I Don’t Only See Myself

Five years ago Cathy Walters took my business head shots.

Five years.

You know when you keep meaning to do certain things and the time just slips away!?

I thought my business deserved more than selfies taken in the car.


Cathy was over in December and was kind enough to capture some new shots.

When I first saw the photos I instantly saw my mom, my sister, Aunt Jeannette, Aunt Beverly and Aunt Malinda.

I saw them in my chin, eyes and smiles.

I may feel inside like I am 28 but the lines around my eyes tell a different story.

I see a life that is being lived.

I see laugh lines.

I see wisdom that I did not have 15 years ago.

I see some of the women I love most in the world…in this face.

Thank you Cathy for the new profile photos and for helping me see so many faces reflected back at me.

My mom is on the far right and my three amazing aunts.


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  1. WendyW

    Oh you are so beautiful Jeanne! I love all the shots Cathy took of you … they are brilliant …. so nice to see your mum and aunties as well!

  2. nelson37

    I agree with Wendy!! I am fascinated by genetics. You can have two parents with four kids and maybe they all look alike and maybe only some do or none. There is a very strong resemblance between you and your mom and aunts. The eyes especially. Very cool. Lucky for you they are all beautiful as well!!

  3. Kara

    totally gorgeous Jeanne! I just see beauty and happiness and a woman who is living a wonderful life!

  4. Cathy walters

    I am completely overwhelmed by this post. Wow. I want every single client to read this before they see their pictures. Thank you for your sweet words. Thankyou for your fierce bravery. Thankyou for sitting in front of my camera, ready to be truly seen. I love you girl!

    1. Joanna

      Cathy->In my opinion what makes a great photographer is the ability to show what’s inside of the person being photographed. You have that. In Jeanne’s photos I see calm, grace, wisdom, true beauty that comes from inside. I absolutely love them and regret that I live outside the US – would love to be photographed by you!
      Jeanne->You are gorgeous!:)

  5. Maureen

    I truly enjoy your workshops, your blog postings and this post just makes me smile. Thanks for making my Friday! Great scarf by the way!

  6. samimelton

    Gorgeous! Love that scarf you’re wearing in some of those pics. And your mama and aunties <3 beautiful gals! what an awesome picture! you look a lot like them I think! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Pam Coxwell

    Jeanne, I love your title “I don’t only see myself”! It captured my attention and my heart. It opens my eyes to a new perspective and it really challenges this girl who’s first instinct is to hide from a camera. It not only challenges me to stop hiding, but also to change my perspective when I see photos of myself. To look deeper than the imperfections. To stop dwelling on the flaws. To look deeper and wider or else I will miss out. I am more than just “me”! It makes my heart smile to think that each photo can be, if I allow it, a sweet reminder of the many lovely & wonderful people that are a part of of who I am! And even the flaws & imperfections have value & importance. I have taken many of your classes and even listen to them repeatedly while I am working. I have had quite a few “eye openers” from you…..but this one is one that I really need to dwell on for a while. It is amazing what changing my perspective exposes: shame, guilt, fear and other wrong mindsets. It always shocks me when I see them and wonder “how long has it been that way?” and “how did that get there?” I really don’t want to give them the power to control me and affect the decisions i make, but I can’t stop it if I don’t know it’s there. SO, thank you! You truly are a beautiful person. I believe it is much more than a physical beauty. You are learning to allow the beauty from within you to shine through and you are teaching others to do the same. Thank you, Jeanne! I pray your beauty is multiplied!

  8. Robyn Hirvela

    I LOVE everything about this post! You made me look in the mirror at myself and realize the same. Thanks!!!

  9. Malinda Rasband

    So beautiful! But when you said your aunt Malinda I wondered if we might be related somehow. I has named after my great grandmother Malinda and I never see my name spelled this way. So It was a fun and fleeting thought to think that we could be more than just kindred spirits

  10. Mary

    these are absolutely stunning, jeanne.
    i loved seeing the resemblances to your family!
    so wonderful! just wonderful. 🙂


  11. Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    LOVE these pictures! I too look in the mirror and see the signs of a LIFE being LIVED! I see my mom…and then I look at my oldest daughter and see me when I was younger…What a great circle! Life to the full! Melissa

  12. lissaandneal@me.com

    I love you Jeanne Oliver. You’re beautiful. LOVE what you wrote here.

  13. Kellie

    Thanks for sharing your lovely new pictures!

    I agree you can see so much of those ladies in you. 🙂

  14. Krista

    Beautiful pictures! I especially love the close-up of you in the olive green scarf.

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