Have you ever met someone and immediately adored them and wished you lived closer to them?

That is how I felt when I met Tiffany last year at Farm Chicks.

We were both at an amazing party hosted by Joe, Jermonne and Cindy.

Tiffany caught my eye because she was wearing white, ruffled leggings…how cute is that??

Even though we had only just met…we talked about creating, dreams, friendships that GET you!

I saw Tiffany again a little bit at Silver Bella and we have kept in touch by phone when we both have a chance (not that often).

When Tiffany asked me to come for this past weekend I wasn't sure I would be able to. 

I would be just getting back from Seattle and I have a few trips coming up.

My husband was kind enough to get bumped from a flight, get home at 1:00 in the morning so I would have a free ticket. 

Have I ever told you how much I love that man???

Tiffany had come up with the idea of inviting some of her favorite girlfriends to her home for a creating weekend.

Even though I only knew Tiffany and Kimberly…I knew anyone that Tiffany loves that I would also.

Most of the first day photos are of Tiffany's beautiful home and the gorgeous life she has created with her family.

Everywhere you turn in her home is an amazing vignette.

I hope you enjoy this little PEEK into our first day.


Tiffany's stunning bedroom.

Picnik collagea


The gorgeous and hilarious Maija.

Picnik collageb


Can you imagine creating in this studio?  Truly stunning!


My whole family wants a donkey now after seeing all these cute photos of Cookie!

Picnik collagec


Picnik collaged

Picnik collagee 

Tiffany's daughter recently bought a "new" truck.  We couldn't resist taking it for a ride….wouldn't you know it…it broke down on us. 

There were some pretty hilarious stories to go along with that whole experience!






The first evening we had a wonderful catered dinner, celebrated two birthdays and then ended up at the local watering hole:-)


I know this is not the best photo…but it was the only one I took at the bar.  This photo just makes me smile. Lisa may be one of the funniest lady I know.  I watched her dancing and would be crying laughing.  My favorite may be when she did the sprinkler…or when she reeled me in towards the dance floor….it was just a night full of laughing until tears rolled down your cheeks!

What a wonderful first day.

I can't wait to show you more!!!!