We Have A Bed…I Think

When I am in need of a flea market fix I go immediately to The Barn here in Castle Rock.

It is literally an old barn.

Each old stall is a shop.

Beautiful shops.  

Shops full of vintage treasures and many new things too.

These women are gifted in their styling abilities.

I love going in there…it is my Cheers….everyone knows my name:-)

The best part is that I can tell the girls what I am looking for and if they don't have it they will be on the look out.

We have not had a bed since…well…..forever.  

We have the frame, mattress etc but not a bed.

I have been looking for MONTHS for a grey old door and this week I found one!!!!

One of the girls at The Barn had a perfect grey one just for me.

Kelly brought it home and Viola…….a bed (at least I am telling myself that it is one).


I love it and it looks perfect against the Ralph Lauren Crab Apple walls and my linen bedding (Carolyn Westbrook).  


The best part is that my "bed" cost us $45:-)





What is your last amazing vintage find??


Side note….my room is not always this picked up.  I would like to brag that it has been clean for two weeks now but the weeks before that we were stepping over things and there were piles everywhere.

When a new line comes out the house goes downhill fast…but for now…right now…this room is clean:-)

I will be showing you the other side of the room soon.  That is where I read next to the fireplace:-) My favorite spot!!

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  1. Lisa

    Your bedroom is lovely! The bedding is so sweet and simple, but w/ the beautiful ruffles, love it!! The door/headboard if perect too! Great find!

  2. Amanda asweetliferocks

    The room, bed and linens are fantastic! Very good looking!
    My latest vintage treasures were not found in a market, instead they were already in my own home. I have a lot of old things that are very special to me (hope chest, jewelry box, large mirrors, etc). I have found myself taking extra special care of them lately and displaying them intentionally in our home.

  3. Jen@thecottagenest

    I love your gorgeous bed! That door is perfection no matter what you use it for. My last great score was a white iron twin bed I found for $35 at a garage sale 3 houses down from mine. The village has some good stuff!

  4. Suzen

    What a lovely welcoming room! Can I stay there??
    My most recent vintage find is a pair of clogs that have fringe on the front, made of brown leather. The craftsmanship is beautiful and they are like new! Wearing today!
    LOVE ebay!! Suzen

  5. paige

    a fireplace in your bedroom?
    my fave flea find was at the country living fair. i scored a ginormous chalkboard. unfortunately it was not $45
    i love your bedroom
    ( wow …that sounds sorta creepy)

  6. Polly

    Love it! On the TV sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, they have an old door in a bright vibrant turquoise color as their headboard and I just fell in love with the idea!
    I love your bedding too! And the desk at the end of the bed!
    Very lovely!!

  7. Lara

    The door is perfect! Love it. Our headboard is a door too…Mr. Davey Long Legs can’t have a footboard as his size 14s will get stuck….so we just go with the top!
    Love the calm colors in your bedroom…the perfect place to flop down at the end of a busy day.

  8. Leah C

    Your bedroom is beautiful:) My hubby & I just “remodeled” our bedroom and we used an old door as a headboard, too…I’ve been wanting one for years and finally got it…yay!!

  9. tracey

    I love it…and oh how I love your bedding!!! I can’t wait to go back to the Barn on my next visit to Denver :))
    Hugs ~
    🙂 T
    p.s. did I totally miss out on ordering the vintage velvet clutch in your shop?? or will you be making more? xo

  10. Mikal

    What a perfect addition to your room!
    I love the idea of those barn stalls being little shops. I would love to see that!!

  11. meghan

    oh! i am so excited…i’m sure i’ve been to your blog before, but today i clicked over from flea market style and read this post. a year ago, i moved just north of cr (louviers?!?) and only found the barn this summer. we inherited our family home from my grandparents via my father. {all of whom were “collectors”…ok hoarders} i have been cleaning and organizing and gathering my inherited things and figuring out the best way to sell them. i love your ideas about photographing vintage finds. i’m also super excited to find a local blogger. especially one who loves the barn. have a great day! meghan

  12. Destiny (Farmhouse Vintage)

    So cute! I bought a chippy old beige/brown door from Roxanne that has about 6 panels on it to use as a headboard. It has been in my garage awaiting a good sanding for about 3 months now LOL Perhaps I can get my hubby to get it ready for me for our anniversary (in Dec.) How did you attach yours to the wall? Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Courtney Walsh

    How did you hang it? Do you just drill it right into the wall? I am always so curious if people don’t mind drilling into their walls and then wonder why it makes me all panicky?? It looks beautiful!

  14. Curtains In My Tree

    I also like the bedding looks like carolyn westbook type.
    Glad to hear your bedroom is not always that tidy becuse mine is only when company is coming over LOL

  15. Sharon

    How soothing and pretty your room is! Love the birdcage. I’ll have to visit the Barn the next time I’m down that way.

  16. Amy

    Your room is beautiful! And what a great find. Sadly, I am in need of a find. I can’t remember my last one.

  17. anne marie

    beautiful Jeanne!!! i can’t wait to see your fireplace sitting area! how so very awesome you have that space….
    my fav. in your bedroom are for sure your bed sheets/duvet cover….those are fantastic!

  18. Martha

    I soooooo sooo love that you did that…I found a vintage pink old door that we are going to use for Madison {my daughter} for her headboard because she doesn’t have a bed other than a mattress and frame…and I’m so excited about it too…I tried tried to ask the hubs to put it up early because I can’t wait to do things like that once I have them in hand…but I’m waiting and being good:) It looks beautiful

  19. A.Love

    I just fell in LOVE with your room and want to copy it! 🙂
    You made that duvet didn’t you? You must have. It’s got YOU all over it. It’s too good to be true!
    My master bedroom still needs help.
    Amazing how a home just takes time and with that time keeps unfolding, isn’t it?!
    You are awesome 🙂 Just thought you should know!

  20. BearSheCottage

    Jeanne you are my first commentor on my blog. I thank you very much. I jumped for joy that I had received a comment so I wanted to tell you thanks but didn’t know how to go about saying Thanks. I follow your blog all the time!

  21. lori oles

    Love your bed….can I ask a question? Where did you purchase your duvet? It is exactly what I am looking for and haven’t been able to find it.
    Lori Oles
    P.S. I just went on your shop and I want to purchase one of your brown ruffle bags and I didn’t see any. Do you still make them?

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