French Countryside

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Most of us live such a busy life.

I feel like our schedule is slower and easier because we homeschool but I wish I could slow it down even more.

I admire many of my friends that also have the joy and privilege of owning land, animals and growing so much of what their family eats.

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My dad always had the biggest garden and we were spoiled by how easily Illinois soil produced abundantly.

Even if I never have a hobby farm I have promised myself that we are going to take steps to become our own urban farmers and do what we can with the land we have.

While I was in the south of France you can't help but slow down.

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Really slow down.

Notice more.

Notice the people that truly live a simpler life.

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We don't need to move to have that….we just have to be intentional with our time, family, friends.

I can have simpler….it is a choice.

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  1. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    Yes, I also noticed that in the countryside in France, that life was so much slower and more simple. Not in Paris, where I lived, though πŸ™‚ Since I’ve been ill for the past five months (post-H1N1 viral syndrome), my life basically came to a halt and my recovery slow. Now that I’m getting better, I can do more, and naturally, life is getting faster, I can feel it. I guess it’s about awareness and balance. And like you say, Jeanne, intentionality. We can choose to slow down and be more in the moment, anytime…what a blessing when we do.

  2. Sarah at meandmyyellowhouse

    Good Morning!
    It is a choice, no matter where we live. I’ve made huge changes in my life, home and with family and they’ve been the best decisions I’ve made ~ it’s so peaceful when you can really take the time to enjoy your life ~
    I like your words….”be intentional” with our time, family and friends. Perfect thought.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Good morning girlie…I was thinking about you today. Missing your posts:) Beautiful pics once again. I strive for simple. I hate being overly busy. I planted a garden this year, but instead of making life simple it was just a huge pain in the butt. I’m sure you would do a much better job. It’s just not my gift;) Have a beautiful day.

  4. kimberly

    I feel like I aspire to this each and every day. I think I need to sit down and make a list of what I can eliminate from our lives and what I can do to simplify what is left. It is difficult with six of us in our family, but I find that I am running around far more than I need to. I think the problem for me is, what would I do with down time??? I don’t know how to just “be”… πŸ™‚

  5. Anne Marie

    that’s right sweet Jeanne! and what you said hopefully will create a ripple effect of taking it simple, and working with what you have…good down home country philosophy….of course, it wouldn’t hurt to live in that first house you posted….good gravy.
    Anne Marie

  6. Angie

    I hear ya’! Simpler is best. That’s part of the reason why we got rid of most of our possessions, sold our house and moved onto a boat. πŸ™‚ Less clutter = a less cluttered mind and less stress too. We strive for more and more simplicity every day. It’s hard though as I think our natural mind craves possessions.

  7. lissa

    I’m always loving the idea of a simple life! I am working on my herb garden. It’s not produce but I am really looking forward to stepping outside next summer and picking fresh dill, basil, cilantro, etc!

  8. Lee Ann

    This is soooo true! I was raised on a farm and live have lived in the city all of my 34 yrs of married life. I do miss the peacefulness in the country and having your own land to grow your food on. There is something special about growing what you eat and the simple fulfillment it brings.
    But you are right in saying, we can start where we are at living the simple and fulfilling life.

  9. Brooke

    this is so true…it’s honestly about being intentional about our time — enjoying what we have and giving to those around us. loved your pics πŸ™‚

  10. LuLu

    Bravo… it’s our choice to slow down, and i’m being intentional this year to really hear my family and see the world around me

  11. amy

    wish i could have seen that farm land with my own eyes and felt the slower lifestyle in that beauty, too. but i’ll keep taking in your photos and stories as my fill for now.=)

  12. Dore

    What a place to create, and you put the creating place to beautiful work with your photography. I Love the simple life as well, what a life to behold. Slowing down gives to yourself as well as family.
    Jeanne your talents can take you anywhere in life a t a peaceful pace if need be πŸ™‚
    love your postings.

  13. Lei

    This has been on my mind so much lately! I yeard to be able to find satisfaction with LESS. Thanks for posting.

  14. Roxie

    We live close to the city (D.C.) now, but plan on moving back home to South Dakota this next Summer. Hubby retired from the Air Force and now we want so badly to go live the Simple Life again.
    Here’s to relaxation, farming, beautiful land, and cozy!

  15. Courtney Walsh

    loved our conversations while you were in our homestate. i am striving for simple too…and being here is the start of that. love your pictures.

  16. cathi

    You are absolutely right – it truly is a choice to lead a simpler life. Something that I strive to do too. Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

  17. Katsui Jewelry

    I had to learn my lesson the hard way. I am glad you are being intentional about slowing down. You certainly had a good start with home schooling. I think I might do it differently if I had to do it again, though I learned some good life lessons for the rest of my life…like…slow down, idiot!!!
    Maybe that is the biggest gift of going to France…that you learned the gift of slowing down even more Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures.

  18. Traci

    It just looks unbelievably beautiful over there. I wouldn’t have wanted to come home. I love this post. It is so true. It’s hard to do but we all need to slow down, savor the simple .

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