Free Shipping and Some Awards


First of all I want to thank all of you that made my fall collection such a huge success.

Honestly…I was smiling for weeks.

I am now busy trying to get ready for Silver Bella so I will not be adding anything new until I get back.

In honor of you, fall, me πŸ˜‰ and that I will not be able to do any custom orders for the next month and a half…I would like to offer FREE SHIPPING until October 12 in the continental US.

Here is a peek of the some of the items in the shop right now.






I would also like to thank you guys for all the sweet awards you gave me within the past few weeks.

I love too many amazing blogs to just name a few but my sidebar has some of my favorite gals and a few guys!

I will give you 10 things that you might not know about me.

This is getting harder and harder I have to tell ya!


Here we go.

1. I do not like giving my children baths.  I don't know why,.  I think I am too tired at the end of the day.  I do read lots and lots of books though…does that make up for anything?  My husband usually offers and luckily the older two can now take showers.

2. I was voted best dressed of my senior class and my senior prom prediction would be that I would own a clothing store someday.  If I was a little more brave I would show you my senior photo…but I just can't do it. Hair. Lots of it. Blue. Eyeshadow.  I think I just shuddered!

3. My first car was a Citation.  My dad was always worried about spoiling us.  No worries there Dad!!!

4. I love trash magazines.  When Kelly is out of town I like nothing better than to buy a US weekly, People etc. and head to bed early reading garbage.  I don't usually read them around him because it appears that I didn't really go to college and that I don't have a brain.  I try to keep this on the down low.  He knows of this problem though.  He is always trying to tell me it would just be cheaper if I subscribed….that won't happen….then I would be admitting my addiction.

5.I love my Anthro pajama pants.  I will wear them all the time.  I will get dressed to go out and when I come home I go and change.  I seriously have to tell friends and my husband that I did get dressed that day….half the time I do not think they believe me.

6.  We would adopt a child.  I pray that if we are supposed to that all the doors will be open.  I would love a little two year old girl.  I guess we will just see what happens.

7. I could be in college forever (hope you don't mind that I stole this Jackie).  I loved college and I love learning.  I am always reading and love the discussions and intellectual debates that college brought. I enjoyed hearing views of people that were so different from myself.  I don't necessarily want to be graded…I just want to learn to learn.  

8. I was engaged to my husband after knowing him for 2 1/2 months.  We were married 8 months after we met…and no…I was not pregnant.  The cool thing is that Kelly's parents were married after only knowing each other a short period of time and Kelly's brother and his wife were also.

9. I am a good friend.  I am extremely loyal and I never walk away from a friendship without fighting for it. I don't want to have regrets.  I definitely know when to let go though.

10. I am mean when kids are mean to my kids.  Really mean. The scary look with the quiet, "Knock it off right now or I am not kidding I will……do you understand me….look at me when I am talking to you….if I ever hear you….."

Now that I have freaked you all out…have a great day!!!!

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  1. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    You can borrow my 2-year-old little girl whenever you like : ) She’s a blast! And I am much like you when another child is mean to my daughter…I joke with Jeff and say that I’m going to be arrested when she’s older from trying to defend her. It’s REALLY hard to not want to seek revenge on those mean little brats haha!

  2. heather

    Hands down, I buy that “Best Dressed” vote in high school. You have amazing clothes now. As for #10, I’m that way, too. But I tend to cry at other children’s cruelty to my son. Especially when I bend over backwards to care for them as if they were my own. That floors me. Often. ~sigh~
    With that, enjoy Silver Bella. I remember reading about it last year and wishing I could attend.

  3. t

    I was just telling someone this week that I would go back to college in a heartbeat if the situation ever presented itself. I loved it so much…but I am learning new things every day now…and that is satisfying too.
    I love that the girls can shower with no assistance now. But I still like to brush their hair when they let me.
    and how do I make it to your sidebar?
    Have a great night Jeanne~~~

  4. Tricia Whisler

    You are just adorable Jeanne, and your list makes me like you even more! I think you already know how I feel about your collection, I would have one of everything if I could!!!

  5. Tracy

    love it!! You are so fabulous, creative and I just love learning more about you!
    I should send you my old US’s. My husband signed up for it a few years ago as a bonus to something he was purchasing, and I love it. I usually read it in 1/2 hour on Friday and could drop it in the mail on Saturday – you get it Monday….(i never read the article that makes the cover … i just want to know how “stars are like us” aahaha).
    Seriously – email me, and we can work it out! Intellectuals like us need to rest our brains with silly literature like US and People.

  6. Lori

    Jeanne, what a fun all about you top ten list…i love that ruffled bag in the top pic…and that sweet little clutch!!!

  7. Maisy

    Free shipping. Woo hoo.
    I really like you list. I love the last one about kids being mean. I hope I never have to see it. Just from the time we spent together at the fc show I knew immediately how sweet you are. I feel lucky to call you my friend!!!

  8. The Flying Bee

    I am so number 1 and number 10! My hubby always helps out with baths. My oldest two tend to themselves now, but I still have to get my four year old done and I usually put him in my tub with the sprayer and spray him down, soap him up and rinse in about 5 minutes! Oh, and I have given tons of kids the evil eye for being mean to my babies!
    I hope you have a great show!

  9. traci

    i subsribe to people. i believe it’s the least trashy of the group, so it’s worth subscribing to. my husband and i were married exactly 1 year and 2 days after we started dating. couldn’t have handled a long engagement. thanks for the look into your life.

  10. Amy Jo Axe

    I love it! I really love that I knew all of those things, other than the voted best dressed, but it doesn’t surprise me! You are a stylish girl!

  11. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    I love that you are mean for your kids. Someone’s got to be the mama bear! That’s okay. It’s innate.
    There’s a part of me that would love to adopt also. My Honey is against it, so unless the Lord changes his heart I don’t see that happening. I got the adoption bug when I was at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. I just thought…we have the love to give and so many need it. I hope it works out for you.
    See you in a few…I’ll be the one with all the trashy magazines in my suitcase as well:)

  12. Shawn Seay

    I don’t know if my brain still works well enough for college…you go girl!! I always enjoy reading your post and looking at your etsy shop;-) You never fail to inspire me!

  13. Tara

    If I could wear my pajamas to work I so would…if you look close in some of the photos in my shoppe, you can see my jammies in the reflection, I am very proud, now does that mean I need to go to Anthro and get some of theirs? ….love that you got married that quickly…I suppose he was the ONE! πŸ™‚

  14. paige

    great list cutiepie jeanne, i mean miss best dressed jeanne! i love it!
    anthro jammie pants…which ones? do tell.
    i have some navy wide legs funky ones of theirs that i love….which reminds me…
    the boots are in the house!
    i thought of you
    & figured you’d love a fashion update from moi

  15. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    I’m with you big-time on No. 1. My oldest is almost thirteen and I’ve practically never given my 3 kids a bath over all of these years (Dad duty). I just don’t like it either, and I figure since I breast-fed for almost a total of about 7 years, he can at least do the baths. Oh yeah, he also does most of the book-reading with the kids in the evening too (my eyes hurt too much by the evening so I can only focus on pretty pictures in magazines).

  16. LuLu

    You are still the best dressed!! all kiddos need momma cubs to protect them!! love that! the only good thing about having to take the kids to the dentist is so i can read there trashy magazines!!!
    great list…. i still need to do mine and it’s hard!

  17. amy

    the material on the vintage purse is so fun and sweet! i didn’t realize kelly’s brother and wife had a short engagement, too!

  18. tattingchic

    What a sweet post! I love the fact that you know that you are a good friend to people. It’s a good quality and important to know about yourself.
    The photos are very cool!

  19. Sasha

    This was just awesome! I too, have a trash magazine addiction, and I won’t subscribe for the exact same reasons!!

  20. Jackie

    Love these! I love trash magazines too – I read them when I get my hair cut. My husband and I got engaged after 5 months, not as quick, but pretty fast. Love the jammy pant thing – I do that too – I change back into them when I get home if I don’t have to go back out. Your high school class was right – you have great clothes! Very fun – thanks for sharing!

  21. Janet Doherty

    You just crack me up! I love your confessions…I agree with you on all of them except the citation… I had a baby blue cutlass. Gas guzzler.
    I can’t believe we are within almost a month of Silver Bella. I am so excited…looking forward to catching up and getting to know you a little better.
    Take care and congrats on all your success.

  22. lissa

    I drove a citation also… for years…. it was read with a completely oxidized hood. It was humiliating with velvet red interior… yes you read that right. (like a pimp)

  23. Queen Bee

    It was wonderful to get to know you a little better..thanks for sharing…may happy thoughts and dreams surround you!

  24. I love your list! I could live in pajama pants too and I would be right there with you reading People, on occasion of course! My first car was an orange AMC Hornet station wagon with brown paneled sides. The tape deck had the Footloose tape in it for months! It was a hand me down car from Mom & Dad ~ lucky me!

  25. jen R Sanctuary arts at home

    I loved learning all of those things bout you! I think you could totally have your own clothing line! I hate giving baths and normally bring all of my magazines up to read so I can get through them splashing around…. πŸ™‚ but sometimes, enough water is splashed around that I become “mean mommy”.

  26. StephanieKay

    you are coming to my town! i cannot wait to hear all about “silver bella”! hope you enjoy your time in OMAHA! πŸ™‚ the old market is our favorite place. πŸ™‚

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