…..or it will be gone!

Picnik collage4

  I can't believe that we are a week away from Christmas.

I always think that I will do things differently each year….and each year I realize that it all went by so quickly.

I closed my shop earlier this year but I still was shipping out the last of the orders today.

I was also working on something today that has a deadline of tomorrow that I can't wait to share will all of you.

It is time to SLOW DOWN. 

Time to be intentional each day of what we commit ourselves to…. to remember…REALLY remember why we are celebrating this amazing season in the first place!

Picnik collage3 

We have had such a fun week of cookie making, ice skating with friends, playing the piano in the nursing home and all the secret creating and shopping.

Picnik collage2 
We will be spending most of this weekend creating and wrapping.

On Sunday we are taking the children to see Little House on the Prairie and Melissa Gilbert plays Ma.

I think you all know how I feel about Pa deep down in my heart of hearts:-)