Fashion 411 {you guys really like to send emails}

First of all THANK YOU so much for all of the sweet comments and emails about my leg.

It is has really come a long ways these past 10 days!

Crazy, crazy accident but so thankful that the Dr was able to get the infection under control.

I also think the Lord had a little bit to do with it too:-)

Week three of our e-course is underway and I am packing up to head to California.

I am getting all the kits ready for the art event I am teaching at.

Don’t worry…I will keep my leg elevated and comfy as much as possible.

(I am actually under Dr’s orders on that one)

I also turn 40 this weekend.

I have been so busy and bloated from antibiotics that I have barely given it a thought.

I received quite a few emails this week about my outfit from the last post.

I thought I would just answer everyone all at once right here.

Here are the details.

Boots are from Anthropologie

Dress is from J Crew

Cuff is from the Alameda Flea Market

Sweater is from Target

Necklace is from Noonday


You guys are really nice with all your comments because I didn’t shower, my boots were hiding the horror that was my leg (and cankles) and I was in soooo much pain!

If you want to follow my photos when I am in California you can follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page.

Maybe you will just see me sitting….a lot.

Hope not.

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  1. Jeanne

    Have a happy birthday this weekend Jeanne. I’m happy to hear the infection in your leg is under control and you are still able to go out to Cali.

  2. Anne

    Happy B-lated birthday.And…… Welcome to the 40 club 🙂 that is all I will say about that 😉
    Have a great trip.Hope you let continues to heal.

  3. Leah C

    Oh so sorry about your leg:( Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Jeannne…you’ll make forty look fabulous!!

  4. Elaine Power

    Hi jeanne so glad your leg is getting better I couldn’t belive what had happened that must have been awful for you & so frightning, so glad you are able to go on your trip all the best with it.

    Elaine 🙂

  5. Lori Sheppard

    happy travels jeanne! glad you are better. have a great birthday this weekend! you are fabulous for forty!

  6. Eileen Terwilliger

    At 57 this next week, I remember how young 40 was. My 40s were “I am woman, hear me roar”, and now my 50’s are even more wonderful – calm, confident, I know what I want and I am not afraid to challenge myself to go after whatever it is. I love life, and still have the same enthusiasm, energy and passion that I had as a young person – but more focused, I guess. You will love your 40’s – how these years will be rich and dear.

    But about the leg…. I mean, I have my own bad owies from leading a rather athletic life (two spectacular falls from my horse this year – 5 broken ribs, 2 concussions and a fractured pelvis), but I honestly did not know that a rose bush could cause so much damage. I grow a lot of Hansa roses here in Alaska, and will remember to be VERY careful from now on!

    Prayers for speedy healing! Eileen @ Stars Fault

  7. pam

    I’ve been out of the country and I come back and find this! You poor thing. Glad you are doing better. I can empathize with the ankles. My super long flight (altitude and sitting) caused my feet and ankles to swell. I get off the plane and to my hotel and WOW. Who knew such simple things could cause your body to go crazy? I’ll be right there with you with my feet up for a day or two. praying for you dear.

  8. Kim

    Hi Jeanne,
    You wear your pain well. You look great! I was just at the Alameda Antiques Flea Market last Sunday too! I saw those leather cuffs. Very cool. I have been many times before but this time only came home with 4 burlap gift bags and mini donuts. My friend did score a colorful chicken made of scrap sheet metal for her backyard! Hope your leg feels better soon.

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