I was wanting to do something special for the children for Easter.  We have been so excited for spring and we have been wanting to plant something…anything to be exact.

I was thinking about how easy wheatgrass is to grow and thought it would be fun to do live Easter baskets for Easter morning.  I went online and wouldn't you know it there were directions. 

I had the kids go and grab their baskets.  We lined them half way with plastic wrap.

We filled about 1/3 of the baskets with potting soil.


We sprinkled the wheatgrass seeds all over the top.  You may want to go back and make sure it is even so you get a full basket of grass.



We then barely covered up the seeds with a little more potting soil.

We filled a spray bottle with water and made sure the soil was nice and moist.  I covered each of the baskets with plastic wrap to create a little greenhouse until the grass started to grow.  We have been keeping the soil moist and the grass is beginning to grow.  It grows so quickly that we will have full baskets by Easter.  

Hopefully, this is what they will look like.


The kids loved doing it and they love looking throughout the day at how fast it is growing. Perfect project with the kids because it doesn't take a lot of patience:-)