Who doesn't love fall?  The air cools down, the leaves turn amazing colors, pumpkin patches,  fresh apples and the crunch of leaves under your feet.  It is also such a fun time for the children….


We got together with friends and all the kids made pumpkins.  My friend, Julie, made the coolest Halloween snacks.


We had a great time carving our pumpkins and later roasting the seeds.  I don't think I will ever get too old for this activity.


"Let Them Eat Cake!"  Maddy dressed up as Marie Antoinette…everyone was worried that she didn't know what happened to her.  Madolyn was quick to tell them, "I know….she got her head cut off."  Nice. 


Anakin Skywalker….didn't the moves give it away?


He can go up into space, but he won't go without his blankie.  This is Benjamin's attempt of smiling on demand.



Trick or Treating downtown at all the stores with friends.  Madolyn was bowing down to everyone until I told her that people should be bowing down to her…..I think she expected them to really do it.  I think there may be royal blood that flows through her veins.