I don't want to brag but I had some pretty mad hair skills growing up.

Rarely in history has hair been so wide and high.

When I was really little (before I took over my hair care) my mom would dry our hair by setting us on the toilet…lid closed of course….and putting a huge cap over our heads that when turned on would dry our hair.  

I would regularly go to bed with foam curlers or socks in my hair to make my hair curly in the morning.

Another hair must in our home was Dippity Do.  Yes, Dippity Do.  Did anyone else use this product?

Please say yes…and no one admit that they still use it!!!

When I looked it up for this post they said it was used in the 50s and 60s…obviously my home was cutting edge in the 80s!

Yesterday I was in the hair isle looking for bobby pins and I saw the pink, foam curlers that mom used with us when we were little.

Faster than you can say Aqua Net I scooped those bad boys up.

Last night after Maddy's bath I honored her with her first slumber with curlers in her hair.


Lets just say that today her hair is so curly and cute, she keeps looking at herself in the mirror (very normal anyways) and bounces everywhere just so her hair will bounce with her.

Now I just need to get myself some Dippity Do!