Every year we travel back to Illinois to spend a few weeks at my parent's farm.


This is a place of pure joy for my children!

I didn't grow up here.  

When my parents told me four years ago that they were going to sell the house I grew up in I cried and cried.  I was quite pathetic about the whole thing.  It was hard for me to let the house go and to realize that my children would not grow up playing there.

My dad grew up on a farm and was eager to have a little more room and quiet.

I had no way of knowing how much we would all come to love this land and the peace and quiet that this little farm would bring (the water pressure is another story…sorry  mom…it has to be told).


Many of our mornings begin with coffee or tea on the front porch as we watch the children already running around and playing in the tree house.


My children talk ALL YEAR about Grandma Madolyn's popsicles. 


I swear they eat about four a day while we are there.  I don't want to spoil it for them but it is just frozen grape juice:-)

Hours upon hours are spent outside playing with tractors, an old pogo stick found in the barn, exploring the land, tree house building and of course…digging for all kinds of creatures.

Picnik collage(toys)

Every night for dinner we were blessed with fresh vegetables from the garden.

Picnik collage(garden)

Every morning we would take a fast walk down the lane and a few times in the evening I walked the lane by myself just taking photos and thinking.

Picnik collage(road)

Being here helps me to focus and think more clearly.


After our very first visit ,four years ago,  I have completely understood why my parent's moved here and I have never missed that beautiful old home we grew up in. 

We are making new memories now.

Do your parent's still live in the home you grew up in?