Final Countdown {Would Love To Have You Join In The Fun}

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

We had such a special day with family.

Unfortunately, I ended up getting sick with what all the kids had been spreading around.

That didn’t stop our celebrating though.  Christmas Eve was at our house and we then spent Christmas day with my sister and her family.

I will be back this week with some of our photos.


I wanted to pop in today (while we are trying to clean up our home) and let you know that my e-course Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts} will begin in 2 weeks.

The course will begin on January 9!

What a wonderful way to start the new year.

I am so excited to begin this journey with you.

So many of you have signed up and are getting ready.

Here is a little recap.

We will cover mixed media, journal making, journal techniques, collage, leather and metal stamping, charcoal drawing, image transfers and much more.

I  even have a special guest artist that will teach how to make Santos dolls.  All of the art techniques taught will go along with the course and will make the whole experience even more meaningful and fun!

There will also be fun studio tours to encourage you to make space for yourself and your gifts.

There will also be inspiring videos from many of the creative women in my life that share bits of their heart and their journey to embracing the gifts that they have.

Some of the projects covered in the course

Santos dolls

Vintage Journal with old books

Image Transfers

Mixed Media Vintage Girls

Leather  and metal Stamping


Mixed Media Collage and Tips

How to use photography in your art

“Painting” with Stabilo pencils

 Reflections from other artists about their own creative journey and embracing the gifts they were given

 Studio tour of my creative space and the spaces of other creative souls

Some of my favorite art supplies and how to use them

*Mixed Media collaging and techniques

*Creating Mixed Media Vintage Girls with Templates

* Leather and Metal Stamping

*Creating Your Own Mixed Media Collage with Templates

*Vintage Art Journals from old books

*Creating Your Own Dream Journal

*Journaling techniques

*Incorporating Old Photos into your art

*Incorporating Vintage Hardware into your art

*Creating your own Santos Doll (guest artist)

* Self  Photography

You can goHERE for a basic supply list.

You can see a brief video on the course HERE.

Creatively Made E-Course from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.

I hope to see you in class.

You can go to our website to sign up or pay below.

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  1. Sherry

    Looking forward to the start of the course!! It has captured my imagination for weeks! Sorry that you came down with what the kids were passing around…hope you are feeling more like yourself soon!

  2. Debbie Hosaflook

    Oh Jeanne, I can’t wait. I asked for a gift card from my kids for Michaels and now i can stock up on new supplies for the class. I have been waiting and waiting patiently for January to arrive, and now it is only a week or so away. My art has been my way of healing from my mom’s sudden death in October and I am looking forward to continuing that healing with the help of you and your amazing talent. So happy your family had a lovely CHRISTmas and hope you are all feeling 100% real soon. Happy New Year and much love to all of you.

  3. Angie

    Hi Jeanne,

    I am so excited about your class! I actually won a free space in it on your blog about a month ago as well as $200 of art supplies. I’ve tried contacting you through the contact page a couple of times with my details and haven’t heard back so am wondering if you got any of my notes. Can you please email me as I can’t find your email address anywhere on your site. Thanks so much. 🙂


  4. Sherry Hicks

    Jeanne, I pre-enrolled for the class and am looking forward to it! I clicked on the link for the supply list to see what I need to purchase and I get an error 404 page not found I would love to get the supplies so not sure if there is another link or way to see the list?

  5. Amy

    This class was my favorite Christmas gift that I received this year! I am so excited for this class to begin.

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