For the rest of the summer I will be having Facelift Friday.

Every Friday I will share an easy project that will cost next to nothing.

I have so many projects that I want to accomplish and so many of them are just like things here and there waiting for my attention.

Hopefully we can all get inspired to give our homes a little facelift this summer.

We recently bought a vintage dresser for our bedroom.


Our bedroom has gotten the least amount of attention in our home and I am hoping to change that this summer.

The dresser is smaller than the piece that was there before.

I needed to fill the space but I didn’t want to spend anything.

I started searching through the house for little things that were not needed in the place they were at and made a wall collage with everything.


It was so easy and fast.




I put this up while the children were watching cartoons this morning.


A wise person might actually lay it all out on the floor first…but I just started banging nails all over the place!

I  know I will tweak it and change it up a bit as I find more things to add.

I love how it turned out…and the best part is that I had everything already in the house!


Picnik collage


If you have a little facelift project that you would like to share we would all love to see!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.