Good Morning!

Thank you so much for joining me!  I am so honored to be a part of such a talented group of teachers and students.

I am excited to be the featured artist for the Documented Life Project and today I am sharing my videos!

I have just returned from teaching in Italy and one of the classes I taught I thought would be perfect for this challenge.

I adore vintage ephemera and it is really the main thing I purchase during my travels and I cherish every little scrap.

There is something dreamy about the texture and patina of vintage papers and it is a beautiful way to reuse gorgeous colors, text and penmanship of the past.

Before we get started I wanted to share a little tip about journaling and introduce myself…

Let me introduce myself!

{With Jeanne Oliver}


Documented Life Project Art Video {Ephemera} PART ONE

{With Jeanne Oliver}


Documented Life Project Art Video {Ephemera} PART TWO

{With Jeanne Oliver}



Step by Step Instructions

1. Cover your substrate with clear gesso and let dry

2. Sketch with your charcoal pencil, damp paintbrush and white gesso.  Add Stabilo as needed.  Just have fun and experiment with these mediums as you move them around with the water.

3. Once your sketch is dry you can begin adding your torn vintage papers with Liquitex Matte Medium.  Make sure you put the matte medium on your paper and seal with the matte medium.

4. Add a few pieces of vintage book pages to the neck and face following the steps in #3.

5. Paint the background and while it is wet mark into it with the back of your paintbrush or if it has dried mark into it with your exacto knife.

6. Mix a basic skin tone with titanium white, yellow ochre and crimson.   Add neo color II to the face to create more depth.  I like payne’s grey, yellow ochre, crimson and flesh.  These move around beautifully with just a bit of water. If you add too much don’t worry and just lift off with a dry rag or wet wipe.  Dry between each layer to prevent your colors turning into brown.  I always think a little extra white paint (or white gesso) above the eyes at the end makes a face more interesting. Remember that less detail is definitely more.  Experiment with letting your brain pull the pieces together and not feeling like every little detail of the face needs to be included.

7. A few tips to remember: hold your brush back and loose, let go of the details, turn the music up and just have fun:-)


Original Image

Jeanne Oliver Copyrighted Image-This is for personal use and practice only

Breakdown of the Face Image


* Journal

* Water brush

* #4 Round Long Handled Paintbrush

* Charcoal Pencil

* Black Stabilo Pencil

* White Gesso

* Clear Gesso

* Liquitex Matte Medium

* Bulldog Clips

* Porcelain Stacking Bowls

* Mechanical Pencil

* Heat it Tool

* Paint (background color, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre and Crimson}

* Neocolor II (payne’s grey, white, yellow ochre, crimson, flesh}

* Vintage Ephemera

Thank you so much for the amazing team at The Documented Life Project for asking me to be a part of your series!

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