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I understand that Easter was over a week ago….I just like to be fashionably late!

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Kelly took our photo when we got home from church.

Sure..the first one was nice…it quickly turned into THIS…..

Picnik collagea

Once we regained our composure we set the table and got ready for my sister and her family to come over for lunch.

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IMG_8384a copy

After lunch we too the kids outside for an egg hunt in our brown grass.

IMG_8398a copy

(at some point Benjamin changed his clothes into swim trunks…backwards:-))

All you girls with green yards already…I am beyond jealous!!

One of our favorite things to do on Easter is to crack eggs with confetti over each others head.

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IMG_8406a copy

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My sister’s husband is Hispanic and this is one of his family traditions.

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Our yard was a complete mess after it was over and I think I swept the house 10 times that day.

It was even in my hair…but it was sooo worth it!

At one point I looked over at Ben and he was having so much fun he forgot that he had to go to the bathroom….this is him walking into the house after his accident.

This is the kind of mom I am…I document it:-)

IMG_8441a copy

You would think we could get a good photo of all the kids…no…this was the best we could do.

IMG_8462 copy

This is the photo that has me thinking that four children would be doable????

I love photos of men with babies.

IMG_8463a copy

( my sweet nephew with Kelly)

IMG_8468a copy

Our day ended with dessert…the way all good days should end:-)

We had such a wonderful day together.