Easter Part II

We have so many beautiful books that tell the story of Easter. 

Before we read any of our other books we spend a week or so reading The Lamb by John R. Cross. 


We read one chapter each morning.  We have read this story for the past three years and it tells the story of WHY Jesus came and died. 

It is such a wonderful reminder to me and the children. The book is beautifully illustrated and even has questions at the end of each chapter.  I am an avid book collector of children's books and I don't think I have ever seen a book that explains Easter so perfectly and clearly. 


If you are interested I am sure you can find it in your local Christian bookstore or online at Christianbook.com.

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  1. Jan

    Oh thank you. I love books like this too. It just makes me so happy. Thanks so much.

  2. chas at the wild raspberry

    the illustrations look beautiful….i treasure reading books to my children. it is one of life’s greatest pleasures. and teaching them about our loving Father and His Precious Son is THE most important thing we can do as mothers.
    love in HIM

  3. Alyssa

    What a wonderful tradition:) Thanks for sharing this with us! I will keep it on my list!

  4. traci

    that is such a great tradition and a wonderful way to teach your children. wish i had that when my kids were young. thanks for sharing jeanne.

  5. susan

    i was just talking to my daughter about this. thank you for sharing this beautiful book. i love Easter, such a wonderful time of hope & renewal.
    p.s. glad everyone liked the soup

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