Over eight years ago we each had a little baby under the age of one. 

We both had moved from other towns to Ft. Collins and we were missing the friends we left behind. 

We moved because of our husband's jobs.  We made this choice too, but it wasn't easy.

We met at Kindermusic. 

Not knowing it…on the way home we both called our husband's to tell them that we think we just found a friend.

We did everything together. 

Two years later came another move. 

This time it was only me. 

I was moving a hour and a half away.

  I remember the tears of leaving you and the life my little family had created.

I have never been a sad or depressed person…but this was hard.  We had moved to be closer to Kelly's job. 

 The commute had been so hard on him.  I knew this move was the best for our family but this hurt.

We weren't in the same town but we talked almost everyday for hours.  Our husbands didn't know what we could possibly be talking about!

It didn't matter…we could talk about anything.

I eventually made new friends and life went on. 

We decided to homeschool and your children went into school. 

 Our days of being able to meet at anytime was changing for both of us.

With soccer, dance, school and life….our long distance playgroups became less and less.

Then came two pregnancies.  One would have a baby and one would lose one.

The friendship was shaken and bruised but still there.

Life had taken a huge turn. 

One family had started over with a baby and the other family moved on to camping trips and family bike rides.

With more children and more activities come busier schedules. 

 Our phone conversations became once a week instead of daily…if we were lucky.

We made time to meet during school breaks and once in a while on a weekend of a girl's day of shopping.

We would catch up and feel like we had never left each other.

We just saw each other and it had been seven months since we had gotten together. 

I don't know how that happens. 

I don't know how two people that love each other so much can go so long without seeing each other.

What I do know is that it is ok.

I know that we really try to connect on the phone in the midst of young children, a business and two husbands that travel a lot.

I know that when we do get to see each other I will always leave you feeling like nothing has changed.

I know that you are precious and a gift in my life.

I know that we love each other.

I also know that life will probably change our friendship again….but we will be fine.

I love you my sweet friend.