Flea Market Countdown

I live in Colorado.

This means that all my wonderful flea market shopping stops for the winter.

No garage sales.

No flea markets.

We don’t even have a great Goodwill.

So….I have been EXTREMELY anxious for one of my favorite flea markets..A Paris Street Market… to start back up on May 1.


15 more days.

Yes…I counted!

I love waking up early, grabbing a coffee, eating the most wonderful breakfast burrito and shopping with my friends.

I am also looking forward to participating in our local flea market this summer.


This will be the first year and I think our community will love it!

If you are in the area come and see me.

I will let you guys know which months I will participate.ย  It will be the second Saturday of each month throughย  September.

If you don’t have a great flea market in your area you can always check out places like Etsy for the most amazing vintage finds.

Look at this great shop that has some truly unique and beautiful items.

Their photography is also so fun too!









Are you ready to go junkin now????

I know I am!!!

Let me know if you will be at the Paris Street Market on May 1…we can share a cupcake:-)

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  1. Modern Prairie Girl

    Oooooooh! Good stuff! Good stuff! I wanna go ๐Ÿ™ I just bought a vintage fan today (just like that one you posted) for a photo shoot on Monday. I can’t wait to play with it.

  2. Kacey

    Sounds like so much fun! You must be so excited to participate. We don’t have any good flea markets here – it’s so sad!

  3. Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

    Hey, guess what! When you said that you didn’t even have a good GW, I instantly thought, “Man..even Butte, Montana has a good GW!” (I found some wonderful things whilst in Butte a few years ago) Then I saw that cool bag in your last picture! Ha! How funny.
    I’m happy that your flea market season is starting up, Jeanne!
    : )
    Julie M.

  4. Teresa Sheeley

    We do not have winter shopping here, and have to wait until spring for yard sales, etc. Sadly, there are no cool flea markets like you have. :)love love that etsy shop!

  5. Jill

    When I lived in Colorado I never made it to the flea market in Denver, but I did have a favorite store: Colorado Country Antique Mall in Colorado Springs. Check it out sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Eileen@Star'sFault

    Wish I were there, anywhere, somewhere, where there are more flea markets or antique shops. But then I would probably find myself on one of those TV shows like “Buried Alive: Hoarders” because I love just about everything and have space for really not much more ~ hehe.
    I’m a great Etsy shopper though. Love the vintage and handmade.
    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star’s Fault

  7. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I’m with you, JB!! I am so super pumped for the fleaing to commence around here. I’ve been dreaming all dreary Winter… How will I ever show any form of restraint once I’m there?

  8. Leah C

    Oh I love a good flea market! I don’t get too many chances to go…hmmm, a trip to Colorado would be nice:)

  9. Debbie

    Sounds like soooo much fun! We have a weekly auction right in our little town at the Auction barn and I have picked up quite a few goodies! Have a great day.
    warmly, debbie

  10. Susan

    I need to just hop down near you and go to the flea mrkt. with you. I have a negative ability to find interesting and beautiful things.

  11. Victoria @ Whimsy by Victoria

    This sounds like so much fun! I will have to see about going…I also was told about how great “The Barn” is by Kasey…I need to check that out as well. Would love to get to meet you…

  12. Jen@thecottagenest

    You are a lucky girl! That sounds wonderful. Speaking of Etsy…I’m on a mission to lose 11 more pounds and one of my incentives is to treat myself to one of your wonderful skirts! Will you be selling them again anytime soon?

  13. Suz Reaney

    Oh, you are so deprived, Jeanne! I think this looks like a really fun sale!
    I have relies in Colorado Springs…a bunch of them!

  14. Heidi

    i loved that little Paris market! I went once with my sisters when I was out your way ~ cool peeps there! xo

  15. susan

    i totally am ready! our bigger one starts may 2nd and i’m counting the days! i’m trying to talk my hubby into going to brimfield this summer ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy the weekend!

  16. candace

    love your blog, i’m a newbie here. my sister lives in centennial and we are visiting her family in july. i’m gonna make her drag me down to castle rock to that barn. sounds fun!

  17. Pat

    Oh man, I am SOOOO jealous! Wonder what I will find in Northern Utah? Hopefully some wonderful thrift shops. Speaking of Goodwill, a blogger pal, Kate at Salvage Dior, finds the BEST stuff at a Goodwill in the OC then displays it at a fabulous antique place called Country Roads. So Jeanne, do you have junkin mojo? Oh how I wish I did!!

  18. Laurie

    I went to Paris Flea Market three times last year! I’m so looking forward to it, too! And thanks for The Barn sale dates! Fun!

  19. Marie

    Hello sweet Jeanne – you are going to have a blast! Wish I lived close, I’d love to share a cupcake! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  20. Johanna

    Sounds like fun! I don’t what I’d do if my local flea markets weren’t open year round! There’s something about an open air market & being able to touch the relics that makes my heart sing!

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