Friday Favorites

Here are some of my favorites right now.

I hope you enjoy this post…I always love hearing what you guys are loving too.

I could drink coffee all day but I only allow myself one cup.  The rest of the day I really try to just drink water.  At night I love a cup of tea while I am working or reading.  This is my current choice.

I have told you about the Moroccan mask that I love but this is an oil that I put on my hair after it has been washed.  It really helps my hair to not be as dry. 

One of my commitments this year was to spend more time on my photography and push myself to learn more about Photoshop.  I started with Elements because the full blown Photoshop makes me cry:-)


I have also loved playing around with more actions and textures these past months.  I have all of the textures and actions from Flora Bella and they are so much fun!  You will not regret spending the money.  As I looked around I thought the price was reasonable too.  There are many free sites with fun stuff like this



I can't imagine that you don't know about these magazines (or all of the publications from Stampington & Co.) but if you don't….run to your local bookstore and pick them up.  When new additions come out I rush to the bookstore and then plan my whole night around reading them.  Stop laughing at me…oh…go ahead…laugh.  I am comfortable with myself:-)

I know this seems like a weird one.  I always have to have something in my purse that doesn't contain sugar because my blood sugar is off a lot.  I also carry almonds (which I hate).  I told my husband that I am officially older because I eat things that I don't like because they are good for me.  I really can't eat much sugar without feeling sick.  Believe me…I still eat sugar sometimes but I feel awful afterward.  Darn chocolate cake!!!


One thing about my home is that I usually always have fresh flowers scattered around the house in small vases, music playing and a candle burning.  These little things just make me completely happy.

My music of choice lately has been Pandora and my favorite stations right now are Missy Higgins, Indigo Girls, Priscilla Ahn and Regina Spector.  The best way to find new artists.


You are going to get sick of me sharing all of planning for my trip to the South of France and Paris this summer.  I had a conference call:-) with my two friends going with me this week.  We are all giddy and excited to plan this trip of a lifetime!  If you have suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!


I have been a big fan of Misty Mawn for awhile now.  I love her style.  Her Etsy shop is empty right now but you can follow her and her work on her blog.


Oh..this is uncomfortable…how did this get in here?  Is Paul calling ME again?  Weird.  I am married.  Can't he respect that?



I first saw Melody's amazing use of her tool at Brave Girl Camp last year.  I have been anxiously waiting for it to all come out.  If you love to create you will HAVE to buy this.  This is just a few of the pieces.  You will find them at your Archivers!!!!  You can watch Melody teach how to use the tool here


I am doing this book as my morning devotions and I can't tell you how amazing it is.  I am underlining like crazy and wanting someone else I know to do it too.  It does my heart so much good to start the day in this manner.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. kana

    Hey girl,
    I am burning that very candle in Volcano right now….ahhhh it smells soooo wonderful! I have an anxious heart at times and will try to remember this book. Great post.

  2. Jackie

    You are freaking me out right now because we have LOTS of similar tastes – I have or love or follow or listen to most all of these! I will have to check out that book – anxious heart-yep!

  3. lissa

    I loved this post and am now wanting to get my hands on that bible study! I bought that tea for my sis for christmas. and did you really have to choose that pic of paul??? Look at his pants.

  4. Suz Reaney

    well, you had me at the tea. I was at an Aveda salon yesterday for the first time in about fifteen years and had some of that yummy tea! It is so good for you and tastes so sweet…and it doesn’t have sugar. Alas, I spent a ton on product and didn’t come home with any tea…they get you every time.
    I will take a look at that book, Jeanne. You spoke of it before and it sounds like something that would appeal to me.
    As for Paul, he looks great to me (and old enough to be my son…lol)

  5. Shannon

    That’s so funny that Paul has been calling you, Bradley Cooper has been calling me a lot lately…it’s so annoying :).
    I love reading about blogger favorites, it gives me the excuse to go and try some new stuff.

  6. amy

    fun to see some of your favorites! took a peek at misty mawn. moving pieces! cool coloring. i haven’t seen paul before! where have i been?? and why are his shorts wet?=) florabella looks AWESOME. glad you are enjoying that book so much. sounds encouraging and refreshing. i have that tea, too. so much flavor and relaxing.

  7. Lemonade Makin' Mama

    So does it make me really old and out of the “loop” if I admit that I have no idea who Paul is? (I don’t have cable, which is the equivalent of living in a cave sometimes…)
    Your favorites are wonderful!

  8. Rachel

    Great post. You know, I have been trying to find a copy of Artful Blogging for months. I wonder if they just don’t sell it in Canada…? I love all those musicians you named. Yeah, I just realized that I love them because I have been listening to your playlist almost continuously. I have the site saved in my favourites.
    Hey, when will you be in Paris? I’ll be there from July 24 to Aug 22.

  9. Carmen

    Did you know that your playlist inspired me to look up new artists awhile back? Thanks. I use for my music. That book sounds really good. Sounds like just what I need.

  10. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    My friend Brooke is going to be so upset to hear that Paul is cheating on her with you!
    I always love reading about what other people love. One more way to vicariously “try” cool stuff…
    ps – Do you love to affect an Aussie accent when you sing along to Missy? I do. I especially love saying “sheeuga caine.”

  11. Modern Prairie Girl

    Love it ALL, my friend. My pal Erika has been singingthe praises of Morrocan Oil all year…I’m sold. Gonna get some this weekend…as well as FINALLY order Florabella πŸ˜‰
    Great stuff on a fun Friday–
    big hugs!

  12. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    First off I love that Aveda tea. It’s amazing that it doesn’t need sugar. It leaves the best minty sweet after taste.
    Secondly that Paul picture…thank you;)
    Thirdly, can’t wait for my book to get here. Lord knows I struggle with my anxious heart. Thank you for telling me about it.
    I just got the new Artful Blogging…did you know Paige is in it??

  13. Rachel

    Um yea the pic of Paul drew me in instantly!! Tell him he can call me since you are married and I am single πŸ™‚ I love that Moroccan Oil, I have the cream or lotion one which is good too!

  14. Amy Muffoletto

    Okay….It was all serious until we got to the hunk….wow. It made me giggle like a teenage girl. Thanks for that. Hey…I am gonna read that book with you. I will pick it up tomorrow and let you know what I think. Hugs, Amy
    P.S. I have given up fast food….which is so inconvenient…Mostly because of the kids but it is not good for any of us…. I was so addicted to the sweet tea at Chick Fil A it was consuming my life and draining my bank account. So I have started drinkin’ hot tea at night. My all time favorite is Constant Comment…It is like orange spice…I would love to know of some of your favorites!

  15. Angie

    LOL at Paul sneaking in there! I am loving vintage needlework right now. Can’t get enough of it. I may end up with a little collection all grouped together. πŸ™‚

  16. Patricia
    This is the site of a blogger who moved to France for one year. She and Shel are now in their second year there. She has wonderful photos of their travels. I’m sure you will be inspired. Her photos are beautiful ~~ towns and cathedrals, food, and wine. Enjoy.

  17. Crystal

    Oh I just love this post. I like similiar things. I also have to carry things in my purse, due to blood sugar acting weird. I am definitely going to try that candle.
    Have a great weekend

  18. meg duerksen

    i am so glad you love the book! it is sooooo good.
    i loved it.
    and paul? man….he is just perfection to the eyes.
    i also do not like almonds at all. i keep trying to find granola to eat but it all comes with huge giant almonds!
    one cup of coffee…impressive.
    jeanne…why must we live so far apart?

  19. elisa hernandez

    Great post…I lucked out and found lots of Somerset books at a local used bookstore. If you want I can call Paul for you and tell him to leave you alone. Well….someone’s gotta do it, right? Have a blessed day.

  20. Courtney Walsh

    I’ve been loving the Norah Jones station on Pandora for that very reason. I now have a whole list of musicians I love! So fun!
    I just bought Beth Moore’s new book about insecurity to use as my bible study. So far I’ve only read the introduction but I have a feeling it’s going to be like therapy.
    I have to limit my coffee too…but I love almonds! πŸ™‚ mmmmm. I eat them everyday! So good for you!
    PS Paul Walker is super yummy. lol

  21. Alyssa

    Thanks for sharing your ‘things’ with us! I am finally back and reading your post makes me realize how much I have missed blog land πŸ™‚ hope all is well…

  22. Stephanie

    I love seeing what people are into. So sad about the chocolate cake πŸ™ I love having fresh flowers and candles around too!

  23. Debra

    You have found the neatest things. I love peonies, tulips and roses especially white ones. Photoshop scares me too and I’m planning on getting a new camera. Have a great weekend!

  24. Brooke

    GREAT list — I love photoshop (and am learning too) and Morrocan oil. πŸ™‚
    But really we need to talk about Paul Walker, he is totally mine…but I guess I can share. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ hehe.

  25. Janet!

    I love Where Women Create! Such a FUN magazine!!
    Almonds – yuck! Have you tried the Cocoa almonds??? They’re DE-lish!
    Paul, ah Paul….can’t believe he snuck in there!
    Where do you get the brownie crunch snacks? I haven’t seen those before!
    Photoshop Elements – We’ve been thinking about purchasing that for a few months…it’s GOT to be easier than the original Photoshop….(LOVE your 365 photo challenge blog!!)

  26. Brandie

    Love this list Jeanne and the new song:) I am on the look out for some tips for Paris as well, so if you get some good ones be sure to pass them on;) We are going this summer and I can not wait!
    I bought the Florabella Textures too a few weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to play. Shana does some amazing things with them. I snapped up her new action sets as well. I just love the look of them:)

  27. susan

    how fun! i too love the stampington publications. there is nothing better than getting a new issue and curling up with it! have a wonderful week! susan

  28. paige

    i LOVE it when you do these
    & funny thing
    i was going to do a post & ask people to give me some new music names!
    so thank you my dear

  29. Kerri

    What a great post! I ordered the book and I am looking forward to it arriving! Ok, I must live under a rock, because I didn’t know who Paul was!
    πŸ™‚ Kerri

  30. Jen@thecottagenest

    Loved this post! It’s so fun to see what kinds of things other people enjoy. And now you’ve got me just itching to go and pick up some magazines. Lucky girl going on that trip. I’m so happy for you!

  31. Maija Lepore

    Thanks for the tip on the think thin bar! I need protein with flavor. I had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago and I don’t tolerate sugar well.

  32. Natalie

    LOVE the picture of the vase of flowers after you fiddled around with the elements ~ so beautiful! I’ve really enjoyed looking through your posts πŸ™‚

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