| Photo and styling by Diane Reeves |

“Golden you are, October. Golden sovereigns on your trees.  Golden guineas on your floor, golden coins of leaves that fall for us to scuffle through.” Elsa Beskow


Colorado is golden and I can’t get enough of it’s beauty


Foraging in nature to celebrate the change of the season is part of my rhythm. It grounds me.


Some of my favorite foraging finds over the years include tumbleweeds, dried grass, sticks, rocks, leaves, pinecones, bones, moss, lichen and large branches.  I love to play with scale in my home and foraged branches are an easy way to do that.


I have a few favorite vessels that I use to display my foraged finds. Some are vintage and some are new. I tend to gravitate towards white and black pottery with interesting shapes when I want to display branches.


Here are some vases I have found for you to display your foraged finds.



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