Electric Boobs {and a few other mistakes}

The year was 1980 something.

I was pulling into our driveway with my sister in the passenger seat.

The radio was on and I was singing along.

When the car came to a stop my sister looked at me and said something like, “Jeanne, I can’t believe you are singing that!!  That is disgusting!”

I had NO idea what she was talking about.

I looked at her, “What?”

She responded back with a tone that can only be conveyed in person, “I’m gonna get dressed for safe sex????”

What the heck was she talking about?  Then it hit me!

I started dying laughing because I had been singing “Dressed For Success” by Roxette.

I am not saying you shouldn’t get dressed for safe sex…but that is NOT what I was singing:-)

The best part was her pure disgust in my song choices!

Over the years I have laughed at how many songs I have been singing wrong my whole life.

These are my favorites that I have completely massacred!

It has only been until the last year that I knew that “Benny and the Jets” said electric boots and NOT electric BOOBS!!!

Seriously…electric boobs???

Another favorite is from the movie Flashdance.

The song “What a Feeling” I thought it said “take your pants off and make it happen.”

Every time I hear that song I let out the loudest laugh because they say, “take your passion and make it happen.”

I can’t stop laughing now just writing this.

The last one I have to share is “Blinded By The Light.”

I can NOT be the only one on this one.

Seriously….”revved up like a deuce….no way…I thought it said , “wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night.”

Really?  Why would anyone write about a wrapped up douche????

OK..now it is your turn.

What songs did you completely botch???


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  1. Renae

    You are definitely NOT the only one who thought it was “wrapped up like a douche” except I thought the end was “in the motor of the night”. Until right now actually! 🙂 I have plenty of others. Let’s see Toto singing “There’s nothing that an alien on mars could ever do.” Not the correct “There’s nothing that a million men or more could ever do.” Or the theme song to Shrek when it says “Go for the ball sack.” Sorry, I still don’t actually know what they’re really saying…I should Google that. Thanks for the laughs!!

    1. jeanne Author

      I can’t stop laughing!!! You HAVE to find the correct words for the “ball sack” song!!!

  2. Cindy

    When I was a little kid (there are other songs I’ve botched up on, many many but this one is popping up into the mind right now) there was a song, 50s song, and in it the singers would sing “foot steps…. foot steps…” and I heard “poop deck…. poop deck…” I asked Mom why they would be singing about a part of a boat. For some reason I knew what a poop deck was and inserted it into that song.

  3. Lolo

    Oh man I love this!!! I am seriously crackin up over here…..I have quite a few songs that i have botched over the years. I too thought it was “rolled up like a douche in the middle of the night” ! Seriously tho. Wouldnt you roll up a douche in the middle of the night? Who would do it during the day? LOL

    Im gonna have to think of my personal lyrics for some songs. But then again, I may not even know I am singing them wrong!!


  4. Ange

    ‘Ruby are you constipated going out somewhere???’ Kenny Rogers – but I was only 8 when I thought those were the words !!! I swear 😉

  5. jill

    i was with you on “what a feeling”. actually, my mom and i both thought they were saying “take your pants down and make it happen”, so we weren’t allowed to see the movie 🙂

    love your new sadie bag. not sure if i’ve ever commented here before or not, but i do so enjoy your blog and love seeing your success with your line of clothes and bags.

    1. jeanne Author

      You are so nice! I loved meeting you this summer. I need you to email me your number so we can keep in touch. I wasn’t allowed to see the movie either. So funny that you and your mom both thought that. If my mom thought that was what it said we would STILL not be able to see it:-)

      1. jill

        i haven’t actually had the privilege of meeting you in person, but there is a blogger out there with my same name who looks like she would be fun to meet, so it was probably her. i’m not a blogger, which is why i rarely comment (“who IS this person comenting on my blog?!!”), along with the fact that my hands are usually busy with at least a baby and a toddler when I’m reading… and my typing skills with all of that going on in my lap are less than stellar.

        i still haven’t seen the movie, lol!

  6. Carrie

    My husband used to sing an old Kenny Rodgers song. ‘Lucille’ He thought she left him with FOUR HUNDRED children instead of FOUR hungry children. I can’t hear that song and not laugh. Great post!

  7. Traci

    what a great post. i too thought it was wrapped up like a douche. but sang electric moves instead of boots. i am going to check back later and see what other ones you have come up with.

  8. Sheila

    Ok, I’m showing my age here.

    1. Neil Diamond “Forever in Blue Jeans” which my sweet husband always sang as “Reverend Bluejeans”.

    2. The Pointer Sisters and Bruce Springsteen “Fire” which has the line “my nerves all jumpin’, actin’ like a fool”…again my husband changed the “my nerves all jumpin'” to “my nerf balls jumpin'”.

    3. My all time favorite “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen…I think the only line I know is “Louie Louie, whoa-oh, me gotta go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” From this point on I just make up most of the words as I go!

  9. Jennifer Michie

    This is just hysterical! I love reading all these remarks. My husband doesn’t believe that I didn’t know the words to “Blinded by the Light’. I still swear, he is singing “wrapped up like a douche”!

  10. Tracy S

    Yup – I was blinded by the lights in that last one too. And another one – Steve Miller Jet Airliner – I though for sure was “leavin Carolina”


  11. Natasha Burns

    You made me laugh!!!
    INXS song, “suicide blond” – my friend’s mum always thought it was “supersonic bomb”
    and Wham’s Wake me up before you gogo – I always thought it made the sun shine brighter than daughter’s day. lol, like there is such a thing?
    Macy Gray’s I Try – “i wear goggles when you are not here” rather than “My world crumbles when you are not here”
    Jeanne – you’ve got to check out this site of misheard lyrics! http://www.kissthisguy.com/index.php

  12. Carrie

    Too funny! “Little Red Corvette” sounds just like “Pay the Rent Collect”, don’t you think?? I sure did! Thanks for the laugh! C

  13. Sheila R

    Still laughing as I thought until just now that it was “wrapped up like a douche…” Thanks for making me laugh, needed it this morning.

    Have a great day.

  14. eleanor

    Uh, count me in on the douche line. What a relief to know I am not the only one…. Another big “oops” was that for years I thought the line from “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” was “Oh tidings of Cumberland joy” instead of “comfort and joy.” The reason? The Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, my home state, and the “Cumberland Presbyterian Church” on the main street in my home town.

  15. Patricia

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one on the ‘Reverend Blue Jeans’ version of Neil Diamond’s ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’.

    On a personal note, I once heard “finally” when I was finished getting ready to go out. He swears he said “fine lady” and to this day some 30 plus years later, I still wonder. (grin)

  16. Leah C

    Rolling on the floor laughing…you are too darn funny!! Sorry, I can’t offer any new mistaken lyrics right now because I can’t get past “electric boobs”! 😉

  17. cindy

    o.k. i was in a dorm room at college with some friends and the rolling stones song, “beast of burden” came on. never being a big stones fan or knowing the title of the song… i was singing along to the chorus…”i want to be your pizza burnin” and i got the weirdest look from my friend sitting next to me and he said…what did you just sing? never thought that made much sense!!!
    must admit that i too thought it was wrapped up like a douche ((:
    thanks for this post…love your blog and shop!!!

  18. Maureen

    So many over the years. Friend in college thought Prince’s Little Red Corvette was “Pay the rent Collette!” I thought that an old Doby? Grey song, Drift Away was “Give me the Beach Boys…” instead of “Give me the beat boys…” My favorite was my cousin thought Barbra Streisand’s Stony End was “I was raised on a bag of Cheetos” instead of “I was raised on the book of Jesus…”

  19. Linda

    So true about “Blinded by the Light”! My mistake (which makes me laugh but caused head-shakes by my teenage boys) was I could’ve sworn Dave Matthews was singing “…and all the little lambs are marching…” (“Mom, the title is even ‘ANTS Marching’ and what lambs have ‘black and red antenna waving’?”) Ooops!

  20. Danni

    Too funny! I too thought it was “Wrapped up like a douche… another roller in the night”!! Thanks for the insight 😉
    My sister always thought “Mr Wendall” was ” Misty Windows” and my friends little boy thought Prince’s “Cream” was “cream… jam on top”!
    Thanks for the laughs
    Danni x

  21. Alice

    Yep, I’ve been known to butcher many a song. Like you, I thought it was the word douche instead of deuce. Thanks for setting me straight since that one had me scratching my head. Now I can sleep at night.

  22. Lisa

    Omg… this is the best post ever… I can’t think of any right now…but I will when I leave the comment box and I will think of you and laugh! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Take care,

  23. Chris

    So I may have botched some songs out there and probably still do. Now a days I have to change the words on purpose when some songs are on the radio so my kids don’t hear the bad ones. I like pop music in the car and sometimes lady gaga comes on and I don’t hear the song right away to change it. That one song about poker face I completely changed for my kids. “Can’t clean my, can’t clean my. No you can’t clean my booger face! She’s got a lot of boogers.”

    And that Rhianna song I changed for my daughter to “Briana, that’s my name. Briana.”

  24. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I don’t even know what song you’re talking about, but it doesn’t stop me from being sad that it’s NOT about a douche!

    ps – Whiskey Lullaby by Alison Kraus/Brad Paisley. I always thought it was “He put that bottle to his head and POURED the trigger.” I still think my idea is way more clever…

  25. carole

    Yes I think a lot of us thought it was Electric boobs….it’s Elton John so that didn’t seem that off base. My friend in high school used to sing Steely Dans reeling in the years as ” are you gathering up the yeast… have you had an apple pie. We teased her for yrs about that one.

    funny post!

  26. Nora Anne

    This is SUCH a funny post! I am enjoying reading all the comments! I was a HUGE Bruce Springsteen fan growing up, still love him to pieces. He was my very first concert when I was 13 and I thought I was SO cool! To this day I still sing “wrapped up like a douche, another runner in the night!” LOLOLOL! Thanks for the insight 😉 Cracking up here! I’m sure there are many others! My husband INSISTS that Boy George sings “Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, THESE GOLDEN DREAMS” instead of Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, red gold and green”. Not a funny one, just one that we have disagreed on for 8 years now, even though I printed out the lyrics and hung them on the fridge! He still thinks he’s right!

  27. chrissi

    I follow your blog since facelift friday, and everytime i think about it i forget the right word and think to myself about “freaky friday” (but that’s the title of a movie).
    I’m from Germany and we have some radiostations that ask their hearer about wrong understanding(english) songs.There some very funny misunderstoods.For example : Cindy Laupers Girls wanna have fun: The Phone rings…In german it sounds like: da vorn’ links (ahead turn left)or “all the leaves are brown” from ? sounds like (Mrs.) Anneliese Brown.
    i like your blog very much.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  28. Stacey

    Thank you for the laugh – I can’t think of any I did – totally know there was plenty….but my fav from my hubby is his version of Rock the Casbah by the Clash. He sings…..rock the cat box rock the cat box – the kitty he don’t like that – rock the cats box…it makes the kids and I laugh….
    Oh…and we drove through Castle Rock on the way to Colorado Springs (we ran the Epic Rocky Mountain Relay) last weekend – I thought of you!!! 🙂 What a beautiful place you live in!!!

      1. Stacey

        It was the funnest run I have ever done…we had an awesome team though – such good people and the scenery was amazing…running up to Cottonwood Pass might have been the coolest thing ever!!!

  29. Marianna ~ Star Girl Jewelry

    OMG this post has me laughing so hard! I botch so many song lyrics constantly! One from the 80’s that I used to sing was Let’s Hear it for the Boy…except I thought it said Let’s Hear it for the Board and my sister knew this and instead of correcting me she had me call into the local radio station (LIVE ON THE AIR!) to put in a request for it, needless to say I got made fun of and laughed on…live on the air 🙂 who knew!

  30. Wendy in Kennewick

    Mr. Mister – Take these broken wings. I always sing take these broken arms!

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