Five years ago Cathy Walters took my business head shots.

Five years.

You know when you keep meaning to do certain things and the time just slips away!?

I thought my business deserved more than selfies taken in the car.


Cathy was over in December and was kind enough to capture some new shots.

When I first saw the photos I instantly saw my mom, my sister, Aunt Jeannette, Aunt Beverly and Aunt Malinda.

I saw them in my chin, eyes and smiles.

I may feel inside like I am 28 but the lines around my eyes tell a different story.

I see a life that is being lived.

I see laugh lines.

I see wisdom that I did not have 15 years ago.

I see some of the women I love most in the world…in this face.

Thank you Cathy for the new profile photos and for helping me see so many faces reflected back at me.

My mom is on the far right and my three amazing aunts.


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