories!
    No Dippity-Do for me though. πŸ˜‰

  18. Lolo

    Oh the pink foam curlers….I have a pic of me with them in my hair the night before my Mom and stepdad’s wedding πŸ™‚ There was always that one curler that pinched or pulled on you hair while you were sleeping! My mom used to do my hair in “rag rollers” too. Did you do those? Where you take strips of rags (aka strips of fabric) and roll your hair up in them and tie in a bow. You end of looking like raggety ann πŸ™‚ The nice thing about those rag rollers were that they didnt get the weird wispies like the foam rollers and they were a heck of alot easier to sleep with!
    Thanks for the flash back…..

  19. elisa

    Jeanne I thought you were younger than me, how do you know about dippity-do???
    Dippity-do and I go way back.
    Your baby girl is a cutie!

  20. Alice

    OMG do they still make that stuff? My sisters and I grew up on it. After supper we girls washed our hair and mom would sit us at the kitchen table. She would mainly use dippity do and bobby pins, which were horrible to sleep on. In the morning my curls would become frizzy, which I abhored. Sometimes we used those pink foam curlers. I’ll bet mom still has them. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

  21. chrissy

    jeanne dear…DIPPITY DO rocked my big hair world. I can STILL smell the stuff. I have always loved putting pink curlers in my girls hair and making wonderful, tight, bouncy locks. This brought me right back sister.
    love you so much.

  22. kolleen

    i love this!!!
    Maddy is a stinkin doll….apple didn’t fall far from the tree one bit on that one!!
    okay….so, my grandma used to use old torn rags tied up in our hair section by section
    to create curl!
    I don’t recall it working as well as the foam bad boys!!!
    i love coming to your space and visiting.
    you inspire and make me smile.

  23. karen

    I so hated the smell of Dippity Do! But I always loved the curl of the sponge curlers! I would have loved to see Maddie’s hair….she looks adorable with the curlers, bet she looked even more beautiful with curls!

  24. Laurel

    How about pincurls? Anyone remember those, I still occasionally see and older lady with them in. I put my daughters hair up in a ponytail then used the pink rollers to curl. Easier to sleep in:)

  25. Beth

    How fun! I used to love it when my mom or gramma would roll my hair in those!
    Sweet Memories!

  26. Kim Campbell

    Pink Sponge rollers and Dippity Do was the happening thing in the ’70’s or so my mother led me to believe. Thanks for the memories! I remember when my mom used them on me the first time! No sore scalp and I loved it. I can even smell Dippity Do as I write this. The beautiful, crunchy curls and I too, bounced when I walked so my hair would bounce. Remember the pink tape we used to wear to keep our bangs down?

  27. Christi

    Oh my! Do I EVER remember Dippity-Do! AND those pink curlers! I HATED sleeping in them, but boy did I ever love those curls come morning!
    I grew up in a home of girls…. I’m number four. Now I have two of my own, and we have many cute pictures just like the one of your little girl. Love it!
    I also used Dippity-Do on my horses manes and tails for horse shows. For English shows we would braid the manes and sometimes the tail, and that gel really held it all in place!
    What a trip down memory lane! I can almost smell that stuff!

  28. Sheila

    Dippity Do and I have a 30 year relationship. I still use it when I want curl in my hair. Maddie is super cute in her pink rollers.

  29. I remember my Mom sitting with the dippity do and dipping her comb in it and putting her hair up in curlers. I have many memories of the pink foam ones ~ Maddy looks so cute in hers! I think I saw dippity do at the pharmacy with the hair gel but it was in a pump ~ oh memories….

  30. kana

    I had those same curlers and used that sticky dippity do! She is cute, but now I need to see a picture of her with the curls.

  31. Lisa

    Haha, yes, my mom used Dippity do on our hair too, to smooth it nicely when it was put in buns, which we often wore!! I always had curly hair, so no rollers for me, but my girls loved using those pink rollers when they were little!

  32. Susi

    Oh the memories! My teen Mom was a “beautician” and my grandmother picked me up every Friday after work for the weekend. Friday nights were spent sitting on the floor in front of her holding a glass of water as she wet and parted my hair with a rat tail comb, coated it with Dippity Do and curled it as tight as she could with the pink foam curlers. My baby hair and bangs were curled with fingercurls and clips. If I pulled any out in my sleep because it was torture, she would be so upset. The day my Mom cut my hair into a “Pixie” my poor grandma was heartbroken, but I was secretly so happy. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

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