For All of You Small Business Owners | How to connect with your customers and get creative with your sales!

Yesterday I was getting so many emails and private messages from small business owners worried about all of closures with Corona and wondering how to keep their businesses alive during this very unexpected time. I hope this video gives you new ideas how to connect with those that already love what you offer, opens up your following to new customers and inspires new creative ideas in how to offer your product, service or experience to your people in new and exciting ways. So much love to all of you and please make sure you are a part of our newsletter because we will have some new wonderful offerings launching this coming week! We are excited to see how we can serve you even better during this crisis.



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  1. Deborah

    Thank you so very much for these suggestions. You have confirmed what I was thinking of doing but a bit shy about. This being unprecedented in my lifetime and not wanting to do the wrong thing but concerned about my business. I feel like I now have the courage and direction. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table next week!

  2. Roxanne Evans Stout

    Jeanne! This is just what I needed right now! Thank you so very much to opening my mind and my heart to what I can do to connect with our artistic community. Sending lots of love!!

  3. Joey Heiberg

    Jeanne…Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom. If we open our minds and hearts, creative new beginnings will grow. Keep believing!

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