First of all THANK YOU so much for all of the sweet comments and emails about my leg.

It is has really come a long ways these past 10 days!

Crazy, crazy accident but so thankful that the Dr was able to get the infection under control.

I also think the Lord had a little bit to do with it too:-)

Week three of our e-course is underway and I am packing up to head to California.

I am getting all the kits ready for the art event I am teaching at.

Don’t worry…I will keep my leg elevated and comfy as much as possible.

(I am actually under Dr’s orders on that one)

I also turn 40 this weekend.

I have been so busy and bloated from antibiotics that I have barely given it a thought.

I received quite a few emails this week about my outfit from the last post.

I thought I would just answer everyone all at once right here.

Here are the details.

Boots are from Anthropologie

Dress is from J Crew

Cuff is from the Alameda Flea Market

Sweater is from Target

Necklace is from Noonday


You guys are really nice with all your comments because I didn’t shower, my boots were hiding the horror that was my leg (and cankles) and I was in soooo much pain!

If you want to follow my photos when I am in California you can follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page.

Maybe you will just see me sitting….a lot.

Hope not.