When I am in need of a flea market fix I go immediately to The Barn here in Castle Rock.

It is literally an old barn.

Each old stall is a shop.

Beautiful shops.  

Shops full of vintage treasures and many new things too.

These women are gifted in their styling abilities.

I love going in there…it is my Cheers….everyone knows my name:-)

The best part is that I can tell the girls what I am looking for and if they don't have it they will be on the look out.

We have not had a bed since…well…..forever.  

We have the frame, mattress etc but not a bed.

I have been looking for MONTHS for a grey old door and this week I found one!!!!

One of the girls at The Barn had a perfect grey one just for me.

Kelly brought it home and Viola…….a bed (at least I am telling myself that it is one).


I love it and it looks perfect against the Ralph Lauren Crab Apple walls and my linen bedding (Carolyn Westbrook).  


The best part is that my "bed" cost us $45:-)





What is your last amazing vintage find??


Side note….my room is not always this picked up.  I would like to brag that it has been clean for two weeks now but the weeks before that we were stepping over things and there were piles everywhere.

When a new line comes out the house goes downhill fast…but for now…right now…this room is clean:-)

I will be showing you the other side of the room soon.  That is where I read next to the fireplace:-) My favorite spot!!