Flashback Friday {Protect This House}

{originally posted on July 4, 2011}

This week I went into Under Armour to get some new clothes for Jack.

Every time I am in there I love their slogan. I think it is genius and it is thought provoking to me.

{Protect This House. I Will}

We make choices every day in how we care for our bodies.

Right now I am not wanting to write about protecting our bodies and keeping them healthy.

I am writing about our literal house. Our families. Our marriages. Relationships.

I will not lie and say that watching my friends and family go through affairs, heartbreak and divorce has not affected me.

It scares me.

It should.

I chose this life with Kelly.

We made the choice to have children.

We made more than a promise when we had children….we made a covenant.

A covenant to always try.  For us.  For them.

It is easy to let the day to day take away from staying connected.

It is easy to get complacent. Lazy. Distracted.

We can give in to the things we think we want now and give up on all the beautiful things that could be waiting for us later.

I want to grow old with Kelly.  I want to raise our children together.  I want to enjoy our grandchildren together.

I want to work on our marriage now so later when the kids are out of the house we can travel and play. Together.

To get all those beautiful things later we need to protect this house…now!

Protect it like a treasure.

Make time for each other.

Listen and support.  Encourage.  Keep our eyes and focus on our family.

I  know if I am seeing those around me hurting because of marital heartbreak…I bet you know someone too.

If we don’t protect our families it could just as easily be us someday.

Now watch the video again and get ready to defend what is yours!

Protect This House….I Will!


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  1. Sherri

    After celebrating our parents 50th anniversary…lesson learned, no excuses! Schedules, kids, work blah, blah, blah! It wasn’t easy that’s for sure but they’re commitment to each other and their kids but, most important and obvious is their commitment to God is what made it all possible! Darin & I are truly blessed to have them as our parents and grandparents to our children!

  2. Toni

    amazing ad and amazing outlook…love the fact that some people (like you) still believe in the marriage covenant….Thanks for sharing

  3. marci

    love this. my husband and i had a heart to heart around the campfire last night and it’s amazing how quickly we can grow apart without even realizing it’s happening. you and kelly are an inspiration…i love how much you love him. (i think that may be a country song or something.;) that was one of the things that impressed me the most when you were out here…you calling him and chatting to him like he was a friend and him caring. you two have a good thing going.:) xoxo

  4. Patricia Fisher

    Amen! Well said. I’m writing this from the other side of “affair…heartbreak…divorce (with five children)”. Thankful for a God with a plan B….he is so faithful!

  5. Stacey M. Curry

    So funny! I DROVE my family NUTS playing this song over and over 2 summers ago…we ran the Rocky Mountain EPIC relay and I said it had to be our team song…nobody got it like I did!! 🙂 Thanks for the flashback/reminder what a great song/message this one is.

  6. Susan

    Lovely, what an inspiring way to share this – protecting our homes is our job as keepers of the home – a serious job at that 🙂

  7. Lynne Davey

    What a great message. It came at the perfect time, as I am always keeping everyone else happy and putting my marriage in the back burner. You are awesome. Thanks!!!!

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