I had been wanting to watch Footloose very badly lately.  Don't ask me why or judge my movie viewing choices.  Maybe I was longing for 1984?  All I can say is that when we finally watched it I laughed a lot more than I did in 1984!  Maybe my head was cloudy from all the Aqua Net I was daily inhaling.  Maybe the blue eyeshadow was seeping into my brain. 

If you want to feel really old…this movie came out 24 YEARS AGO.   For whatever reasons….these things made me smile…

*  Sorry Paige, but everytime I saw Arial (Lori Singer) in her RED BOOTS I thought of you….especially the scene in the woods with Chuck.  

* Lori Singer needed to eat a donut or something.  I don't remember her being so skinny…it was too skinny.

* Dancing in the warehouse didn't look as cool as it used to.


* Chris Penn had the stupidest looks thoughout the whole movie.  My husband and I were always laughing at his expressions….they weren't supposed to be THAT funny.


The best part was that I still loved the movie.  Kevin Bacon was still hot and I still loved all the music.  I just won't be having any tractor chicken races or standing on two cars on a highway with my hands in the air…..I could do it if I wanted to though!