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When I was little I was constantly making up plays, "sewing" purses with the stapler and rounding up the children in the neighborhood to play school.

I also learned to be very resourceful. My mom would never buy the plastic high heel dress up shoes….so I would put blocks in my socks for heels.

I am smiling as I write this because who would think of that?

It gets better.

I couldn't get my ears pierced until I was 13 so when I was little I would cut out the earrings in the Avon catalog and tape them on.

The best part is that I would also cut out the painted fingernails in the Avon catalog and tape those to my fingers too!

I remember writing a song (which I did all of the time) and singing to my mom in the kitchen.

She told me to go and sing it to my dad because, "he knows good music and this could be a hit". What?  That cold hearted woman…I NOW know they were laughing their butts off.  Cruel….so cruel I tell ya.

I would like to give you a taste of the lyrics….yes…I remember them.

Love attack, love attack feeling it all over
Love attack, love attack my head down to my toes

That will be all I am sharing.  The funny thing is that I was probably 12…LOVE ATTACK??????

Now on to the REAL reason for my post.

My daughter is just like me.

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She does all the funny things I did growing up.

She is always making up stories, getting dressed up (this child rarely goes anywhere without a strand of costume jewelry), loves her dolls as if they are real (and don't you tell her otherwise), she LOVES her friends, she is always creating something, she makes up songs… get the picture.

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The other day I took the kids to the park to play while Kelly flew his stunt kite.

Ben and I had left the playground to watch Kelly.

Eventually Jack came over too and then we all hear Madolyn crying as if her leg was broken.

Jack quickly informed us that she was just upset because he left her at the playground.

He then went on to tell us that she was probably singing a song right then about how everyone had left her at the playground and she was all alone.

I started to laugh so hard……I know I would have done something like that.

I KNOW this girl.

So…I know there are some hard times ahead.  I also know that sometimes it is hardest with the child you are the most like.

For now though…I can relate to all the funny things she does. 

She can frustrate me because it is hard sometimes to get her head out of the clouds…but I guess what is so wrong with that!