First of all I want to thank all of you that made my fall collection such a huge success.

Honestly…I was smiling for weeks.

I am now busy trying to get ready for Silver Bella so I will not be adding anything new until I get back.

In honor of you, fall, me 😉 and that I will not be able to do any custom orders for the next month and a half…I would like to offer FREE SHIPPING until October 12 in the continental US.

Here is a peek of the some of the items in the shop right now.






I would also like to thank you guys for all the sweet awards you gave me within the past few weeks.

I love too many amazing blogs to just name a few but my sidebar has some of my favorite gals and a few guys!

I will give you 10 things that you might not know about me.

This is getting harder and harder I have to tell ya!


Here we go.

1. I do not like giving my children baths.  I don't know why,.  I think I am too tired at the end of the day.  I do read lots and lots of books though…does that make up for anything?  My husband usually offers and luckily the older two can now take showers.

2. I was voted best dressed of my senior class and my senior prom prediction would be that I would own a clothing store someday.  If I was a little more brave I would show you my senior photo…but I just can't do it. Hair. Lots of it. Blue. Eyeshadow.  I think I just shuddered!

3. My first car was a Citation.  My dad was always worried about spoiling us.  No worries there Dad!!!

4. I love trash magazines.  When Kelly is out of town I like nothing better than to buy a US weekly, People etc. and head to bed early reading garbage.  I don't usually read them around him because it appears that I didn't really go to college and that I don't have a brain.  I try to keep this on the down low.  He knows of this problem though.  He is always trying to tell me it would just be cheaper if I subscribed….that won't happen….then I would be admitting my addiction.

5.I love my Anthro pajama pants.  I will wear them all the time.  I will get dressed to go out and when I come home I go and change.  I seriously have to tell friends and my husband that I did get dressed that day….half the time I do not think they believe me.

6.  We would adopt a child.  I pray that if we are supposed to that all the doors will be open.  I would love a little two year old girl.  I guess we will just see what happens.

7. I could be in college forever (hope you don't mind that I stole this Jackie).  I loved college and I love learning.  I am always reading and love the discussions and intellectual debates that college brought. I enjoyed hearing views of people that were so different from myself.  I don't necessarily want to be graded…I just want to learn to learn.  

8. I was engaged to my husband after knowing him for 2 1/2 months.  We were married 8 months after we met…and no…I was not pregnant.  The cool thing is that Kelly's parents were married after only knowing each other a short period of time and Kelly's brother and his wife were also.

9. I am a good friend.  I am extremely loyal and I never walk away from a friendship without fighting for it. I don't want to have regrets.  I definitely know when to let go though.

10. I am mean when kids are mean to my kids.  Really mean. The scary look with the quiet, "Knock it off right now or I am not kidding I will……do you understand me….look at me when I am talking to you….if I ever hear you….."

Now that I have freaked you all out…have a great day!!!!