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Most of us live such a busy life.

I feel like our schedule is slower and easier because we homeschool but I wish I could slow it down even more.

I admire many of my friends that also have the joy and privilege of owning land, animals and growing so much of what their family eats.

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My dad always had the biggest garden and we were spoiled by how easily Illinois soil produced abundantly.

Even if I never have a hobby farm I have promised myself that we are going to take steps to become our own urban farmers and do what we can with the land we have.

While I was in the south of France you can't help but slow down.

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Really slow down.

Notice more.

Notice the people that truly live a simpler life.

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We don't need to move to have that….we just have to be intentional with our time, family, friends.

I can have simpler….it is a choice.