YEARS AGO we were hiking in the mountains around Vail. As we came out into a meadow I saw a woman sitting on a rock with her watercolors out and capturing the field. As we passed her I whispered to Kelly, “Someday, I want that to be me”. He answered why would I wait and say someday?

YEARS AGO I was at an art museum and noticed a woman sitting in front of a painting at the exhibit and sketching. She had a simple sketchbook and pencil and she was being present and really looking. Once again I had that deep desire for that to be me too.

Fast forward to this creative life I now am saturated in and the daily decisions I still have to make of being intentional. The biggest impactor of whether I am being that woman in the meadow or that woman in the art museum is whether I am out in life PREPARED!

I have a studio full of all the things but my DAILY PRACTICE and SHOWING UP is usually based upon simple supplies and choosing paper and pencil or paper and watercolors over my phone. Having my eyes open to the in between moments of life and grabbing them.

Do my actions align with my words? Do I say I want to be the woman in the meadow and woman in the art museum with my lips but my actions prove the opposite?

I hope you will join me in Wild at Art with Daune Pitman. In a few of my lessons I share how to make a simple sketchbook with your favorite paper and then show how to contour sketch and paint daily. These are simple exercises with simple tools. Showing up doesn’t have to be complicated.



Unlock the artist within and let nature be your canvas in Wild at art – where creativity and the great outdoors collide. Embark on a journey of artistic discovery with Wild at Art, where the beauty of nature becomes the palette of your imagination.

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Discover the magic in every leaf, twig, and sunset – join Wild at Art and transform your surroundings into a masterpiece. In Wild at Art, we don’t just create art; we harness the power of nature to infuse life into every stroke and color. Join us on a beautiful adventure!

Experience the thrill of unleashing your creativity in the wild! Wild at Art invites you to explore nature’s wonders and bring them into your artistic realm. Let your creativity run wild with Wild at Art – where nature becomes your muse and your artistry knows no bounds.

Capture the essence of the great outdoors in your creations! Wild at Art teaches you to fuse nature and art seamlessly for a truly inspiring experience. Elevate your artistry to new heights with Wild at Art – where nature becomes both your guide and masterpiece.

Immerse yourself in the world of Wild at Art, where every leaf, breeze, and sunrise become a source of inspiration for your artistic endeavors. Transform your space into a sanctuary of creativity – Wild at Art invites you to embrace nature’s beauty and incorporate it into your art and home.

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Some things taught in this course:

•Create monoprints with nature from your yard
• Make your own vine charcoal
• Learn how to make ink from charcoal
• Curate your own herbarium and use it to create art pieces
• Create mark-making tools from gathered nature finds
• Learn how to dye fabric with walnuts and soy milk printing
• Make your own small, stitched sketchbooks
• Implement exercises to keep you daily sketching and painting
• Dye fabric and paper with flower pounding

Course Details:
• Access on March 1, 2024
• Instructor interaction through March 29, 2024
• 4+ hours of content
• $48.00 early registration price – $68 regular registration beg March 1, 2024
• Downloadable videos
• Resource List
• Private Facebook creative community
• Lifetime access
• Instructors: Daune Pitman and Jeanne Oliver