…I have loved papers.

What child collected vintage books because they thought they were beautiful and smelled amazing..that would be me.

I can not walk past a paper shop…it is truly one of my very favorite kinds of shops in the world.

I am a fan of vintage books, cards, sheet music and any vintage ephemera I can get my hands on!

It is the history lover in me that loves touching the past.

When I look back on what I have been drawn to over the past 15-20 years it doesn't surprise me in the least that papers…new and old….are at the heart of my creations.

(originally $22)

In honor of this love of mine…..my last day of sales will be all items in my shop that are made of paper.

(originally $48)

All of the paper items have been marked down and free shipping will still apply.


(originally $14)

(originally $22)

Everything is made and ready to ship.

(originally $14)

Today the children and I will be making candy with friends.

My vow to not each sugar..is well…not working right now!!!!

I hope you have an incredible weekend!!!

Guess what????

This was my 200th post and you know what that means:-)

I will have a wonderful giveaway planned for next week!!!!