Dream Girls Weekend

Have you ever met someone and immediately adored them and wished you lived closer to them?

That is how I felt when I met Tiffany last year at Farm Chicks.

We were both at an amazing party hosted by Joe, Jermonne and Cindy.

Tiffany caught my eye because she was wearing white, ruffled leggings…how cute is that??

Even though we had only just met…we talked about creating, dreams, friendships that GET you!

I saw Tiffany again a little bit at Silver Bella and we have kept in touch by phone when we both have a chance (not that often).

When Tiffany asked me to come for this past weekend I wasn't sure I would be able to. 

I would be just getting back from Seattle and I have a few trips coming up.

My husband was kind enough to get bumped from a flight, get home at 1:00 in the morning so I would have a free ticket. 

Have I ever told you how much I love that man???

Tiffany had come up with the idea of inviting some of her favorite girlfriends to her home for a creating weekend.

Even though I only knew Tiffany and Kimberly…I knew anyone that Tiffany loves that I would also.

Most of the first day photos are of Tiffany's beautiful home and the gorgeous life she has created with her family.

Everywhere you turn in her home is an amazing vignette.

I hope you enjoy this little PEEK into our first day.


Tiffany's stunning bedroom.

Picnik collagea


The gorgeous and hilarious Maija.

Picnik collageb


Can you imagine creating in this studio?  Truly stunning!


My whole family wants a donkey now after seeing all these cute photos of Cookie!

Picnik collagec


Picnik collaged

Picnik collagee 

Tiffany's daughter recently bought a "new" truck.  We couldn't resist taking it for a ride….wouldn't you know it…it broke down on us. 

There were some pretty hilarious stories to go along with that whole experience!






The first evening we had a wonderful catered dinner, celebrated two birthdays and then ended up at the local watering hole:-)


I know this is not the best photo…but it was the only one I took at the bar.  This photo just makes me smile. Lisa may be one of the funniest lady I know.  I watched her dancing and would be crying laughing.  My favorite may be when she did the sprinkler…or when she reeled me in towards the dance floor….it was just a night full of laughing until tears rolled down your cheeks!

What a wonderful first day.

I can't wait to show you more!!!!

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  1. Lisa

    Oh Jeanne,
    Where do I begin? Your pictures turned out beautifully, but I do have a problem with that last one. I thought what happened at the “Yella Beak” was suppose to stay there. ha ha Seriously, I so loved meeting you, laughing with you. You are the perfect combination of beautiful, hilarious, soulful, kooky, and creatively talented. Wish you lived closer as we would have so much fun. I’m so glad to call you my new BFF.

  2. Debra

    Beautiful photos! What a great time, you are blessed to have such wonderfully creative friends.

  3. mkg

    Your photos of a wonderful weekend are AMAZING!! Glad you had such a great time!

  4. Jackie

    LOVE Tiffany’s house…what an amazing place to be and create! and Cookie is my favorite – I think I need a baby burro to live in my yard! Looks like the BEST weekend!!

  5. melanie

    Now that just looks like one fantastic party!:-))) Loving the fact that the truck broke down on you all and you propped your feet up and hung out a while… and still had energy to break out the sprinkler!!! A sure sign of dear friends and an unforgettable weekend!:-)

  6. beth gales

    Wow–great pictures and what a beautiful home. What a gift to meet a friend who is a treasure. And that free ticket, well it must have been meant to be!

  7. LuLu

    You always make me smile… and have the best adventures!!! love the peak into her home it’s just gorgeous!

  8. Jenn

    As always Jeanne ~ your photos are stunning!
    What a fun fun time it looks like you all had! How lovely that you were blessed twice with opportunities to meet up with folks God has clearly put in your life! this blogging world is amazing me … in my own life and seeing how it has blessed others lives too… who knew… =)
    just a wee humble note to say I may have in fact blogged about your appearance in Blogging for Bliss today… on my wee baby blog! =) I still have much to learn about writing for public eyes to see … but I think I did ok!! =)
    I love love the post before this! As my kids get older .. I need to find new ways, new books, new words to share to give God the Glory at times like Easter when the kids just want the Easter bunny to come!! =)

  9. Lori

    Jeanne, i am a little envious here…well, maybe more than a little…but, don’t hold it against me…who wouldn’t be…it looks like you all had such a wonderful time…Tiffany is such a sweetie, and her home is gorgeous…thanks for sharing with us…Lisa sounds like a hoot…i wish you had a little video action of her getting down on the dance floor…that would have made your post complete:) she might not think so though…LOL

  10. margie

    looks like a great time enjoying friends…
    that studio…i want to die there…
    enjoy sweets!
    kiss kiss

  11. Leah C

    Sounds like you had a crazy, wonderful time! Everything looks soooo lovely over at Tiffany’s:)

  12. Traci

    her home looks absolutely gorgeous. wow. what a fun weekend jeanne. so lucky to have wonderful friends and a wonderful husband who gets you free tickets. have a great weekend.

  13. The Flying Bee

    How fun! It looks like you all had a blast! When I went to Portland last December I stayed with Isabel and I got to spend some time with Lisa, too. They are both so great! I love that last picture…I can’t wait to see more!

  14. Modern Prairie Girl

    Beautiful shots of a fab weekend, Jeanne! I so wish I could’ve been there. I felt the same way about Tiffany after meeting her just one time…she is truly a woman who inspires and is a “heart friend” from the get-go. I have a sneaking suspicion that you, my dear, are someone I wish lived next door. All of the girls who know you out here just love you so much!
    Have a blessed Easter with your family.
    p.s. congrats on your Lulu purse publication in the mag! Way to go!

  15. meg duerksen

    i thought i commented?!!
    i think i forget about your passcode thing sometimes. who knows how many comments i mess up!
    this looks like so much fun jeanne! girl time is the best!!

  16. rene@missgracieshouse

    You gals look like you had a great time! Loved your post below…esp. the resurrection cookies…they are a tradition here, as well.
    blessings to you and your family as you celebrate Resurrection Sunday!

  17. susan

    looks like a lot of fun! i could use one of those weekends! have a beautiful and blessed Easter. susan

  18. Pony Girl

    Oh, what fun! I bought something from Tiffany once at a flea market, she is a doll and I love her style and how she sets up her space. It is obvious you ladies have a true connection and a creatively wonderful time together, that is really priceless. Her home looks amazing. Being a cowgirl myself, I love that she often wears cowgirl boots! 😉

  19. Pony Girl

    p.s. I just clicked on the link to “Tiffany” in this post and got some other random site? Check it out, maybe it’s just my computer, I just wanted you to know it was not her site!

  20. Tiffany ~ the fancy farmgirl

    Oh, jeanne, you are making me cry again!! I have cried so much this past weekend, beacuse I am the luckiest girl in the world to have friends like you!!! I REALLY enjoyed our time together, and can’t wait for our next big adventure!!
    Miss you!
    Love the photos BTW, hadn’t seen most of them yet!
    xoxo, Tiffany

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