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I understand that Easter was over a week ago….I just like to be fashionably late!

IMG_8377a copy

Kelly took our photo when we got home from church.

Sure..the first one was nice…it quickly turned into THIS…..

Picnik collagea

Once we regained our composure we set the table and got ready for my sister and her family to come over for lunch.

IMG_8387a copy

IMG_8384a copy

After lunch we too the kids outside for an egg hunt in our brown grass.

IMG_8398a copy 

(at some point Benjamin changed his clothes into swim trunks…backwards:-))

All you girls with green yards already…I am beyond jealous!!

One of our favorite things to do on Easter is to crack eggs with confetti over each others head.

IMG_8414a copy 

IMG_8406a copy

IMG_8429a copy

My sister's husband is Hispanic and this is one of his family traditions.

IMG_8437a copy

Our yard was a complete mess after it was over and I think I swept the house 10 times that day.

It was even in my hair…but it was sooo worth it!

At one point I looked over at Ben and he was having so much fun he forgot that he had to go to the bathroom….this is him walking into the house after his accident.

This is the kind of mom I am…I document it:-)

IMG_8441a copy

You would think we could get a good photo of all the kids…no…this was the best we could do.

IMG_8462 copy

This is the photo that has me thinking that four children would be doable???? 

I love photos of men with babies.

IMG_8463a copy

( my sweet nephew with Kelly)

IMG_8468a copy

Our day ended with dessert…the way all good days should end:-)

We had such a wonderful day together.

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  1. angela

    Oh my it looks like you and your family had a wonderful Easter but I really love the pic of your son walking after he wet his pants…I have seen this walk many times, I think when I was pregnant I might have walked this walk many times!!

  2. Rachel

    Oh sweet! I enjoyed this post very much. Love that you get to spend time with your sister and her family!

  3. Jennifer

    Great pictures! Love the confetti egg picture…I live in South Texas where it is a predominately Hispanic population and was shocked when we moved here and experienced our first Easter…the confetti eggs were completely new to us and fun but man, oh man…what a mess to clean up!

  4. Tonya

    looks like great fun. Here in Oregon, our grass is so green and wet that my dogs have grass stained paws. We all want what we don’t have.

  5. staceyyaculastudio

    you have a darling family.
    Your photos after church are really cute. We have a ton of photos like that. It was the only way to get the kids to settle & pose by promise of silly photos. Okay that & well sometimes we would feed them little morsels in between shots…i take a lot of shots!
    I have never heard of the Hispanic tradition of confetti eggs! I love it. That looks like too much fun & something my children would enjoy.

  6. Lori

    Jeanne, what a fun day…your pictures are adorable!!! you have the sweetest, most beautiful family…i think you will be in trouble one day for sharing the post accident photo…too funny…my grass is very green…and gorgeous…but don’t be too jealous…it will soon be filled with weeds and dandelions…

  7. paige

    looks like a wonderful day!
    your hubby is so sweet with the baby too πŸ™‚

  8. Amy Muffoletto

    What fun pictures!!!! I have to say the photo of all the kids is good….better yet it is perfect. It is them. I love pics of the kids when they are just hanging around…My family picture for Easter….all the boys have their eyes closed…They were being silly and that is how I want to remember that day!!!! Hugs… 8 more days. Can’t wait!

  9. mkg

    I love the pictures! What a wonderful time together on such a beautiful day. We would have loved to have been with you all:)

  10. Cathy

    Better late than never;)! I am so glad that you shared these darling pics of your family and the day…simply wonderful!

  11. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Lovin’ the confetti idea. Sweet! Your youngest with his wild curly rebel hair cracks me up. I love that you took a pic. of him after he peed…shame on you;) Great pics Jeanne.

  12. Isabel ~ Maison Douce

    Sounds like a fun day, Jeanne…. Love the photo of your little one walking with wide-open legs, lol!!!! I’m all for taking embarrassing pictures of my kids, I figured I can use them for blackmail later!!!

  13. Courtney Walsh

    how hilarious is that photo of Ben??? Oh wow, Amy’s baby is too cute! All your kids are! Looks like a great holiday (in spite of the brown grass!) lol

  14. tara

    I am totally thinking 4 is doable!! πŸ™‚ Great photos…and we have green grass, just had to add that in…any incentive to come and visit me? …hehe

  15. judy Wise

    I’m completely bowled over by your gorgeous blog, gorgeous children, gorgeous photography. *sigh*
    It all makes me incredibly happy. We want your secrets! (lol)

  16. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Looks like a fun day! What Easter should always be like, right?
    Your family is just beautiful, Jeanne Bean.
    ps – Is it ok that I just nicknamed you? OK, I’ll stop.

  17. Jemm

    What an awesome time you guys must have had. Great traditions. Lovely table setting. SOOO jealous!

  18. Pat

    Okay Jeanne, I agree with you – there’s something about seeing a manly man holding a baby….
    BTW, those eggs looked so pretty and it looks like the kids had lots of fun! Um, I’m scared. I’m relieved to be leaving OH because it gets pretty darn cold but right now it’s green, trees are blooming. It’s beautiful. I’m set to move to UT, so in essence, we’ll be neighbors…okay well not really. Anyway, I’m thinking the climate is the same. Right now it looks like it’s still the middle of winter over there. Oh dear, that’s gonna be a problem for me. I hope your grass turns green soon!

  19. How much fun are these pictures Jeanne!! Love the group shots of you with the kids and I do think a man looks even better holding a baby…

  20. Lee Ann

    That documented picture of your son walking oh so carefully to the bathroom in the house, is so cute! Looks like you all had a wonderful time together.

  21. kristin

    Your photography and how you seem to catch those moments we wish we could hold in time in the twinkle of an eye or a soft or laugh-out-loud moment.
    Hope all is well and wonderful in your world.

  22. Stacey

    OK – totally weird and bizarre comment – but has anyone ever told you your hubby looks like Mark from Grey’s Anatomy…..just an ah ha moment today!!! πŸ™‚ Looks like a terrific Easter celebration!

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