Here are some of my favorites right now.

I hope you enjoy this post…I always love hearing what you guys are loving too.

I could drink coffee all day but I only allow myself one cup.  The rest of the day I really try to just drink water.  At night I love a cup of tea while I am working or reading.  This is my current choice.

I have told you about the Moroccan mask that I love but this is an oil that I put on my hair after it has been washed.  It really helps my hair to not be as dry. 

One of my commitments this year was to spend more time on my photography and push myself to learn more about Photoshop.  I started with Elements because the full blown Photoshop makes me cry:-)


I have also loved playing around with more actions and textures these past months.  I have all of the textures and actions from Flora Bella and they are so much fun!  You will not regret spending the money.  As I looked around I thought the price was reasonable too.  There are many free sites with fun stuff like this



I can't imagine that you don't know about these magazines (or all of the publications from Stampington & Co.) but if you don't….run to your local bookstore and pick them up.  When new additions come out I rush to the bookstore and then plan my whole night around reading them.  Stop laughing at me…oh…go ahead…laugh.  I am comfortable with myself:-)

I know this seems like a weird one.  I always have to have something in my purse that doesn't contain sugar because my blood sugar is off a lot.  I also carry almonds (which I hate).  I told my husband that I am officially older because I eat things that I don't like because they are good for me.  I really can't eat much sugar without feeling sick.  Believe me…I still eat sugar sometimes but I feel awful afterward.  Darn chocolate cake!!!


One thing about my home is that I usually always have fresh flowers scattered around the house in small vases, music playing and a candle burning.  These little things just make me completely happy.

My music of choice lately has been Pandora and my favorite stations right now are Missy Higgins, Indigo Girls, Priscilla Ahn and Regina Spector.  The best way to find new artists.


You are going to get sick of me sharing all of planning for my trip to the South of France and Paris this summer.  I had a conference call:-) with my two friends going with me this week.  We are all giddy and excited to plan this trip of a lifetime!  If you have suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!


I have been a big fan of Misty Mawn for awhile now.  I love her style.  Her Etsy shop is empty right now but you can follow her and her work on her blog.


Oh..this is uncomfortable…how did this get in here?  Is Paul calling ME again?  Weird.  I am married.  Can't he respect that?



I first saw Melody's amazing use of her tool at Brave Girl Camp last year.  I have been anxiously waiting for it to all come out.  If you love to create you will HAVE to buy this.  This is just a few of the pieces.  You will find them at your Archivers!!!!  You can watch Melody teach how to use the tool here


I am doing this book as my morning devotions and I can't tell you how amazing it is.  I am underlining like crazy and wanting someone else I know to do it too.  It does my heart so much good to start the day in this manner.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!