I am sure you all know someone that you admire how they can make so many things look easy.

Maybe even effortless.

I believe that when we see someone in their element that is when we see an effortlessness.

It doesn’t mean they haven’t practiced or worked hard.

They have most likely taken their natural interests, read, practiced and grown their innate interests and gifts.

When I was putting together the other hosts for Creatively Made Home (CMH) I wanted women that were using their gifts to bless their families and others.

I wanted women with distinct styles.

 Kimberly Taylor is one of the five hosts of CMH and I am so excited today to give you the first peek into what she will be sharing with all of you!

(Can I just add that I found myself smiling throughout all of Kim’s videos.  She is that adorable and real.  It doesn’t hurt that she is one of my closest friends).

Kimberly lives on a few acres outside of Seattle.

She has chickens, gardens, berry bushes, a horse, sheep and she makes it all look dreamy!

I admire so much of what she does and how she does it.

I love how much she uses her land and how she is learning to use this land to it’s full potential more and more.

It was an amazing reminder to me that just because I am not on acreage doesn’t mean that my land is not full of self sustaining potential.

Because of just knowing her, being at her home and even watching the videos that you will get to see….I have big plans for my smaller yard!

Here is a peek at what Kim so beautifully brings to the course (this is just a peek though)…..

Kim will talk about:

*Her personal journey with her home and family

*Her design influences

*How she found her own style and how she began incorporating it

*Share favorite recipes and photos of her home

*Have a live, online discussion with members of the course to ask whatever they wish about her style, home, passions.

*Share 10 project videos in different areas that are true to how she incorporates her creativity and passions in everyday living.

A peek into her project videos

Kim will have three different videos about harvesting from her land and how to enjoy it all winter long.

She will also talk about how to harvest seeds from your favorite plants and how to add to your garden naturally and cost effectively.

She will talk about food, herbs and flowers.

She will have videos on raising chickens and the different chickens they have added to the farm and the eggs they produce.

This is something I was dying to learn more about!

Kim will share some of her recipe staples and extras like ricotta cheese and yogurt.

She will also be sharing about a few of the special things they create on the farm just for guests to take home with them.

I loved these videos and know it will get your creativity going for yourself and your family.

Keep in mind that this is just a little peek.  There is so much more that Kim will be sharing!

All of Kim’s projects were really about using what is around you, simplifying your life and having a home that is always open to friends and family (and even the unexpected stranger).

You will love, love, love the lifestyle that Kim brings to the course!

I chose four women to join me in this five week, online course that have very different gifts so there is something for everyone and bits of knowledge for everyone…..but there is a common thread of hospitality.

There are only three more weeks until Creatively Made Home begins and we can’t wait to have you join us!

The website is new and the community aspect will be even better than before (and our community is what keeps people coming back)!


A few words about the course…

I wanted to create a course that celebrated what really matters in your home…..you and your family.

I also wanted to celebrate making life beautiful in the everyday.

I know that so many want to make their homes beautiful but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start….so they do nothing.

I believe that everyone should be surrounded by beauty in their homes and that has nothing to do with how much you spend.

I think sometimes we can get lost and distracted with everything that comes at us each day.

Sometimes things can look so perfect and we as women may feel inadequate.

It is time to exhale and delight in your home.

It is time to open your doors because of what is inside of you…not what is inside your home.

Our desire is that this five week online course will change how you see yourself, your home and your family.


We are excited to make this course not just about the videos but also about connecting with each of the hosts and connecting with each other.

To read more about the course go HERE.

FAQ are answered HERE.

To register you can go HERE or pay below!

We are so giddy to get started.